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Tie a bandana: 30+ ideas on how men can wear the trend!

bandana tie men neck red Justin Timberlake

Forget the associated associations such as pirates, cowboys, bank robbers and biker gangs that drive on American highways – the bandana is currently experiencing a real revival. The square scarf has meanwhile become a modern, colorful accessory that can round off almost any outfit. Even Justin Timberlake wore a red bandana around his neck for the Half Time Show at the 2018 Super Bowl. The great thing about it is the variety of styles that men can combine the shawl with. Regardless of whether you are looking for a suitable accessory for a pop outfit, hip-hop swag, casual chic or festival look – a bandana gives every outfit that certain something.

How men can wear a bandana

bandana for men tie neck

So you’ve bought a scarf and now you need to figure out which style to choose. Do not worry! We have put together the top looks for you.

Most of all, the bandana is meant to look like an extension of your style. Think about how you can color it to match the rest of your outfit and style it for appropriate occasions. The best part is that they aren’t just for the festival season! Who would have thought that. Thanks to fashion designers like Louis Vuitton, Margaret Howell and Hermes, the trend has finally reversed and bandanas are now more chic than ever!

bandana for men Harry Styles keep long hair away from the face

How to fold a bandana:

– Place the headscarf on a flat surface with one corner facing you.

– Fold the square cloth into a triangle.

– Take the top corner and fold it down over the rest.

– You can make this section wider or narrower, depending on how wide you want your scarf (or headband) to be.

– Continue to fold along the width until you arrive at the folded area of ​​the triangle. This is how the bandana is made into a long ribbon.

For a cowboy look: place in a triangle at the front and knot at the back of the neck.

Wear a bandana around your neck

bandana neckerchief men casual chic outfit 40

A bandana can either add some color to your outfit or complete it nicely. A red scarf, for example, in combination with an outfit in black or gray is a real eye-catcher. A dark blue bandana can also be combined well with a light blue shirt.

Around the head

bandana hairstyles men dreadlocks medium length hair

Whether you have a bad hair day or just want to spice up a boring hairstyle, a bandana is a real style wonder. Center the center of the folded scarf against your hairline and wrap the ribbon around your head. Tie the headband with a loose knot at the back of your head.

Hairstyles with bandanas

bandana hairstyles men Pompadour Man Bun

With medium-length and long hair, a bandana not only comes into its own better, but also proves to be a particularly practical accessory. Harry Styles, for example, uses the scarf as a headband to tame his long mane and keep the hair off his face. In the video for the song “I’m the one”, however, Justin Bieber shows that bandanas also go well with the buzz cut and short hair. So the hair length is not of crucial importance.

bandana tie short hair men wear

Further ideas:

– For a subtle accent, tie your bandana around your ankle.

– Wear the fine handkerchief as a pocket square in your jacket.

– The bandana can casually be combined with a hat, like Bruno Mars in his video for the song “Uptown Funk”.

– Wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet, the brightly patterned cloth also looks very chic.

– If long enough, you can use the shawl as a belt.

bandana for men tie kerchief blazer shirt

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Bandana in men summer red kerchief

Bandana in men summer beige outfit

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Bandana in men neckerchief different styles

Bandana for men red bandana black t-shirt

Bandana in men casual street style red bandana

Bandana in men white suit combination

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bandana scarf for men in combination with the Bruno Mars hat

Bandana for men wear to the hat

Bandana men hat accessory

Bandana under the hat Eminem

Bandana hairstyles men long hair Harry Styles

Bandana tie short hair headband Justin Bieber

bandana hairstyle men medium length hair headband

Bandana men around hand bracelet

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bandana tie men 2014 louis vuitton spring

Bandana in men business casual suit

Bandana for men black scarf pink short-sleeved shirt

Bandana in men styling options neckerchief

Bandana in men's belt

Bandana for men red scarf

Bandana in men hip hop style

Bandana in men Justin Bieber headband

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