Choose a summer jumpsuit this year


Who has something against overalls? They are comfortable to wear, modern and give a feeling of freedom. That’s why we have a few outfits with them for you to look at and be inspired by. In the hot season you can of course have one Summer jumpsuit put on, which consists of a floral pattern. This will spice up your look and you will feel more romantic and feminine. If you are not into prints, then choose a jumpsuit that is colorful and monochrome. You can also choose overalls, which are short pants and look very fun and cozy in the hot summer. You are sure to make the right choice and give your wardrobe a new, pretty and stylish one this year Summer jumpsuit Add.

Choose a summer jumpsuit this year


The overalls are very comfortable clothes that we could wear on all kinds of occasions. For work or pleasure, you will feel comfortable in a garment like this. Combine the overall with summer accessories such as bracelets, hair ties and clips, chic sandals and bags.

A summer overall – many variations

Street style denim overalls celebs women ideas

The fabrics in summer are light and ethereal so that you can feel a sense of freedom. The fashion for overalls also recommends materials that keep the body cool on hot days. In the evening at a party, you can do one more thing Summer jumpsuit attract. Monochrome or with colorful prints, the overall shape a slim and elegant figure so that you feel great in summer.

Enjoy our ideas and have fun wearing the universal and chic overalls!


For official occasions – a black overall with a mandarin collar


 For the street or job – an overall with straps


 A disco idea in black


 Classic in summer – the colorful prints for the beach or swimming pool


Black and white in line with the 2014 summer fashion


 Chic in black