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Luxury men’s watch: the ultimate guide to the most popular types of watches at a glance!

Just like the car or clothing, a luxury men’s watch has long ceased to be a simple accessory with which we can call up the time, but rather a status symbol. The watch trends for men are diverse and the range of different models and types is now so large that it is easy to lose track of things. Whether classic and elegant, vintage pocket watch or rather a smartwatch – the precious jewel should underline the individual style and character and would be a perfect idea for a beautiful and stylish gift for your partner. But which men’s watch should you buy? To help you make your choice, we will give you an overview of the most popular types of watch below!

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The luxury watch is an indispensable accessory for every self-respecting gentleman. It’s no secret that there are an incredible number of brands that offer high quality and stylish products that exude timeless sophistication and elegance. A good watch can be with us for many years or even our entire life, so it is important to take enough time to find the perfect model. In addition, the best luxury watches are also collector’s items that can double or triple their own value over many years.

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But anyone who deals with the subject of men’s watches for the first time enters a world full of names and unknown terms. Every day with more than 475,000 advertisements from over 400 watch brands Chrono24 The world’s leading marketplace for luxury watches of all kinds for almost 20 years. With this outstanding collection, we can say with certainty that you will find the watch of your dreams there. Chrono24 also offers the option of creating our own watch collection online and thus monitoring and managing the development of our treasures.

Luxury men’s watch: an elegant watch for all great connoisseurs

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An elegant luxury men’s watch is one of the few accessories with which the stylish men of today adorn themselves. High-quality models underline the individual style and are primarily geared towards your own lifestyle. A general distinction is made between so-called battery-powered quartz watches and mechanical watches. While quartz watches are characterized by precision and quality at an affordable price, mechanical men’s watches are the perfect choice for a luxurious and timeless gift. In addition to the mechanical pace, the exclusivity and reputation of the brand also play a role in the value of a luxury watch. While watches with a bracelet made of stainless steel are a classic, men’s watches with leather straps on the wrist appear inconspicuous and elegant at the same time. Vintage-style watches are also making a big comeback this year. However, there are no ornate hands and more emphasis is placed on clear contours and simple designs.

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Many of the luxury men’s watches contain other additional functions in addition to the time display, the function of the chronograph being the best known. This is a stopwatch that triggers the stop time with two presses and displays it on two or three small sub-dials. Another popular and very diverse function is the date function. This ranges from a simple date display to a perpetual calendar, which can always display the correct date without any manual control until the year 2200. Depending on the price range, some models can even display the month and the current year. Although the list of additional functions is quite large, new gimmicks and mechanical solutions are constantly being developed that can satisfy all tastes.

Pocket watches for men are trendy

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The longing for the good old and simpler times with all their traditions is omnipresent – many people want to get away from the stressful everyday life and return to the traditional values ​​of the past. Unforgettable retro styles of the last epochs are increasingly coming to the fore and watch trends are no exception. The pocket watch fascinates us with its classic, timeless design and arouses a feeling of nostalgia. The luxury pocket watches have something very special and are perfect for all silence.

Luxury men’s watch: Smartwatches for all sports enthusiasts

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One thing is certain – men love technology and all kinds of gadgets. And as our world is becoming more and more digital, it’s no surprise that smartwatches have been in the foreground for several years. Full of functions, the mini-computers for the wrist have established themselves en masse. If your partner likes to do sports, read his news or want to control the smart home system from his wrist, then a sporty luxury men’s watch would be the best possible choice for him! Thanks to the large selection of interchangeable wristbands, a smartwatch can also be wonderfully adapted to personal style.

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