Bag trends for spring / summer 2014 – fringes for every style

bags trends 2014 fringes extra long gucci dark blue

Special attention is always paid to accessories as they can nicely complement clothing. Especially the indispensable accessory for women – the handbag. Famous fashion designers have already presented their collections on the catwalks for spring / summer 2014 and rediscovered the fringe look. The current Bags trends 2014 are fine fringes. But not for a hippie outfit, but for every style.

Bags trends from the catwalks


The fringed bags have a new look and are more diverse than ever. The models for the spring-summer season 2014 are presented in the collections of Gucci, Gaultier, Valentino and Celine. There are no limits to your imagination. Bags made of leather or lacquer, tassels as accents, short or extra-long fringes, clutch bags. The handles of the bags are either a little longer or shorter. Fringed bags can be combined with a stylish dress with ethnic motifs or with elegant trousers, high heels and leather jackets.

Fringes – bag trends

Gucci designer handbags 2014 trend fringed extra long

In the Roberto Cavalli spring-summer 2014 collection, the fringed bags have somewhat unusual sizes and shapes. They either resemble a cylinder or are rectangular in shape. Some are made of leather with a tassel as an accent and bag handles made from fine chains.

Roberto Cavalli Bags Spring-Summer 2014

roberto cavalli bags 2014 fringed chains cylinder

The bag with fringes in this picture above makes a light reference to the spectacular sandals with thin straps. Same as the jewel on the neck, the bag also ends with a tassel. You can also combine other accessories with a similar accent with fringed bags.

bags trends 2014 fringed bags rachel zoe black

bags trends 2014 fringed bags ashley tisdale prada

olivia wild fransen bag 2014 styling

handbags trends 2014 fringed black leather

Valentino spring 2014 fringed bag lacquer black small

bags trends 2014 fringed red small designer handbags

bags trends 2014 fringed rivets guess small square

bags trends 2014 fringes every styling red rivets summer spring

gucci handbags collection spring summer 2014

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marc jacobs spring fringed bags trend

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