Handicrafts with toddlers in autumn – beautiful pumpkin art made of pearls and potpourri

Crafts in autumn pumpkin art beads potpourri

Children from the age of 3 begin to be interested in arts and crafts. They also love to do handicrafts, especially with paper and glue. Promote your creativity through handicrafts that you can enjoy together. Autumn offers the perfect opportunity to try new things and let off steam creatively. Here we show you a great idea for handicrafts in autumn with toddlers.

Tinker with small children in autumn

orange dried flowers potpourri glued to cardboard with craft glue

This simple craft project is perfect for toddlers ages 4 and up. And while other children’s pictures end up in the trash, this beautiful pumpkin art has the potential to become one of your favorite pieces of fall decoration. The dried flowers give the whole thing a beautiful structure and exude a unique charm.

Required materials:

black construction paper

orange construction paper

colorful pearls

Dried flowers (potpourri autumn mix)

Buttons (optional)

white craft glue


transparent tape

paint brush

The dimensions of the work of art depend on the size of the craft materials. In this case, there are larger dried flowers and parts of plants in the potpourri mix, which are more effective on a large background. For example, if you are using buttons as a craft material, you can cut out a much smaller rectangle.

Freehand draw a pumpkin on the black construction paper

1. Draw a pumpkin with your free hand on the black construction paper. It is best to use a white pencil. Make a hole in the middle with the scissors and cut along the line.

If you are not so sure about your artistic skills, you can of course use a ready-made pumpkin template. Simply print it out, cut it out and use it as a template.

Place the pumpkin stencil on the orange construction paper and glue it in place

2. Place the finished template on the orange construction paper and glue it to the back.

Glue orange and black construction paper together with adhesive tape

3. Apply white craft glue with a brush.

4. Scatter and arrange the pearls on the glue.

Let the children sort the pearls by color too: green for the leaf on the stem, yellow and orange for the pumpkin.

Autumn handicrafts with 3 year old colored pearls on the pumpkin collage

5. Then apply glue again and distribute the dried flowers. Arrange the large pieces first and then fit the smaller ones in the gaps.

6. Let the glue dry completely.

Tinker pumpkin art with small children from pearls and potpourri

Autumn handicrafts with toddlers in autumn Potpourri dried flowers Autumn mix