An overview of the 2014 accessories trends for spring and summer

accessories woman variety leather colorful flowers motifs

For a modern look, the accessories should not be missing. This season these are even more diverse than before. From classic gold jewelry to belts that accentuate the waist and retro hairbands, everything is included. Find out which accessories go with the accessories Trends 2014 belong in spring / summer and should definitely be included with your outfit.

Accessories trends 2014 – leather is back in fashion

fashion current models thin belts come back

The spring / summer 2014 season is the season of diversity. Simple jewelry is also gold, as well as more striking ones with colorful glass beads and flower motifs. Leather accessories are also back in fashion. This includes hairbands, belts, and bracelets. We’ll provide you accessories Trends 2014 for spring and summer straight from the catwalk.

After a short dropout, the belts at waist height are back as 2014 trends. Both the simpler and more inconspicuous models, as well as bolder variants, are modern. The thin belts are a constant part of the collections by Fendi, Chanel and Michael Kors.

accessories trends summer spring strikingly wide belts

For special occasions, replace the thin belt for everyday wear with more striking models. Check out the wide belts with metal elements by Emilio Pucci and D.&G at.

Accessories trends 2014 and jewelry

accessories eye catcher gold metal striking fashion tendency

What are the accessories Trends 2014 for spring and summer in terms of jewelry?

This season we have a free choice of jewelry. The pieces of jewelry from the Dolce collection, inspired by Elada, are particularly modern&Gabbana.

accessories trends jewelery pieces simply golden class

But lovers of simple jewelry will also find something suitable, because the simple, golden pieces of jewelry are also part of the 2014 trends for spring and summer. They are part of the Chloe collection.

accessories pearls eternal jewelry element elegance class

For more official occasions, Chanel shows us that jewelry made from the always modern and elegant pearls is suitable. The eternal pearls are back in the Chanel Spring / Summer 2014 collection.

accessories pearls eternal jewelry element elegance class

Another variant are the eye-catching necklaces made of glass beads, as Dior shows.

The unusual accessories trends 2014 

accessories bracelets leather fabric stones feather variety

The bracelets are a little different this time. To give them a fresher look, they are adorned with feathers, stones and fabric. They are inspired by street style, but they also have something elegant about them. The bracelets are an elegant chic for everyday life. Bracelets from Prada and Miu Miu are shown in the photo.

sunglasses colorful retro style oval glasses frames bright glasses

The sunglasses in turn point into the accessories Trends 2014 a colorful retro style this season. The shapes of the aviator goggles, such as those from Alberta Ferretti, as well as the oval frames with light lenses, such as those from Chloe, Miu Miu, Versace and Fendi, are particularly up-to-date.

unusual ideas direct walkway gloves without fingers

There are also accessories from the autumn-winter collection, which are a bit more unusual for the summer. Chanel impresses with gloves without fingers.

accessories funny motifs football warmers typical autumn collection

Also included as a cheeky accessory are the Prada soccer warmers, which are rarely missing in the autumn-winter collections.

accessories hair band fashion accent hairstyle summer spring

accessories Trends 2014 – The hair band from the 60s and 70s is also coming back and is more modern than ever. There are simpler models to choose from, as well as more striking variants with many details. There is also something suitable for the hippie fans among us, namely colorful hairbands adorned with feathers and stones.