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Economical through the winter – reduce heating costs

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The prices for energy continue to rise, so that many people are already wondering how they can save money and reduce heating costs in order to be able to finance another cold winter and the associated heating costs. There are some things that are easy to do to reduce the amount of gas you spend on heating.

Save heating costs and avoid mold from incorrect ventilation

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On the one hand, it makes sense to use a price comparison such as gas.preisvergleich.de/info/2/gaspreise to check his previous contract and see if there is a cheaper provider in the region. But you should still check your heating behavior so that you don’t waste energy unnecessarily.

Some people do not ventilate adequately in winter because they fear that too much warm air will escape and heating costs will rise. However, this is wrong; if you ventilate properly, the excess moisture from the interior will get outside, but the rooms will not cool down too much. To ensure this, you ventilate at least twice a day, but three to four times is better. So that the air can exchange properly, the windows in several rooms are opened wide so that a draft is created. The doors should also be open for this. Ventilating in this way for five to ten minutes is enough to achieve the desired effect.

If you do not ventilate adequately in the cold months, the moisture collects in the walls and forms mold. This can lead to health problems, especially in children and the elderly.

 Save heating costs – lower temperatures in the living room

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It is often too warm in the rooms. You don’t have to heat so much that you can sit in front of the TV in a T-shirt in winter. 20 degrees are enough for the body to feel good. Often there is no need to heat the bedroom at all; an average of 16 degrees is sufficient here to ensure a restful sleep.

If you go on vacation, you should regulate your gas heating down – this saves heating costs. During this phase it does not have to be 20 degrees in the whole house; In theory, a temperature is sufficient to prevent water pipes from bursting in the event of a sudden cold snap. If you do not want to return to cool living spaces after your holiday, ask your neighbor or a family member to turn the heating up one day before your return.

Good facade insulation saves money and energy

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Heating with gas is a money-saving option

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