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Water-bearing wood-burning stove – trend-setting and ecological heating

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When buying a stove, environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important in addition to the purely visual aspect. A more environmentally friendly and much cheaper alternative to the traditional fireplace is a water-bearing stove. The water-bearing device heats with fire and water at the same time. It serves as a central heating system and also as the only source of heating in well-insulated houses. A wide range of models and designs leave nothing to be desired – water-bearing stoves are offered with an optional integrated pump control and IQ-Airmatic, and they use either logs or wood pellets as fuel. Let yourself be won over by their first-class optics and quality.

Water-bearing stove – economical heating with renewable energies

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A water-bearing stove is becoming increasingly important as part of the modern heating system. Fire is staged in an incomparable way, while several rooms are well warmed. Modern water-bearing pellet stoves can also be switched on and off and controlled by timer, remote control or smartphone. Conventional fireplaces and tiled stoves can also be converted into a water-bearing fireplace with the right equipment.

Intelligent energy management with a water-bearing stove


A water-bearing stoves protects the environment and is economical, comfortable and romantic. It enhances every living room with a cozy atmosphere. Like a conventional fireplace, it heats the living room, but also provides enough heat for the whole house. The water-bearing device has a so-called water pocket or water register, which is invisible in the interior of the stove. The container is connected to a heating water circuit. If the fireplace is fired, the water in the container is heated and heat is transported through the water circuit into a heat storage tank. This is usually located in the installation room, which is also well heated. In addition, solar collectors can be installed to generate heat, so that warm shower water can be generated in summer.

Advantages of a water-bearing stove


The chimney equipped with water-bearing technology has the following advantages:

– It saves heating costs and an enormous amount of CO2 emissions. The pellets and wood from local forests cost an average of 5 cents / kWh, which is around 30% less than heating with heating oil.

– not only heats a room, but the whole house.


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