African fashion: Original patterns and strong colors adorn the colorful ethnic outfits

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Detailed patterns, bold colors, elegant items of clothing and high-quality hand-made fabrics: When it comes to creative design, African fashion is currently on the advance. Numerous fashion labels from the continent of contrasts showed during the fashion weeks how much creativity there is in their clothing. African designers caused a sensation with their outfits, which combine traditional motifs with a modern look. Street style fashion in New York is currently strongly influenced by the ethnic trend, influencers and bloggers have long recognized this and like to wear dashikis and kitenges. We give you tips on how to style an ethnic outfit in an African look.

African fashion: anything but conventional

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In Africa, women dress particularly colorful and combine elaborate prints with great attention to detail. Not only natural motifs are popular, but also geometric patterns. Letters and numbers also often adorn clothing. The motifs provide information about the person: For example, the affiliation to a certain social class can be read off the clothes.

African fashion: Skilfully combining colors and patterns

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As far as the colors are concerned, strong nuances set the tone: orange, yellow, blue and green are boldly combined with purple, red and pink. The end result is colorful clothes that are particularly popular in Europe and the USA, especially in summer.

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The designers from the continent reinterpret traditional clothing and skillfully combine the eye-catching prints according to the mix-and-match trend. Flowers, leaves and the like, as a style break with geometric motifs, create real styling wonders. The natural motifs never go out of fashion in Africa, but surprise every season with newly interpreted shapes and color combinations.

African fashion: airy dresses with modern cuts

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Tradition is very important in Africa. The clothes of the contemporary African designers are captivating with their purposeful, elegant understatement. The clothes fall loosely, are airy and look very modern. Casual fits and wafer-thin fabrics promise the highest level of comfort in summer. Asymmetrical cuts with a free shoulder, which add sophistication to the outfit, are particularly popular. Even completely strapless dresses with a sweetheart neckline look very feminine and can be worn until the end of summer. On cool evenings, they can be styled for a cool look with a denim or leather jacket and ankle boots.

African fashion: maxi skirts in the spotlight

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The maxi skirts swing and flow, subtly emphasize the feminine curves and appear suitable for everyday use and at the same time exotic. Skirts and trousers can be paired with a tone-on-tone top, but they also create an attractive ensemble with tops in plain colors. Jewelry made of wood, pearls and metal effectively rounds off the outfit. Most African fashion houses offer their own lines of accessories, most of which are handmade.

Tops with asymmetrical cuts

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The colorful tops with asymmetrical cuts can be perfectly styled with jeans. With a high waist skirt, you’ll make a fashion statement on the street. In addition, pumps are usually worn in an accent color.

African evening wear: expressive yet charming

african fashion yellow pattern valkuhila dress

Many designers rely on a stylish mix: the summer dress with a figure-hugging haute-couturé silhouette still looks suitable for everyday use thanks to the colorful prints. African evening wear is so charming and imaginative and is finally getting the attention it deserves.

Tone-on-tone two-piece for those hot summer days

african fashion crop tops wide pants summer

Tone-on-tone two-piece suits with crop tops are very popular in 2019. An all-over print is guaranteed to attract attention and is perfect for real trendsetters. Subtle details such as ruffles and ruffles set accents and make the outfit look particularly girly and playful.

African fashion for men: Skilfully staging prints

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African men’s fashion is also colorful, eye-catching and creative. Men wear strong colors such as red, sky blue or signal yellow and boldly combine motifs that do not go together at first glance. Stripes, checked patterns, floral motifs, spirals and intricate geometric shapes form an eclectic patchwork that automatically attracts attention.

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If the patchwork is too much for you, you can opt for a suit with stripes in neon colors and wear a shirt with a polo collar or a sweater. Of course, sneakers or sneakers go well with this.

african fashion men sweater pattern handmade

Sweaters are rarely worn in Africa, but they are in the USA. It was there that the typical African motifs were transferred to knitwear for the first time. Numerous designs are currently on offer in New York.

Street style with an African look: this is how fashion can be interpreted for everyday use

african fashion strapless top front knot wide pants big orange pattern summer outfit

Who said that African fashion is not suitable for everyday use? You just need a little creativity to put together an exotic looking ensemble. A top in pastel color, trousers with a large print in an accent color and you are well prepared for the warm summer days in the city.

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Maxi dresses can also look exotic if they are paired with the right jewelry. Do you have an indigo dress in your closet? This color is one of the most popular in Africa and appears again and again in clothing.

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Colorful is the keyword for every fashionista this summer: yellow, orange and red form an attractive ensemble and make us dream of the exotic desert landscapes of Africa.

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It all depends on the accessories: Many women in African countries like to wear headscarves. They are not associated with a specific religion, but are simply a popular accessory that also protects the head from the strong rays of the sun.

In the photo gallery below you will find further examples of effective stylings in the African look. let yourself be inspired!

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African fashion two-piece strapless dark wine red

African fashion two-piece tight body-hugging pencil skirt crop top

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African fashion yellow dresses broadly positioned

African fashion colorful mix and match

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