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Business casual for men – etiquette and examples of a successful outfit

business casual men’s white chinos blazer coat

There are some dress codes that are easy to understand, such as black tie. Unfortunately, business casual is not one of them. Finding the balance between business and casual is not that easy to make a positive impression. For many men, business casual means a polo shirt, beige chinos and boat shoes. While this outfit can be great for a Saturday on the golf course with the boss, it’s not ideal for the office. Business casual means something less formal than a suit and tie, but it shouldn’t look too casual. So what should you wear?

Business casual men outfit clothing examples

Choose formal shirts that you can pair with a suit, but feel free to add more patterns. Less formal collar types such as the button-down collar add a sporty note and guarantee a neat appearance even without a tie. You should avoid polo shirts, however.

The shirts can be worn with either an open collar or a less formal tie. If you go to work without a tie, you can leave the top two buttons open. Make sure your undershirt is not sticking out.

Business casual men's blue blazer plaid shirt pink

The pants make up most of the business casual look. This is where you can show your personality, so have the courage to use color. The fit is very important. Make sure the pants only cover your socks and are no longer. Suit pants made of cotton and wool are perfect. Avoid pleats to make your outfit look modern.

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casual business men jeans sweater blazer brown shoes

The main question is, are jeans business casual? The answer: yes and no. It is basically possible to integrate jeans into business fashion clothing. Of course, if your job allows it.

First the no-gos:

  • No distressed jeans
  • No jeans with whiskers and tears
  • No washes with harsh contrasts
  • No baggy style etc..

A business top should be combined with jeans. So the look of dark blue straight-leg jeans and a simple button-down shirt is fine for the office.

casual business men jacket beige pants

Of course, not every day is warm and sunny so some type of jacket is needed. Maintain your professional image with a well-tailored blazer. A couple of basic blazers in gray and navy blue are a good choice for the business-casual wardrobe. Avoid metal buttons or eye-catching patterns so that the part can be combined in many ways. Patch pockets and subtle patterns like herringbone or a light tweed fabric are a great way to reduce the formality.

casual business men shoes sneaker styling options

Shoes are one of the most important stylists for your business-casual outfit. Avoid both poles of the spectrum of formality: for example pointed shoes or chucks. Instead, choose suede brogues, chukka boots, or brown leather chelsea boots. Invest in quality shoes – it’s the best style investment you will make.

Business casual men suit sweater v-neck white shirt

Business casual men example beige chino pants anthracite blazer gray checked shirt

Business casual men light blue suit patterned shirt flowers brown shoes

Business casual men cardigan shirt khaki pants

Business casual men's jeans pattern shirt dark brown blazer

Business casual men denim shirt cardigan

Business casual men denim shirt black jeans brown shoes blazes

Business casual men’s patterned shirt khaki pants blazer

Business casual men suit t-shirt

Business casual men black jeans boots jacket white shirt

Business casual men's sand-colored trousers patterned shirt blazer double-breasted

Business casual men's blazer double-breasted plaid shirt

Business casual men sample striped t-shirt anthracite suit

Business casual men white sneaker black outfit David Beckham

Business casual men t-shirt v-neck blazer gray shoes

Business casual men shoes white sneakers Bradley Cooper

Business casual men gray suit patterned shirt brown shoes wool coat

Business casual men's jeans dark blazer plaid shirt coat

Business casual men's jeans dark sweater V-neck plaid shirt

Business casual men examples tie chinos blue shirt loafers

Business casual men jeans patterned shirt blazer

Business casual men examples wool jacket white shirt

Business casual men's chino pants brown mint green shirt

Business casual men light suit green plaid shirt brown shoes

Business casual men winemaker pullver layering look

Business casual men trousers Knigge Jeans Chino

Business casual men jeans dark blazer plaid shirt coat

Business casual men jeans plaid shirt vest blazer

Business casual men's tie cardigan white shirt brick red pants

Business casual men fashion plaid shirt blue chino pants

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Business casual men summer chinos white shirt loafers

Business casual men summer clothes look

Business casual men summer chocolate brown pants white shirt

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Business casual men's white pants blue blazer

Business casual men necktie chinos