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Saving energy – environmentally friendly tips that reduce power consumption

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Prepare yourself for summer – we will give you 15 simple but very effective tips on how to do it on hot days save energy can. Perhaps this would surprise you, but the summer is the quickest time to reduce electricity consumption.

Saving energy – the important role of the outdoor area

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If you are in summer save energy We’ll guess a simple trick – spend as much time as possible in the garden. Grilling can not only be fun, it also significantly reduces the electricity bill. When you grill outside, the kitchen won’t heat up and you don’t need to cool the room down. Eat outside as well, save extra on lighting and air conditioning in the house. Plan your garden strategically – trees and shrubs can offer sun protection in the hot summer days. Use hand lawn mowers – this will save you money and do exercises for a good figure at the same time. Install a fly screen on the front door so that you can ventilate the house regularly.

Saving energy – useful tips for the home

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Mount a fan on the ceiling – so you will always bring fresh air in the bedroom and at the same time save energy.  Check and clean the air conditioning filters regularly. If you have a cat or a dog, it is good to brush them once every two weeks. Otherwise, once a month is usually sufficient. Sometimes it pays to invest in a new air conditioner – this can significantly reduce electricity costs. Pull the curtains out when you are away – that way you won’t need the air conditioning in the evening. Install garden lighting with motion detectors. Switch off electrical appliances in the evening and when you leave for summer vacation.

Environmentally friendly and cozy – ventilate the house instead of air conditioning

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The curtains protect the room from the hot rays of the sun

Reduce electricity consumption Curtains summer draw house cool

Mount a fan in the bedroom

Bedroom power saving tips ideas summer

Dry the laundry in the garden

Saving electricity Ideas Tricks Drying laundry outside

Kitchen in the garden saves energy

Eat-in kitchen garden design tips electricity consumption

Hand lawn mower saves electricity

save hand lawn mowers reduce summer energy consumption

Eating in the garden saves the cost of air conditioning

Eat electricity save environmentally friendly tips summer

Sun protection for the balcony also cools the living room

Balcony energy air conditioning save cool down

Fireplace in the garden saves costs for lighting in the evening

lowers electricity costs Make patio area environmentally friendly

Fly screens allow regular ventilation

Entrance door save electricity reduce energy consumption

Lighting with motion detectors

Lighting Movement Detector Saving Power Tips