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Print t-shirts: The coolest sayings for bachelor parties, club trips and company parties

T-shirts are printed with the coolest sayings

Whether for a bachelorette party, a club trip or a company party or team building: T-shirts are a cool gift that promotes team spirit, strengthens the sense of togetherness and makes it easy to recognize each other, especially in large groups. Many people therefore decide to have their T-shirts printed. A cool saying puts a smile on your face in no time and makes the gift much more personal. We will give you inspiring ideas for sayings for t-shirts and explain what to look out for when placing an order.

Printing on T-shirts: Sayings and motifs for club trips

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Club trips promote the cohesion of the members and are therefore a necessary part of the activity of every club. During an excursion or a trip, the members have the opportunity to get closer and learn to trust each other. Printed T-shirts also give them a sense of belonging. It is of course important that the sayings or the motifs are selected appropriately. We’ll give you some tips on what to look out for:

Printed T-shirts Sayings Club trips Together we are better

1. Especially in larger clubs with hundreds of members, it is often difficult to convey the feeling of togetherness. In these cases it makes more sense to print a combination between the club motto and the logo on the back of the t-shirts. However, so that the item of clothing does not appear too informative and promotional, a funny or motivating slogan can also be printed on the front.

T-shirts printed sayings club trips team spirit

2. A cool T-shirt is often worn not only during the trip, but also afterwards to numerous events. Therefore, the fabric and print must be of high quality. It is also worth ordering the t-shirts in light colors. Dark and bold colors may fade after several washes.

3. The club’s logo and name should be easily recognizable and legible. The rule of thumb here is: Better to print too big than too small.

When is it worth investing in t-shirts? For larger groups of 25 or more people. 25 members will certainly already know each other while working at the association.

Print T-shirts Sayings Club trips Together we are strong

Tip: Since club trips are usually planned at short notice, the organizers often look for suppliers with short delivery times. With experts like there is a large range of over 5200 models to choose from, which can be provided with a high-quality textile print. The textile printing company has more than ten years of experience in the field of screen printing and has already established itself as one of the fastest in Europe. Of the T-shirt print from convinces, among other things, with a long shelf life and strong colors. On request, you can also request a free sample or get advice over the phone.

Printing t-shirts: company party and team training

T-shirts with print sayings team building company party

Company celebrations offer the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues at an informal working lunch. In team training with group games, employees learn to better identify team goals, and when solving various tasks, team spirit is encouraged and collaboration is optimized. Here, printed T-shirts play an important role, especially for companies where a certain dress code is part of everyday working life. They strengthen the sense of community and at the same time loosen up the atmosphere. So everyone can start relaxed with the team training.

T-shirts print sayings team building ideas

The high quality of the T-shirts and the print is particularly important for company training. The employees can continue to wear the T-shirts, for example at trade fairs and exhibitions. On construction sites or in companies in particular, for most people they are practically part of their workwear. So it is all the more important that customers get a good first impression when they come to visit.

Print t-shirts: organize a bachelorette party

T-shirts with print sayings bachelorette party funny

For several years the bachelorette party has established itself as an inseparable part of the wedding celebration. If many guests are invited to the party, then the organizers face a major challenge. You have to organize games, book a club or restaurant and make sure that both the guests and the groom or bride have fun. With printed T-shirts, the guests will start the celebration in a good mood.

T-shirts with print sayings bachelorette party girls funny

T-shirts printed sayings bachelorette party men funny

T-shirts printed sayings club trip