Environmentally friendly

Cozy boat with grill for nice trips with friends

Boat grill shipping friends modern yacht around

We present you a fascinating design – Boat with grill. The boat offers the opportunity to enjoy a nice trip and prepare delicious meals yourself.

Boat with grill – enjoy your free time in the middle of nature

Summer trip planning boat grill food cup holder

That Boat with grill is equipped with everything you need for an excursion. The grill device is supplied with power by an additional built-in motor. Comfortable bench offers seating for 10 people. There is enough storage space under the seats for cooking utensils and food. A sun sail can be controlled electronically. That Boat with grill is equipped with an electric motor and can maneuver itself up to 4 km / hour. Four batteries provide up to 8 hours of work. The charging time is 10 hours. The hull was made of polyethylene.

Boat with grill – this is how you enjoy summer

Travel plastic body awning dining area 10people

That Boat with grill is a good alternative to hiking. It’s perfect for those hot summer days, and you can enjoy the nice weather with friends over dinner. Practical cup holders and space for the plates at the table make serving easier. We were simply fascinated by the idea!

Environmentally friendly – the boat with an electric motor offers up to 10 hours of travel

Family outing barbecue awning modern design electric motor

The hull was made of plastic

Plastic body practical cup holder design

Prepare delicious food

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Grill and round table with cup holder

Electric motor grill table seat design idea

Small boat with an original design

Small boat awning around excursion friends modern design