23 trendy autumn outfits with beige camel coats

trendy autumn outfit camel-coat-wide-denim pants

A garment like the camel coat is one of those fantastic must-haves that every woman should get for the fall / winter season. It’s neutral in color, comfortable, and easy to combine with pretty much anything. The cool autumn days aren’t too far off, so it’s high time you started thinking about some exciting fall shopping and considering buying a camel hair coat if you don’t already have one. But before you go shopping, take a look at these great ideas for trendy autumn outfits with a camel hair coat. We have tried to collect the best styling ideas so you could easily steal the look.

 Ideas for trendy autumn outfits

autumn outfit-camel-coat-boots-work

The camel coat is reminiscent of the classic trench coat by Inspector Columbo, but was further developed by Michael Kors and Max Mara in the classic version that we know today. The camel hair coat has made a real comeback in recent years and is still available in wool and cashmere. The camel coat can be perfectly combined with pencil skirts, jeans, wool dresses and white sweaters.

trendy autumn outfits with camel coat

autumn outfit-idea-black-skirt-white-shirt

The color camel itself is experiencing a real revival and is one of the trend colors in autumn and winter. It looks very noble and has several nuances that range from light sand tones to caramel and nude. Blondes should choose the darker shade of sant, because light shades do not go well with blond hair.

Pleated skirt matches the camel hair coat


 beautifully combined with white


 colorful dress underneath

autumn outfit-camel-coat-colorful-short-dress-golden-sneakers

 Everyday outfit with a camel coat

autumn outfit-camel-coat-hat-black-trousers-flat-shoes

autumn outfit-camel-coat-black-pants-boots-denim-shirt

autumn outfit-camel-coat-black-leggings-boots

autumn outfit-camel-coat-white-trousers-blouse

autumn outfit-camel-coat-white-pencil-skirt-pointed-shoes

autumn outfit-camel-coat-torn-jeans-pants-pink-blouse-pointed-shoes-heels


autumn outfit-long-camel-coat-gray-jeans-flat-shoes




trendy-autumn-outfit-camel-coat-short-skirt-sneakers-leopard print


trendy autumn outfit camel-coat-black-trousers-flat-shoes