Environmentally friendly

Alternative energy sources – an innovation for the home


The energy supply of our houses with “green” energy from “clean” sources is becoming a real possibility. A long dream of mankind can soon become a reality. Thanks to innovative technologies, households can be supplied with “green” energy from new sources, namely using nature’s inexhaustible resources such as sun and wind.

Alternative energy sources – wind and solar energy for the home


Using renewable energy sources causes less environmental pollution compared to fossil fuels such as oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear fuels. Renewable energy is sustainable, if used properly, it can meet people’s needs today and in the future without causing significant damage to the environment and human health. Used correctly, it effectively reduces energy production costs.

 Alternative energy sources with innumerable functions


Also can alternative energy sources used for other purposes. The sun’s rays can be used to warm the house. Heating and ventilation are the most expensive systems in the house. Usually around 50% of household bills are paid to meet these needs. In addition, these systems are the main source of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and contribute significantly to global warming. They are also responsible for a large amount of the emissions into the atmosphere of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, which are the main components of acid rain. The use of solar energy for heating and cooling in our homes can result in our electricity costs being reduced dramatically. We also want to emphasize that by using solar energy, we make a significant contribution to environmental protection. The sun is the purest source of heat and light. Everyone uses solar energy to a certain extent, but if we pull the curtains on the window during the day and switch off the artificial light, that is already a good step forward. Modern technologies today can contribute to better use of solar energy in the house and also to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere there. Strangely, we use solar energy the least during the summer months, but that’s when the sun shines the most. This is especially true for the windows on the south side of our houses. They enable the penetration of solar energy into the room, even when the sun is low on the horizon, even in winter. Correctly installed roller blinds or sun sails will protect you from excessive heating of the rooms during hot summer days. Avoiding large amounts of solar energy in the warmer months is also possible through the use of suitable blinds or awnings over the windows, and also by planting shrubs and trees that provide shade and coolness in the summer. In order to take full advantage of the sun’s rays, it is necessary to make a suitable selection of windows. We can only recommend that you choose window shapes where heat loss is minimal. And another tip from us: let the maximum amount of daylight into your house, it can complement or even eliminate the need for artificial lighting and create a bright and inviting atmosphere in your home.

The best materials have a natural origin


But that is only a small part of the possibilities for using solar energy in our houses. In order to maximize the use of this energy, it is possible to arrange for its storage and subsequent use. We all know that it is colder at night than during the day, so one tries to accumulate and store the heat during the day. This is possible with suitable materials that are heated during the day and thus give off heat at night. Such materials are glass, stone, brick, water.

Make a cooling system yourself


In addition to heating, the natural resources can also be used for cooling. Natural wind currents provide free home cooling in the spring, fall, and summer. To do this, it is necessary to open the windows that are located in the direction of movement of the air, as well as those facing them. This creates wind currents and they ventilate the house in a very natural way.

Tips for housing on several levels


Do you know the laws of physics well? Then you can certainly apply your knowledge perfectly at home. Another option for the use of renewable energy sources is given for you here. As you know, the warm air rises up in a high room and is displaced by the new cool air on the floor of this room. In a two-story house, you can easily achieve this effect. It is only necessary to open the windows on the first floor and open a window on a higher level, for example, in the upper part of the stairs.

As in Asia – a multifunctional floor covering

natural stone marble covering cooling system

In principle, cooling flooring can be used to cool the house. Everyone knows that the cement floors, lying in the shade, stay pleasantly cool, even on hot summer days. Floors covered with tiles, cement or stone slabs can contribute significantly to the coolness of the house, even in summer. These floor coverings minimize the need for air conditioning in the warm season.

Hang the laundry outside


It has been shown in recent years that tumble dryers are unnecessary in the summer months and their use only adds to our electricity bills. Sun and wind can be very helpful in drying clothes naturally and we see many positive aspects in this as energy saving, no use of bleach and disinfectants for clean clothes, so this eliminates the need for the use of strong detergents.

Alternative energy sources – a roof collector for hot water


Another way to use solar energy is with hot water. It easily absorbs the sun’s heat. A passive system for heating water with the use of a collector for heating is usually placed on the roof of the house. Then the heated water is transported by convection, so it reaches the water pipe in the house. Such a system can cover up to 50% or more of the domestic hot water requirements.

Sun and excitement


In addition to all of the above-mentioned applications, solar radiation is used to generate electricity. This is made possible by the photovoltaic systems. These systems convert sunlight into electricity. alternative energy sources of this type are particularly important in places where there is no power grid.

Wind energy


The power of the wind and its potential energy are also huge. We can see this in hurricanes, tornadoes and storms, you see uprooted trees, even large buildings are destroyed in the process. The great power of the wind can be used in wind turbines, particularly suitable for locations in windy mountain and lowland regions.

The power of water


The hydro energy or energy of water has been used to power mills since ancient times. This is currently one of the cheapest ways to produce energy. The use of hydropower does not pollute the air, but the construction of reservoirs can disturb the water balance and reduce the water quality.

One tries everywhere in everyday life alternative energy sources to use and is reaching for new sources of energy more and more often at work and play. For example, most new children’s toys require battery power. In recent years racing cars and boats for children that are solar-powered or manually powered have been produced. It is also possible to use reusable batteries, rechargeable batteries via solar charger. As is well known, there are manual lawnmowers, rakes, lanterns and lamps that are also solar powered, the outdoor solar showers are also an excellent way to modernize energy saving.

As you can see, renewable energies are inexhaustible and their potential is enormous. The efforts of mankind to use this energy are great and are always crowned with great success. This opens up new horizons for the development of modern technologies that protect our environment and human health.