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Shirt tie combination – Which tie can be worn with which shirt and suit

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A shirt tie combination with a suit is certainly nothing new, but you can achieve a timeless and unique style with it. With the right colors, any elegant outfit can look more stylish, contemporary and coordinated. Whether you are dressing for the office or a formal occasion, color is an important factor to keep in mind. Fortunately, we’ve put together some useful advice for you in this regard in the guide below. These can help you navigate the treacherous waters and create a matching ensemble. Below is our complete guide to the optimal shirt tie combination.

Shirt tie combination for fashion-conscious men

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Despite all the options available today, few men dare to wear anything other than a plain shirt and red tie. For others, the rebellion against the bores has resulted in a striped shirt and patterned tie collaboration that’s more tasteless than modern. To ensure that you pair your suit properly with shirts and ties, you can first consider the different color combinations.

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The paradox of choice is the phenomenon that can lead to many options and wrong decisions when it comes to a shirt and tie combination. Nowhere is this more evident in the male wardrobe than with these items of clothing. A quick look at every workplace, anywhere in the world, can confirm this theory. Is it possible that all of these gentlemen have bad taste or are they more affected by the compulsion mentioned above? We understand that colors and patterns are difficult to master, but if you start mixing them up, all hell can break loose. With that in mind, we’re trying to get things back to basics with this guide.

Use the color wheel for a shirt tie combination

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The concept of color matching defies even the most stylish of men, but if you don’t want your work clothes to look boring, you will eventually have to address the problem. In this regard, the tried and tested color wheel provides a visual representation of all color tones and, above all, the similar, complementary and contrasting nuances.

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The related colors are next to each other and when they are close it is easy to combine them with accessories of the same color. Complementary colors are opposite each other and are the most difficult to pair. While these are complementary to one another, they can sometimes create an incongruous look. The contrasting hues usually have three other colors between them. The best way to successfully combine these is to make sure one is darker than the other.

Color combination guidelines

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When it comes to a shirt tie combination, it is often easier to wear contrasting colors rather than complementary ones. Also, make sure you have all of the traditional nuances like light blue, white, black, and other solid colors. This gives you more freedom if you want to dress with a plaid shirt or tone on tone, for example. Patterned shirts should be welcomed for a striking change, but stick to more traditionalist figures and colors.

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For your accessories, such as a dark blue tie, you can choose knitted or textured versions to change a corporate look. For maximum versatility and timelessness, silk ties with classic patterns, thicker stripes and solid colors are recommended. Also keep in mind that if you want to try a shirt tie combination with a white shirt and adjust it accordingly, a traditional dark blue suit, for example, is the best choice.

Use white shirt for classic outfits

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For versatility, white is the preferred color as it goes with almost any other shade because its quintessence is clean, fresh and classic. Such shirts thus offer many possibilities to be integrated into the overall appearance. Regardless of whether you opt for a dark blue or black tie, white is the obvious choice for easy combinations. You can easily implement this without having to worry about it too much.

Black suit and white shirt

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This version of your outfit enables you to master a classic and timeless combination. While most colors work very well with black and white, monochromatic ties will be able to maintain a more refined approximation of these color combinations. Try different textured options for a more classic twist on black and white.

Wearing gray suit with white shirt and colorful tie

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Even if gray and white are neutral, you can add strokes of paint to warm up the color palette. Gray suits with white shirts can be warmed up with red tones for a completed look. So go for classic burgundy and rich ox blood to be able to add a touch of color to gray.

White shirt and dark blue suit

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White and navy blue have proven to be a seductive color combination for the modern and self-confident man, especially for business looks. Play with different patterns like peasant checks or tartan patterns, which have similar shades of blue for a nod to private school uniforms. Alternatively, use knitted ties in solid colors like cherry red or grass green to neatly and elegantly interpret a navy blue suit with a white shirt.

Blue shirt tie combination for a classy outfit

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Blue is one of the best colors that you can find when choosing shirts. Above all, this is a change from classic white that still looks conservative and formal. Blue is also great if you want to subtly highlight your complexion and clothing. With a light blue shirt or tie in pigeon blue, you can, for example, get dressed for a business lunch as well as for an everyday occasion.

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Light blue also tends to complement a range of skin tones and hair colors, making it an alluring shade for a solid color shirt. For powder blue work shirts, you can use a tie of the same color or a dark blue tie to create a consistent look. As an alternative, there are also dark-patterned, deep red or dark green variations.

Combination of blue shirts and gray suits

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For example, if you combine a powder blue shirt with a gray suit, you can put an accent in the color between the two by creating contrasts. Try silk for extra shine and patterned ties for texture. Alternatively, they can use pink and purple elements to add variation without straying too far from the main color.

Light brown suit and blue shirt

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The best way to pair a brown suit with a blue shirt is to stick to the classics. You are dealing with some opposite tones, so it’s best to keep things conservative. Deeper scarlet ties will do just that, and add even more variety when you wear a blue shirt with a brown suit. Also, think of patterned ties in classic colors that add a preppy touch to a well-tailored neutral suit when paired with a blue shirt.

Light blue shirt and dark blue suit

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The trick of putting on light blue shirts under a deeper blue color is to vary your look and add ties in different patterns. This allows your tie to be the center of attention and not just slip into the shirt. Stripes work well and are classic, but also think of a darker plaid that can tie your look together. For a fail-safe look that is hard to fault, go for crimson to stand out in the shades of blue.

Pink shirt outfit combinations

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Pink or salmon-colored variations of clothing can be a refreshing change to the monotony of the basic colors. This shade can also add a little more color to a traditional suit. However, you need to make sure that the pink shirts you choose are not predominantly pigmented. Because of this, you can opt for softer shades to compliment accompanying navy blue, gray, or light brown blazers. For a matching pink shirt tie combination, contrasting and similar colors should be used. A dark purple or purple black tie picks up the pink tones while a navy blue adds depth to this pastel shade.

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Pink shirts are the perfect complement to royal blue or navy suits, and the use of such shades suits this color combination. For a safe interpretation, go for a suitable navy blue tie, like crocheted versions that reference your suit but add a bit more variety to your look. Pale pink can work fine too, but first make sure it’s darker than your shirt. Alternatively, you can combine a striped tie or check with classic shades to test these variants.

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A deep purple or violet is suitable for pink shirts and also corresponds well with the neutrality of a dark suit. You can easily see these days that tailoring is using such colors more and more to create new outfits or to modernize looks that have already been invented. Also, try trying out the warm neutrals that a brown suit, for example, offers with pink shirts. The warmth of brown will also complement a softer pink so the color palette will match all of the components of your outfit.

Combination with a checked shirt

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When using plaid shirts, it is best to tie ties in bold colors and patterns to ensure that they contrast with your shirt. The trick is to be as meaningful as possible. You can also make a lively impression with subtly patterned shirts. Just make sure that your tie is darker than your shirt beforehand, so that you can distinguish between the two pieces.

Tie with a striped shirt and vice versa

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Striped shirts work well with simpler ties, but consider mixing these with ties like this to emphasize the pattern of your shirt. The key to perfection with this combination is that the stripes on these garments are not the same width. So a thick striped or patterned tie goes well with a thinly striped shirt. Even more subtle patterns such as smaller polka dots can be combined with it in a very aesthetic way.