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Which tie to wear with which shirt? Helpful tips for a perfect outfit

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Putting together the perfect shirt and tie outfit can be a challenge. It’s not just the large selection of colors for both accessories that makes putting them together difficult. In addition, there are a wide variety of patterns and materials that are no less important, such as tying the right tie knot. All things that give many men a headache. You just have to remember a few rules and you quickly get the hang of it. Find out in this article which tie goes with which shirt and in the future you will find the perfect outfit quicker and easier in the morning or on a special occasion.

The shirt with tie made of numerous fabrics and materials

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Let’s start with the choice of material. While some models are more suitable for formal occasions, other fabrics and textiles have no place at a business lunch or in the office. When the fine silk can be used, for example, also depends on its color and pattern. Monochrome it looks more elegant, while grenadine or twill silk ensures a more casual styling. This means that the material can be worn on formal occasions as well as in everyday office life.

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All other materials such as wool, cotton, linen or cashmere are selected depending on the material of the shirt. Again the question arises as to which tie should be worn with which shirt. Well, linen fabric, for example, is great for a casual outfit with a suit or a more casual shirt that you wear on an ordinary day. The same goes for wool and cotton. Have you ever seen knitted ties? Although they are undoubtedly a matter of taste, they are worth considering. The interesting knitting pattern attracts everyone’s attention and is therefore a great choice if you want to create an eye-catcher with the tie.

Which tie to which shirt by color?

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The bigger problem is again the right color combination. How do you choose the right color of the shirt depending on the tie color and vice versa? Is a neutral white tie more suitable for the outfit with a shirt or can the selected shirt be more boldly combined with color? And if so, what color? Do you stick to a similar shade or can you try contrasts? So how do you know which tie goes with which shirt depending on the color?

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The best way to do this is to use two criteria. There is of course the right coordination of the color (not all colors match). On the other hand, the occasion also plays an important role. At a funeral, for example, color is inappropriate. You may dare to use color at a business lunch, but with caution. Bright or colorful models are also less suitable here. Of course, a white shirt is particularly easy to combine. The same usually applies to other neutral colors such as beige, gray or black.

Solid color ties

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So you always have the possible combinations at a glance. The rule is that the same color tone can be chosen for shirt and tie. For example, if you have decided on a dark blue shirt, you can wear a light blue tie with it. But since this is seen by many as boring and monotonous, you can also choose another combination variant. Contrast colors are great for creating a chic and stylish outfit.

Tie shirt color wheel colors choose wear tie

When it comes to which tie goes with which shirt depending on the shade, you can use the color wheel as a guide. There you can see at a glance which colors are similar and which are in contrast to one another. In fact, the two adjacent colors are similar tones, while the opposite tones are said to be complementary. You can find the contrasting colors by mentally forming the letter “Y” from the selected color. Here is an example with green: The two similar colors can be found on the left (yellow-green) and on the right (blue-green). Directly opposite is red, which is a complementary color to the shade of green. Contrasting colors are again orange and purple (the three arrows form a “Y”).

For example, a red tie and black shirt are suitable, or you can wear a green tie with a red shirt. Or maybe you’d like to make it easier for yourself and ask yourself “which color goes with everything?” Black can definitely be mentioned here, although there are exceptions. This also applies to other neutral colors.

Combine two-tone ties correctly

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If your chosen tie has two colors, it is important that one of these two colors should also be used in the shirt. Otherwise, it will create a messy look. However, the goal is a harmonious outfit, isn’t it? So if you want to wear a blue shirt with a tie, make sure that the shade is also included in the two-tone tie. If you don’t have a matching shirt at the moment, you can also choose the men’s jacket in the respective color instead.

Which tie to which shirt – multicolored tie

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There is another rule if the tie has more than two colors. Since there is a risk that the many colors in the overall outfit will bite into each other, it is essential to choose a soft color for the shirt and suit. This creates a balance so that you don’t have to go without a colorful tie design when you have decided on it.

Tie with pattern

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Another difficulty arises when the tie also has a pattern. Even these shouldn’t bite with patterns in the shirt. Of course, it is easiest if you combine a simple, solid-colored shirt with a patterned tie. But there is also the option of choosing both accessories with a pattern. Here are a few important tips which tie should be chosen with which shirt, if it goes according to the pattern:

Tips on similar patterns

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Even if at first one might think that the pattern of tie and shirt should be the same or similar, this is not one hundred percent the case. Instead, the pattern should be different in size or in different directions. Otherwise the interplay of the patterns is very irritating and uncomfortable for the eyes. If both accessories have stripes, they should be of different widths. For example, a checkered pattern should consist of smaller or larger squares on the tie than on the shirt.

Combine tie and shirt with different patterns

Tie shirt multi-colored everyday checkered red blue jacket jeans

When it comes to finding the right tie for a shirt when both have a completely different pattern, the opposite is true. There is a risk of a chaotic and visually unpleasant look if the different patterns are also of different sizes. So try to put together patterns and shapes of roughly the same size here.

So which tie to wear with a striped shirt? This can be a model with an equally striped pattern, but in different sizes, or a high-contrast pattern that is the same size. And which tie to wear with a checked shirt? Again, the same applies here: Checkered ties with larger or smaller patterns or stripes, dots, zigzags or other models with motifs of the same size. It doesn’t matter whether you have opted for a blue, green, yellow or pink checked shirt. But also observe the rules mentioned above for the correct choice of color.