Combine a caftan dress: this is how the summer classic is styled for every occasion!

Summer is in full swing and with the higher temperatures we all long for airy and comfortable clothes. Sunglasses, chic shorts and skirts as well as elegant shirt blouses are undoubtedly THE summer essentials that should not be missing in any wardrobe. But this year a forgotten and somewhat underestimated clothing trend is coming back, which brings a breath of fresh air to our outfits. Wonderfully airy and incredibly classy – the kaftan dress is becoming increasingly popular this season and has already captured the hearts of all fashionistas and celebrities. Do you think the caftan would only be suitable as beachwear for summer holidays? Now that will change, because with a few styling tips and tricks you can wear the trendy pieces for absolutely any occasion. Whether casual for a long walk or elegant for dinner – read on and find out how you can combine a caftan dress and create great looks with it!

Kaftan: what is it?

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What does caftan mean? The airy dresses have their origins as early as the 14th century in ancient Mesopotamia and were mainly worn by the sultans of the Ottoman Empire. The traditional caftan is an ankle-length garment with long, flowing sleeves that can be tied with a belt at the waist. Kaftan dresses are usually made of cotton or silk and are characterized by their colorful embroidery and decorations.

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When fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent visited Marrakech in 1968, he was fascinated by the colors and fabrics and included his own version of the caftan in his next collection. He defined the style as boho chic and as a result all the big brands started developing kaftan dresses. Nowadays, kaftan dresses are available in a variety of colors, designs and lengths and are therefore an absolute must-have for all fashion-conscious women in summer!

Combine a caftan dress: It’s that easy!

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Wide, light and fluttering – what is there not to love about kaftan dresses? The trendy pieces are not only suitable for the beach, but can actually be easily integrated into our everyday outfits. The light fabrics such as cotton or linen have a cool effect on the skin and ensure that we don’t work up a sweat – perfect for the summer heat! And if you like to dress colorfully and love the boho style, you can’t avoid a caftan dress anyway! Okay, but where do you wear a caftan? Well, the answer is pretty simple: it can be styled for absolutely any occasion, making it a stylish and natural addition to our wardrobe!

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Open or closed, with a belt or as a beach dress, with high heels or espadrilles – the styling options are endless! Don’t you believe us? Then check out Angelina Jolie! The actress was recently photographed in an amazing kaftan dress and looks stunning as always! Another plus point for the caftan: due to the loose cut, it fits absolutely every woman and is therefore ideal for a summer outfit for chubby women!

Combine the trend dresses for a stylish beach look

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If you want to combine a kaftan dress for the beach, there are actually no styling rules that you should follow. The throw is usually simply worn over a bathing suit or bikini and your summer outfit is ready! Combine the dress with stylish sandals and your designer sunglasses and you are guaranteed to attract all eyes! Whether a short or a long caftan does not matter – the trend dresses always look great and immediately arouse associations with a dream vacation. A matching belt completes the look and is perfect to showcase your slim waist.

Caftan dress combine for everyday life

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Yes, you can also combine a caftan dress for everyday life and look super chic in it! A caftan is usually made of flowing fabrics and if you want to wear it for a beach picnic or brunch with the girls, for example, then it is best to choose models made of cotton or linen. Kaftan dresses made of satin or silk, on the other hand, look much more elegant and would therefore be perfect for an official dinner.

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For a successful outfit with caftan dresses, the length naturally also plays a decisive role. In principle, you can choose any model you want for the beach and in everyday life – anything you like is allowed. But if you want to wear a caftan dress for your wedding guest outfit, then you would be in good hands with longer and colorful models. The matching accessories give the caftan a noble and elegant touch.

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But if the dress is already richly decorated, needless to say, you shouldn’t overdo it with the jewelry. In this case, a ring, a chic watch, and small pearl earrings are safe and stylish choices to complete your outfit. If your kaftan dress is rather simple and without fancy prints, you can really enhance your look with statement accessories such as necklaces and bracelets.

What shoes to wear with a caftan?

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Which shoes we wear with the caftan naturally depends on the occasion. For the beach, we naturally resort to our comfortable sandals and flip-flops. To give the outfit a sporty and edgy note, trendsetters like to wear eye-catching platform sneakers in everyday life. Strappy sandals are also a good choice for a cool and modern leisure look. Do you love the boho style? Then you can combine a pair of espadrilles with your kaftan dress.

Combine a caftan dress: the most beautiful looks to re-style!

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