12 ways to create a modern chambray outfit


When bikinis and walking barefoot are not appropriate, we look in our closet for summer outfits that don’t make us feel like melting ice cream between two waffles. And the fabric that seems to repeat itself over and over again in your clothes is chambray. It is a very light cotton or linen fabric. However, it should not be confused with denim, which is woven in diagonal patterns, giving it a heavier and coarser feel.

12 ways you can create a chambray outfit


In autumn and winter, too, this material appears in clothing in the form of large shirts with turtlenecks and thick, knitted pullovers and parkas made of wool. That also appears Chambray outfit in spring, by being put on over clothes, while the sun is still hiding behind the clouds and only occasionally shows.

How to make the most of this lightweight fabric this summer


So, by and large, chambray is a fabric that can be used all year round. But it is particularly useful in summer and comes into its own. In this article we have a few ideas for one Chambray outfit for you that shows how to style yourself with this airy fabric.

In its classic form


If you already have chambray in your closet, chances are at least one of them is a shirt. The collar and button closure make for a neat look without looking too formal, making it the perfect Chambray outfit for a relaxed weekend or a casual Friday in the office. Create a cheerful accent with citrus nuances and funny sandals.

To emphasize an eye-catching skirt


Tuck that same beloved shirt into a colorful knee-length skirt for a wonderful one Chambray outfit in a combination of classic and modern.

The shirt to hang around the neck (just in case it gets cooler)


As an accessory to the Chambray outfit, The chambray shirt can also be used to keep your hands free and prevent goosebumps when the sun goes down in the evening. To do this, simply tie it around your waist. Due to its thin nature, the chambray shirt is the perfect long-sleeved garment to take advantage of this 90s trend without feeling constricted.

To trousers with a print

shirt women fashion chambray style fabric

Garments with prints are particularly fashionable this year. Choose a chambray shirt with a pattern as Chambray outfit, to improve the classic feeling. And especially in combination with a cheerful floral pattern, it will look very good.

A chic overall made of chambray


The jumpsuit as Chambray outfit It is considered more of a youthful piece of clothing, but it does not necessarily have to be limited to visits to the playground or music festivals. Combine the cunning of the jumpsuit with additional stripes and a floral print, and add to its glamorous factor with pointed heels and gold jewelry.

A good mood overall

short overall chambray fashion outfit tips

But if you prefer the playful side of the chambray overalls, we recommend the Chambray outfit add a few dots and a cute hairstyle from a bun, as well as heart-shaped sunglasses and a bold red lipstick.

A nifty overall / jumpsuit


It is just as great to expand the girlish jumpsuit into something more adult, namely a modern jumpsuit made of chambray. The fabric does that Chambray outfit summer-friendly, while the slim silhouette is suitable for both day and night, especially when it is combined with the right accessories.

As a cool, casual dress


Black slippers and a casual updo are the perfect addition to a shirt dress Chambray outfit, but a short hem and a gold chain ensure sufficient femininity.

The casualness in a pair of pants


It’s not entirely clear why society considers a strict pizza diet and wearing pajama pants every day to be unacceptable. But we don’t have to falter in the face of adversity. To protest the madness, put on a pair of chambray pants that are just as cozy and go for that Chambray outfit even more elegant with a pair of heeled sandals and a shirt tied together.

Chambray as snappy, short pants

light summer chambray fabric fashion shorts

The same goes for shorts as well Chambray outfit. If less fabric in the form of shorts does not provide the necessary relief in the heat, it would be wise to choose a fabric like chambray that also lets air through. A white top, delicate gold jewelry and a large leather bag are other mandatory accessories for an uncomplicated look.

As a flirtatious bib dress


The dungarees in this example are half chambray and half denim. The overalls are everywhere this season, but the inclusion of a chambray bib dress adds a certain unexpected freshness to the Chambray outfit.

An almost Canadian tuxedo


Denim Dan looks surprisingly very chic with a loose, unbuttoned chambray shirt over cropped denim pants, instead of making the outfit entirely out of denim. And three is a really great combo if another classic piece, a loose striped t-shirt, the one Chambray outfit Trio of Soulful Blues ‘joins.