Beanies trend 2017/2018 for women and men: the most beautiful models at a glance

Beanie trend 2017/2018 winter beanie knitted hat

Of course, a hat, beanie or hat belongs to the winter outfit of women and men. Warming headgear is not only practical for the cold days, but is now an absolute must-have accessory. Find out what is currently in the hat trend 2017/2018. We present the most beautiful models for women and men in this article.

Beanies trend 2017/2018: knitted hats, beanies and peaked caps

Beanies trend 2017/2018 winter knit blue color women

Any headgear that keeps you warm is part of the 2017/2018 hat trend. Whether a knitted hat with a bobble made of real fur or made entirely of yarn, a beanie or a peaked cap, choose what you like and what looks best. In addition to the typical winter dark colors such as black and gray, this season also dominant, even bright nuances are popular with both women and men. Red, orange, pink, yellow and baby blue are just a few of the possible variants. Stylists recommend experimenting and using bold shades to add more flair to the mostly boring and gloomy winter look.

Beanie trend 2017/2018 for women and men: Beanie

Beanies trend 2017/2018 winter men colors beanie knit

The beanie is an all-rounder among hats for women and men at the same time. It’s about a hat without a bobble, which is mostly made of fine knit or elastic cotton fabric. A beanie is mainly worn in everyday life and it can wonderfully complement any casual outfit. In addition, fashion-conscious women and men experiment with the trendy accessory and combine it with more elegant pieces. It is recommended that the color of the hat can be found in another item of clothing.

Beanies trend 2017/2018 for women and men: eye-catchers in bright colors

hats trend 2017 2018 winter women men beanie pop colors neon

This winter, hats in striking colors are the real eye-catchers. Fashionistas and stars like to add a nice change to the everyday look with a beanie in bright colors. In addition to neon colors, red, orange, pink, emerald green and yellow are just as popular. Patterned models, for example with animal prints, stripes, dots or plaids are also trendy this year.

A real all-rounder: Beanie made of fine knit fabric

hats trend 2017 2018 winter ladies fine knitwear

In contrast to the eye-catching hats in bright colors, the mostly monochrome fine knit beanies look almost boring. Skilfully combined, these work just as wonderfully as it-pieces. To achieve this effect, stylists recommend creating a strong contrast. You can do this either through the color combination or through the selection of materials.

Beanies trend 2017/2018: slogans

hats trend 2017 2018 winter women men slogan

As a current trend, effective slogans have established themselves in every area of ​​fashion. The eye-catching statement pieces can be seen on the catwalk in every possible variant: as writing on T-shirts, as applications on denim, on bags, etc. In winter, fashion designers have also decorated the hats with eye-catching inscriptions. Logos, symbols and emotion icons come into their own on the hem of the hat.

Beanie trend 2017/2018: Bobble

hat trend 2017 2018 winter knit bobble fur real fur

Knitted hats with bobbles are classics and are probably the most popular variant for warming headgear for both women and men of all ages. The bobble is an important detail that makes up the whole hat look. You can choose between models with a bobble made of the same material as the hat or made of real or artificial fur.

Hat with two pompons

hats trend 2017 2018 winter knit two pompons fur yarn

In addition to the variant for a warm knitted hat with a bobble, there are also wonderful designs even with two. These can also be made of yarn or synthetic or real fur. The nice thing about it is that when washing the bobble can be removed and then put back on.

hats trend 2017 2018 winter cap two pompons

The pom pom trend has now conquered almost every area of ​​fashion. Fashion designers have boldly decorated items of clothing, shoes and accessories with fluffy balls. In the form of pompoms or pom poms you can also see them on caps, hats and caps, even on sweaters.

Beanie trend 2017/2018: coarse knit

hat trend 2017 2018 winter chunky fashion

The chunky knitted hats are among the latest models for winter 2017/2018. They look really great when they are voluminous and knitted with an eye-catching lace pattern. In combination with an equally knitted tube scarf or oversize sweater, the perfect winter look is rounded off. The casual and cozy appearance can be deceptive, because the chunky knit hats don’t really keep you warm.

Fluffy trapper hat

hats trend 2017 2018 winter real fur aviator hat

On the other hand, fluffy trapper hats guarantee warm ears even in the worst weather. They are reminiscent of the Russian fur hats, which look just as chic and classy and also keep you warm. You can choose between real and artificial fur. Of course, the imitation fur variant is recommended for environmentally friendly reasons.

Beanies trend 2017/2018 for women and men: peaked caps

hats trend 2017 2018 winter peaked cap women biker boy

Anyone who is active on Instagram has surely already discovered one of the hottest hat trends 2017/2018: Baker Boy hat or in German still known as “umbrella” or “balloon cap”. Modern headgear was particularly relevant in the 19th and 20th centuries and is interpreted in a contemporary way today. This peaked cap combines retro chic and a cheeky casual look in one and is particularly popular at the moment.

hats trend 2017 2018 winter men’s men’s flat cap

The It accessory is also available in a great version that is particularly suitable for men: the flat cap. It used to be worn as a complement to the elegant look, but today everything is allowed and fashion-conscious men combine the chic hat with unusual and more casual clothes.

Beanie trend 2017/2018: Classic and chic with a beret

hat trend 2017 2018 winter wool berets

With a béret you look chic on any occasion. The French hat is now available in both classic and fashionable versions. Depending on your preference, a beret can be worn differently and always gives the look a French touch. To perfectly round off the appearance, it is recommended to combine it with at least one classic piece of clothing.

Hat hairstyle and hat trend 2017/2018

hat trend 2017 2018 winter red orange neon color beanie

Not only to keep the head and ears warm, the hats are so popular in autumn and winter. In the seasons when the weather is particularly humid, rainy and windy, one often suffers from “bad hair days”. A hat is the right solution. Talking about a hat hairstyle is almost an exaggeration. When it comes to hairstyling under the hat, it should be as casual and inexpensive as possible. Open straightened hair or with loose waves perfectly complement the cool everyday look.

scarf & Cap

hats trend 2017 2018 winter black all round

To round off the perfect hat look, combine it with a scarf in the same color or with a nice motif. A hat in a neutral color such as black, gray or dark blue can be combined with almost any other shade. It becomes particularly beautiful when you combine a simple hat with a patterned scarf. Depending on the style of clothing, choose a sporty or a more romantic variant.