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How to wear suspenders for men correctly – instructions for style-conscious men

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History shows that men’s suspenders were still used by Louis XIV. They had a different purpose then, and that was to hold guns. Later, the gentlemen found this accessory much more convenient than the belts themselves. Many men used the services of this gadget and considered it particularly stylish.

In fact, men’s suspenders are a specific accessory that not everyone knows how to wear. You can’t wear every type of clothing with it and look elegant or properly styled. There are a few specifics that, according to fashion stylists, are good to know before you even make a purchase. However, they can make your look extra attractive and interesting, which even the opposite sex can look at in a romantic way.

Suspenders for men can also be worn by women. Fashion-conscious women also benefit from this eccentric accessory by creating their own stylish vision. In this guide, however, we will focus on showing men how to properly wear men’s suspenders.

The right suspenders for men

suspenders for men menswear accessories style-conscious fashion trends hipster fashion casual

If you use suspenders for men, they should always be in absolute contrast to the shirt or other item of clothing. In the case of similar shades, the stylists advise choosing a different combination. You can achieve the desired effect with color combinations that emphasize each other. It is also important for you to achieve a casual and attractive look.

For this reason, consider men’s suspenders as a piece of your clothing that will determine your own style. A large part of the male population prefers the belt as a fashion accessory, but according to current fashion trends, suspenders for men are also very popular at the moment.

Define your style

suspenders for men menswear accessories style-conscious fashion trends wide suit wear suitable occasion

Such accessories are worn by those who are particularly dependent on their style. Suspenders for men make the right impression, but are by no means intrusive. In contrast to the belt, freedom of movement is an advantage of suspenders for men when it comes to functionality. For some, its comfort is much better than squeezing your pants off your belt.

suspenders for men menswear accessories style-conscious fashion trends wide pants wear various models

Of course, when it comes to style, the pros are more into the braces for men. Quality has its price, of course, but also think about whether you really want to be deterred by the opportunity to look good. In addition, wearing quality accessories is not only an expression of personal taste, but also of your own style and well-being.

How should you style braces for men?

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Gentlemen should be confident to have men’s braces work in their wardrobe. You may not know exactly how to wear these. Here we offer you a few examples that you can try out yourself.

Casual and cool look

suspenders for men men's fashion accessory style-conscious fashion trends hipster fashion casual punk

Braces for men can really add to your casual look. If you wear these over a casual shirt or a shirt, a combination with good-looking chinos, as in the example above, would be very suitable. The best thing to do is to roll up your sleeves and add other accessories. This can make for an amazing get-together. The suspenders for men are really a part of the outfit that immediately catches the eye.

Wall Street-style suspenders for men

suspenders for men menswear accessories style-conscious fashion trends the wolf of wall street business look

If you’re aiming for a corporate look, wide braces are definitely the right choice for you. You may have already seen the film “The Wolf of Wall Street” starring Leonardo Di Caprio. You can also get inspiration from this for your business look. If you wear them properly for men, you are more likely to succeed in your career.

Rebel indie and punk style

suspenders for men fashion trends rebels hipster punk style conscious white shirt

Suspenders are very popular in the punk scene and the style you create with them can be a great inspiration for a quirky outfit. With thin suspenders over a worn t-shirt paired with jeans and punk accessories, you can achieve a subversive look that expresses your personality. You don’t necessarily have to dress like a true punk, but you can take inspiration from it to adapt this style of clothing to your own.

However, since men’s fashion is always moving in the direction of appreciation and quality, we can only see braces for men today as an additional element in elegant men’s clothing. Therefore, in the next few lines we describe some guidelines for wearing suspenders that can make a significant contribution to the elegance of your clothing.

Suspenders for men with buttons

suspenders for men men's fashion accessory style-conscious fashion trends wide suit wear buttons

This is really a rule for elegant men’s fashion that you shouldn’t neglect. Industry experts claim that you should always button down men’s braces. We’ll count on it, but still leave the choice up to you.

Bad combinability with belt

suspenders for men men's fashion accessory do not wear with belt

Braces for men are one way to keep your pants up. A belt is supposed to serve the same purpose. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you avoid this combination. It’s the same as pairing a bow tie with a tie. You’d better opt for one of the two possible variants.

Are the belt loops OK??

suspenders for men mens fashion accessory belt loop wear

Here’s a topic that could spark a lively debate: do men’s button-fastened suspenders go together with a belt loop? Hardliners will tell you that this is not a good combination. You can probably come to terms with that. However, it is nice when you have different options. Especially when you are spending your money on a bespoke suit. You may sometimes want to belt the men’s suit on, but still wear the suspenders if dress code allows it. There is nothing wrong with wearing belt loop suspenders for men. However, it looks cleaner, more sophisticated, and more engaging when you omit the belt loop.

The right attitude

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In the past, men’s braces came in a variety of sizes and lengths. They are currently offered with adjusters. When choosing the right length, there is a balance point between too loose and too tight. The latter can lead to an uncomfortable tightening of the trousers between the buttocks. Our advice in this case would be to act by feel. You will surely know when you have adjusted the braces correctly.

Pay attention to the waist size

suspenders for men men's fashion accessory style-conscious fashion trends style wide suit wear subtly

Braces for men go best with pants with a little room at the waist. If the tailor fits the trousers tightly or perfectly to your waist, you generally do not need suspenders. Unless, of course, you want to add a trendy twist to your look.

Suspenders for men as a subtle accessory

suspenders for men men's fashion accessory style-conscious fashion trends wide suit wear white shirt black

In elegant men’s fashion, you don’t necessarily have to flaunt your pair of suspenders. Worn as a subtle addition, you will be able to emphasize the elegance and style of your outfit in a modest way.

The right evening wear

suspenders for men mens fashion accessory fashion trends wear white shirt evening wear - copy

When it comes to evening wear, suspenders are an indispensable item for men. To show off a classic taste, go for sleek looking suspenders suitable for the specific occasion.

Finally, we hope you find some ideas and advice from this post useful. The most important thing to consider is the right combination of clothes and accessories. This should not only correspond to your style, but also be tasteful and adapted to the occasion. Thus your self-confidence grows, which the people around you will definitely notice. However, if you simply add men’s suspenders to your usual style, you won’t look out of place either.