Berry tones as a popular fashion trend in every season – how to wear the trend colors correctly

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Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and currants – the little fruits not only fascinate with their taste, but also with their saturated colors. The color berry appears in many nuances and is often used in the furnishing of the apartment. Whether as wall paint or as a fresh accent in the room, the popular color tone gives the apartment character. Berry tones are not only popular in interiors, they are also very popular in the fashion world.

winter type berry tones combine light blue

Garments in the seductive color of berries look very elegant and put every outfit in the limelight. However, many believe that berry tones are only suitable for outfits in autumn and winter. Summertime is considered berry time and the fresh colors of raspberries, strawberries and blueberries offer great color combinations for beautiful summer looks. Even in spring you can combine most berry colors and create great looks. In today’s article we have collected a lot of styling ideas and tips for outfits in berry tones that are suitable for different seasons and occasions.

Combine berry tones

color berry combine color palette berry tones

Berry tones vary from bright to dark and can be found in many different nuances. There are a few colors that will go with almost any shade of berry color. White, for example, makes berry colors shine and is perfect for fresh color combinations in summer. Another classic combination is black, which brings out the popular red tones particularly well.

berry tones combine black autumn outfit

Neutral colors like beige and gray are another great addition to berry colors and make great color combinations for winter and spring outfits. Light blue works in a similar way in combination with berry.

spring summer outfit berry tones trousers shirt

Berry tones can still be wonderfully combined with one another. With different colors you can create a stylish complete look. The color blocking trend also offers a cool idea for the look. You can combine a red or pink berry shade with orange, for example. It is only important that both colors are saturated and contrast with each other.

outfit berry tones spring khaki green berry

For a nice outfit in spring, berry tones can be wonderfully combined with colors like khaki. A dress in a greenish hue looks great together with long boots in berry. A light jacket for the cool mornings rounds off the look.

berry tones combine color berry ocher mustard yellow

When you’re ready to try some bolder color combinations, consider an outfit in berry tones and mustard yellow. The two colors contrast nicely without being too gaudy. A great outfit for an autumn walk in the park, do not think so?

Who suits berry tones?

autumn type berry tones dress coat nuances

And now the happy news: The color berry suits every type of woman. Regardless of whether you are a spring, summer, autumn or winter type, you can dare a stylish outfit in berry tones. But here the color with which you combine the selected shade of berry plays a crucial role.

berry tones combine outfit skirt mustard yellow blouse berry

Spring type

Hair with a golden or reddish shimmer, light eyes and skin prone to freckles – these are the classic characteristics of the spring type. If you belong to the spring type women, then you can combine outfits in berry tones with warm colors such as yellow, apricot or soft green tones. The clothing should also exude a certain lightness, whereby light, hard-working fabrics are recommended.

summer outfit dress color berry warm berry tones

Summer type

In contrast to the spring type, the summer type is characterized by light hair and skin with a cool undertone and light blue or blue-green eyes. Together with the winter type, it belongs to the cold season types. The best colors for these women are light but also cool and usually have a blue cast. From the berry tones, raspberry or blackberry in combination with clothes in pastel tones or jeans are recommended. Gray and nude tones as a complement to the berry-colored outfit look just as good on summer-type women.

coat shoes berry tones bag black pants

Autumn type

Fall type women just look amazing in berry tones. This warm type is characterized by dark hair and eyes, as well as a golden shimmering complexion. Of the berry colors, the warm red tones are recommended because they are in harmony with the brownish undertone of skin and hair. Outfits in which you pick up different nuances of the same color look particularly beautiful.

winter type berry tones combine gray

Winter type

Skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony – the popular figure of Snow White is the perfect example of the winter type. Of course, not all representatives have snow-white skin and black hair. Ladies with olive skin and dark brown hair also belong to this somewhat colder type. The berry tones also offer excellent ideas for stylish outfits in this case. The reddish or purple nuances contrast with the light complexion and at the same time harmonize perfectly with the dark hair color of the winter type.

Make-up in berry tones

makeup berry tones eyeshadow lipstick

Berry-colored lips look simply seductive and make the complexion shine. Especially for women with light skin and dark hair, a lipstick in berry tones is simply the best choice. Whether raspberry, blackberry or cranberry depends on the outfit.

fashion trend berry tones dress makeup lipstick

A make-up in berry colors is eye-catching and perfect for self-confident women. In addition to the classic berry lips, you can also opt for colored eye make-up in the appropriate nuances. But don’t overdo it with the eyeshadow.

Complete the berry-colored style – with nail designs in berry tones

nail design berry tones raspberries nail art

Every style-conscious woman knows that well-manicured nails complete the overall look. Berry tones are perfect for both festive and everyday nail design. If you want to complement the beautiful colors with a pretty pattern, you can use decorations in the shape of small berries for the nails. No other manicure looks so appetizing!

berry tones nails needle design mirror effect

Shoes and accessories in berry tones are trendy

shoes berry tones trend sneaker

This year, berry tones are also dominating the world of shoe fashion. Especially in autumn and winter, the shoes in the stylish colors are indispensable. The colors can be wonderfully combined with jeans and skirts and look great on every model. Whether sneakers, boots, sandals or boots – berry tones put your legs and feet in the limelight.

accessories berry color shoes jewelry bag

As for the accessories, the colors of the delicious forest fruits are a great addition to plain-colored outfits. A bag in a dark berry shade, for example, goes perfectly with jeans, with berry-colored jewelry completing the little black dress in a successful way.

accessories berry tones jacket combine

accessories berry tones combine black and white denim

fashion trend berry tones shoes sneakers

shoes berry tones sneaker modern velvet

different berry tones combine color blocking trend

Berry tones outfits – inspiration for every season

dress scarf berry tones combine mint green winter outfit

You already know that berry tones offer great styling ideas in every season of the year. In our picture gallery we have collected some great outfits and color combinations that you can use as inspiration for beautiful looks in every season. We hope you enjoy browsing!

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