Caftan fashion not just for the beach – 20 outfits and styling tips

Kaftan fashion -outfits-lace-white-beachwear-coverup

A caftan, sarong or tunic is usually worn over a bikini or bathing suit in summer. These garments are typical of the countries with warm, tropical climates and are not wrong. The airy cut ensures natural ventilation and thus significantly reduces sweating. The convenient one Kaftan fashion Big designer brands are also convincing, and imaginative models can be seen in their latest collections.

Kaftan fashion – traditional for Morocco and Turkey

Kaftan fashion -outfits-traditional-white-ornaments-elegant

Women and men traditionally wear the caftan fashion in oriental countries in the Arab world as far as Central Asia, such as Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Senegal, etc. After the elaborate artificial embroidery and different cuts, cultural differences and social classes can be recognized. Only natural fibers are required for production – cotton, linen, velvet, silk and wool, as these are permeable and naturally regulate body temperature in the heat.

Kaftan fashion on the catwalk – Tommy Hilfiger


In many countries, the caftan is still the national clothing item that is worn daily and for parties. It is now being imaginatively interpreted by designers around the world and is one of the current fashion trends for the summer. Models appear with tailored cuts that more or less emphasize the figure, made of pleasant materials that flatter the female figure and even hide problem areas.

Kaftan fashion from top designers – Tory Burch 

Kaftan fashion -outfits-catwalk-tory-burch

The caftan fashion goes hand in hand with the recently popular ethnic motifs and folk patterns. Leading brands like Dolce showed on the catwalk & Gabbana, Valentino, Tory Burch, Tommy Hilfiger and others, variable kaftan dresses and blouses inspired by traditional oriental clothing.

Kaftan fashion – Stars love the comfortable garment – Rihanna with D&G


Rihanna has an ankle-length caftan dress by D&G tightened. The brand shapes the traditional Spanish motifs and ornaments in its models and designs. The unmistakable Spanish ceramics are suitable as a pattern for summer clothing.

Caftan fashion – especially practical during pregnancy – Ciara


Singer Ciara, like many women, prefers airy clothes with a free cut during pregnancy. A long caftan dress with slits on both sides is simply comfortable and undemanding. In addition, the large pattern in the middle distracts attention and hides some areas – in this case the stomach.

Kaftan fashion for beach and boat parties – Rita Ora


A flowing fabric kaftan is a great choice for a pool, beach, or boat party. You should only pay attention to the appropriate length so that the movement is not made difficult. Rita Ora’s red robe is a bit too long for her, which could be problematic on a yacht.

Elegant caftan fashion for special occasions – in cobalt blue by Elie Saab

kaftan-fashion-outfits-cobalt blue-elegant-elie-saab

Perhaps the caftan is only possible clothing for special occasions in oriental countries. But designer Elie Saab presents class and elegance with this long, simple dress in cobalt blue, without a trace of decorative elements. A massive statement necklace in gold completes the look.

Kaftan fashion – chic interpretation in black and yellow


On the streets of the fashion capitals of New York, Milan, Madrid and Paris, the landscape is colorful with fashionistas and fashion-conscious women who present their individual style without fear. However, it is not wrong to think that depending on the occasion, you just change shoes to achieve the right look.

From the traditional Caftan inspired fashion – velvet and embroidered floral motifs


A caftan dress made of noble dark blue velvet with silver artfully embroidered floral motifs looks without a doubt stunning. A piece of clothing like this can be inherited and bequeathed.

Extravagant Kaftan fashion for fashion-conscious women – lush ethnic motifs on black


A black dress with magnificent ethnic motifs can perhaps replace the classic model or at least as an interesting, promising variant. Skilfully combined with a pair of plain, simple high heels and clutch or small bag, the extraordinary clothing really comes into its own.

Send Kaftan fashion for summer


However, the caftan mode is very accessible and very simple. There’s not much that can be done wrong other than taking a piece that doesn’t look good on you. Some models that interpret the traditional robe are characterized by cutouts that are far too deep, with which every lady should be very careful. Showing way too much house tz is a sign of bad taste, even in summer.

Caftan fashion – highly sought-after as a cover-up over bikini or swimsuit


Caftan with a transparent effect, made of coarse lace and with large gaps is definitely only suitable for the beach. Going to the beach bar for a drink or at a beach party, it is appropriate to hide the swimwear with a cover-up, but not entirely. In all other cases, wear a basic dress in the same color or alternatively a top and shorts. Otherwise, you simply run the risk of looking unclothed.

 Kaftan fashion – a true companion during your vacation


You will never go wrong with a white, pure cotton kaftan. The white color lets the summer tan come into its own and is a true companion on hot days. The beautiful embroidery provides a boho note and a holiday feeling.

Kaftan fashion for the ultimate holiday look 

caftan-fashion-outfits-beach-boho-vacation-cacti-straw hat

The caftan is perfect for a shopping spree, but as everyday wear. Put on flat Roman sandals or balerinas and get your fresh, casual look completely. Nothing more is needed than maybe just a straw hat and sunglasses.

Caftan fashion and ethnic motifs in street style


The caftan stayed on the beach until six months ago, until the last spring / summer collection, when numerous variants of it were presented on the catwalk. After that, he also became very popular in street fashion and among bloggers. You combine it with high heels in a neutral or quite the opposite – in a bright color.

Caftan fashion and high heels


How to wear caftan fashion skillfully


Caftan made of transparent or semi-transparent fabric can be worn over a basic outfit. This means simple, plain parts in only one color, usually in white, black or dark blue. Short shorts and a top, as well as inconspicuous shoes, can be worn under the caftan. We only recommend wearing the rain boots for the really fashion-conscious or in bad weather.