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Hanging planters & tubs for interior design with green plants


Hanging planters and planters are the latest living trend. The vertical gardens of green plants hang and grow from the ceiling, adorning the walls of the rooms. There are designs for all tastes that allow unique arrangements. Enjoy our exclusive selection of planters, which are ideally suited for a modern living space design.

Make hanging planters yourself


This particularly attractive form of greening is enjoying increasing popularity. Hanging planters with green plants define the living spaces and serve as a partition. On the one hand you enrich the air with oxygen, on the other hand you bind the pollutants. Innovative and modern design solutions such as high-quality vertical plant walls offer a noticeable improvement in the climate and set visual highlights. Those who cannot afford this can make attractive flower pots themselves from inexpensive materials.

Hanging planters – design suggestions

hanging planters colorful-idea-vases-twigs-twigs

Indoor and green plants sprawl on walls and grow upside down from the ceiling. These special planters allow plants to grow from the ceiling and allow plants to be cultivated even in the smallest of rooms. Some designer pots are practically mounted on the ceiling and can be watered from above. According to the manufacturer, there is no need to worry about the water dripping out of the flower pot. All types of greenery contribute to a general sense of wellbeing.

Lush hanging plant


Macrame planter


Living wall decoration – an aesthetic pleasure

Wall-mounted vessels plants Shane-Powers green-wall

Pots hanging upside down

Hanging Planters - Michael McDowell's Indoor Garden Ideas

Vertical garden made of green plants

Design oval flower pots planters white design wall fence-attached

Enjoy hanging garden at home

Flower pot green plants white Air Plant Pod-Michael-McDowell

Hanging plant pots – inexpensive and very practical alternative

Arrangement 3 pots flower pots-porcelain hanging planters

Hanging vessels

design hanging planters ideas do it yourself irrigation system

Glass terrariums as planters

Hanging terrariums planting ideas glass ball indoor garden ideas

Design the room wall completely with living plants

Green wall living partition wall planter indoor garden vertical wood

Ideas for indoor flower pots

Plants Walnut Wall Planters-Indoor Garden Succulents

Eco-friendly ideas for home planting

Planters indoor garden design vertical green wall

Provide good daily plant care

Permission to tinker with green-plant-country-style rope hanging baskets

Attractive planters

Greening flower pot design glass ball-filled with plants

Make upside down flower pots yourself

vertical garden planters-flower pots colorful retro style Boskke

Hanging flower vessels from test tube

hanging houseplants planters test tube ideas design

Jam jars are being used again as planters

hanging planters Make your own flower jar Mason jar

Decoration ideas with planted sea urchins

Sea urchins as a planter wall decoration for tinkering indoor greening

Planted egg shells

Planting eggshells with colorfully painted egg ideas yourself

Combination of plants, water and light

Planter design Golly pots innovative greening

Sealed containers

Bonsai terrariums glass ball Design-modern Domsai Matteo-Cibic

Floor-shaped planters

Make your own hanging basket white ceramic leather design advantages

Minimalist wooden flower pots for the wall

Walnut wood vessels, planters attached to the wall. Make your own ideas

Modern decoration with plants

contemporary apartment-greening hanging glass planters terrariums

Succulents in hanging containers

Hanging traffic light planter indoor garden pot greening

Original idea made of metal

modern floating metal houseplants vertical Gabriella-Asztalos