1920s fashion men and women – Gatsby-inspired outfits

20s Fashion Pallet Dress Gold Headband Gatsby

Pompous jewelry, Charleston dresses, feather ribbons and dandy suits in bold colors – who could resist the glitter and glamor of the 1920s fashion? And even if the outfits from this period are not suitable for everyday use, accessories and mini dresses are still popular on special occasions. We have put together some inspirations.

1920s fashion celebrates life


The 20s fashion symbolizes the optimism of this time. After World War I ended, people wanted only one thing – to enjoy life. The new music – jazz – shaped the nightlife. The women no longer wore corsets and enjoyed their freedom of movement in airy Charleston dresses. The silhouette no longer allowed the feminine curves to come into their own, instead the mostly custom-made garments were knitted with pearls and decorated with lace. Noble glitter fabrics like satin were worn to parties. The so-called peacock tail outfit was also very trendy – the skirt was short at the front and long at the back. In recent years the design has been rediscovered and reinterpreted by many fashion houses.

1920s fashion – pompous outfits inspired by Gatsby


The viewers in the movie Great Gatsby saw the 20s fashion in a modern twist. The scenes are full of cozy outfits, glamorous dresses and pompous parties with champagne. The film reflected the zeitgeist in a very successful way. Other shows such as the popular film series Downtown Abbey also present the 20s – this time in England / in a new light. Society there is badly hit by the world war, perhaps much more severely than in the United States. The clothes are therefore deliberately kept simple, the women wear updos that only imitate the bob hairstyle.

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20s fashion gatsby men outfits ideas

If you’re looking for the panacea in men’s fashion, then you don’t need to look any further than the 1920s. This decade was a time when fashion was transitioning from the conservative, old style to a new era of fashion. Although in the early 20’s fashion men didn’t see much of new trends when they thought of the elegant suits and dresses, many of these styles were products of the later part of the decade.

In other TV series, however, the clothes are kept simpler


Regardless of this, many of the most popular clothing styles for men as well as the dandy look of the 20s are still based on the fashion of this decade. Until then, fashion was always one and the same suit style, and casual wear was nowhere to be found. The 1920s saw many radical styles of suits as well as the introduction of casual and sporty clothes for men. The formality of Gatsby clothing men decreased, and the trend then offered more choices and more modern options.


So if you’re looking to upgrade your 20s outfit, you can’t go wrong trying to master the style. It was an effortless, elegant era of menswear that paved the way for many of our more modern styles. So let’s start from the top. High, white, detachable collars were king of the fashion world thanks to their ease of washing. In the mid-1920s, attached collars became the preferred standard.

1920s fashion men dandy suit stripe vest

Attached collars offered a softer feel compared to the rigid and uncomfortable nature of detachable collars. For inspiration, see Nucky Thompson from the TV show Boardwalk Empire. Collar styles at that time included both round edges and splayed and pointed variants. However, you should know that the introduction of the wide Windsor tie knot had a huge impact on the collar distribution. Softpoint was reserved for button-down shirts. Wingtip collars were a common sight, even when bent over the tips to make flying possible.

Hats for men in their 20s

1920s fashion mini dress red color hat headdress

The hats in their 20s mostly depended on what class they were. Do you remember the films about bellboys and factory workers from that time? Working-class men wore the “page boy” hats, known as newsboy caps or flat caps. If you were a solid middle class, you would have owned a fedora. These fedoras were holdover from the gangster class, working-class or middle-class men who suddenly made money but kept the style of their own class. The fedora style was also accompanied by bowler hats, another staple from the 1920s. These ubiquitous styles belonged to the fashion-conscious middle-class colleagues who wanted to stir up such fashion. It was the first time that middle-class citizens could use material goods to express who they were. Fashion became a statement for ordinary people for the first time.

Pompous summer parties in luxury villas – the film Gatsby

20s fashion top long skirt women

The women wore bobble heads and cocktail dresses with many decorations


Fringes adorned the hanging dresses

20s-fashion-women-hairstyle-frills-black-satin dress

Nowadays, 20s fashion is an inspiration for many wedding dresses

20s Fashion Women Wedding Dress Jewelry Ideas

And also for numerous renowned fashion houses


Ralph Lauren featured 20s-inspired outfits on his 2012 show


Headdress with feathers was current at the time

1920s fashion gatsby feather headdress

Different outfits in the style of the 20s put together

20s fashion womens dresses flapper cocktail dress hat

Fashion was definitely glamorous

1920s Fashion Gatsby Faux Fur Collar Headdress





1920s fashion hanger dress headdress pearls


20s fashion wedding men suit ideas

1920s Fashion Wedding Pearl Headdress


20s Fashion Champagne Mini Dress Feather Headdress


20s fashion headdress women ideas


20s-fashion-mini-dresses-fringe-down-charleston dress

20s fashion mini dresses gatsby ideas


1920s fashion vintage parasol swimwear

20s fashion dress-glamouroes-embroidery-bow-accent

20s fashion elegance - earrings - pearl necklace - gloves - fascinator

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