Bicycle fashion for women – 22 outfits and fashion tips

Bicycle fashion for women -outfits-white-hat-vintage-sandals-heels

In the cities, especially when the weather is no longer bad, people prefer to use their private, most undemanding means of transport – bicycles. However, the quickest way to reach most of the closest destinations in the city is on two wheels and you shouldn’t pay for a parking ticket. Cycling has only one disadvantage – women should avoid feminine, chic outfits. Bicycle fashion for women breaks the cliché and presents stylish and comfortable outfits. Check out our awesome 20 ideas and try out our tips.

Bicycle fashion for women – comfortable street style outfits

Bicycle fashion for women -outfits-boho-black-white-fedora

Comfortable parts are preferred when cycling, but they often seem too “basic”. Accentuate your look with a hat that will really withstand the draft on your head when you move. Some types of hat are wonderfully suitable for this and serve as a good companion for every stylish lady.

Hut and bicycle fashion for women – chic and feminine

Bicycle fashion for women -outfits-beret-vintage-pleated skirt-gray

The beret will surely stay where it belongs and you will surely get noticed. This type of hat looks great on women with long hair and oval, narrow faces. Combine with clothing in classic colors and with an elegant cut.

Bicycle fashion for women – floppy hat and airy dress

Bicycle fashion for women -outfits-fedora-dress-airy-wicker basket

The floppy hat is a must-have accessory and can be used as a beach hat or made of felt for autumn and winter. It looks particularly good on women with long hair and in combination with a casual dress it creates a feminine, stylish look.

Vintage bicycle fashion for women – fedora hat and pleated skirt

bicycle fashion-women-outfits-fedora-vintage-pleated skirt-khaki-dark blue

With a fedora hat, which has a not very wide brim, you can also ride a bike. But of course carefully. Because of the wide edge, it can fly in a strong draft and cause a real accident.

Sporty and elegant Women’s cycling fashion – oxford shoes and trilby hats


The trilby hat, on the other hand, is a wonderful accessory for a bicycle outfit. It is tilted slightly on the forehead and is a real eye-catcher with a short haircut. Combine with college-style clothing – blouse, oxford shoes, shorts or long pants, etc..

Bicycle fashion for women – straw hat and short overall

bike fashion-women-outfits-straw hat-vintage-basket-jumpsuit

Summer just doesn’t work without a straw hat. If you haven’t indulged in one yet, pay attention to the size when choosing. Riding a bike with a big hat can be dangerous and we advise you not to do so. Leave the straw hat in the wicker basket of the bike until you reach the beach or meadow.

Bicycle fashion for women – straw hat and maxi dress

Milano Moda uomo 2014, women

A maxi dress in summer or spring is a really universal piece that is charming and easy to wear. If you don’t want to do without it while cycling, then look for one with a slot. He will ensure free movement.

Bicycle fashion for women – straw hat and overall with a transparent effect

bike fashion-women-outfits-jumpsuit-petrol-color-straw hat-sandals

Overalls are really practical and even long models made of flowing fabric and with a transparent effect are suitable for summer and spring. In the case of long trousers with wide legs, it can happen that the fabric collides with the bicycle chain. Rather, wear rolled-up or skinny ones.

Sporty cycling fashion for women – denim shorts and caps

bike fashion-women-outfits-cap-bordo-denim shorts-sandals

Caps are particularly popular with sporty women, but they make the whole look appear a bit youthful and child-like. In order to avoid this phenomenon, match the clothes in terms of color. The result is a perfect ensemble that exudes style and taste.

Casual street style Bicycle fashion for women – cap, chucks and oversize clothing


Other women prefer to be casual. Oversize sweaters and pants are very popular and are a definite trend in recent fashion shows.

Bicycle fashion for women – high-waisted jeans and leather jacket

bicycle fashion-women-outfits-orange-jeans-high-waistband-leather jacket

The biker jacket is of course part of the bike outfit. Combine with casual jeans and a crop top. Set an accent in the whole look, which is ideally color-coordinated with the bike frame.

Bicycle fashion for women – maxi dress made of flowing fabric and sneakers

bicycle fashion-women-outfits-red-white-long-dress-sneakers

With a maxi dress made of flowing fabric and with an airy cut, the bike can be ridden very comfortably. The white color is very popular for the summer and represents a feminine look. Combined with sneakers, the look is suitable for everyday use, sporty and at the same time girlish.

Bicycle fashion for women – color-match the outfit with the bicycle frame

bicycle fashion-women-outfits-black-neon-color-yellow-sandals

You can match the color of the outfit with the bike frame and thus create a successful, stylish ensemble. Do not forget about the accent in the outfit. This can be an accessory, a color or the shoes.

Sporty Bicycle fashion for women – leggings and sneakers


The best possible clothing for cycling is certainly an outfit with leggings and sneakers. But they are only suitable for everyday use or for sports. Choose comfortable cuts and fabrics that are elastic and, if possible, made of natural fibers.

Elegant bicycle fashion for women – office outfit in black and white

bicycle fashion-women-outfits-elegant-office-black-white

Many women who do an office job may not imagine that they can ride a bike to work. Others do it. 7/8 trousers and models that are cut a little closer to the ankle are wonderfully suitable for everyday work and are comfortable at the same time.

Send Bicycle fashion for women – dress and heel shoes 


Not everyone can ride a bike with high heels or high heels. Some manage it successfully and with Still. You can also experiment, but don’t ask before a date or an important appointment.

Bicycle fashion for women – stars love it too


Stars and celebrities don’t always drive shiny limos. It also happens like the average person sometimes pedaling for fun. Taylor Swift loves such recreational activities and doesn’t neglect her look in the process.

Chic cycling fashion for women of all ages


Women of all ages and on any occasion can showcase taste and style. Cycling is no exception.

Comfortable Bike fashion for mothers – jersey dress


When living in the big city, the bicycle is a real means of transport that is undemanding and very flexible. You shouldn’t forego your own style or make compromises with it.

Bicycle fashion for women – designers love it too!


Designers also find inspiration in cycling. It should be chic, tasteful and really fashionable!