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25 tips for environmentally friendly and healthy living

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We offer you 25 tips on how to make your household environmentally friendly for one living healthy can arrange. You don’t have to invest heavily in expensive products to be green.

Sustainable furniture design and renovations for a healthy life

Living room face planter wood stool healthy living

Who is a living healthy wishes, the transformation should begin from one’s own home. Plan for the long term – high quality furniture made from non-harmful materials, recycled wood and environmentally friendly adhesives will save you a lot of costs in the long term. Save money on electricity bills – and turn off the air conditioning. In winter you can heat up the room with a fireplace, in hot summer days – cool it down with bamboo sun protection. New insulation for the house can save you energy consumption. When renovating, always choose environmentally friendly products. The bathroom can be freshened up with chrome-plated sinks and sinks. In the kitchen you can restore old mantles and pillars and use them again. Use environmentally friendly products to clean – vinegar and water will clean the tiles and windows shiny. In the kitchen, instead of paper towels, you can use cloth towels.

Environmentally friendly tips for the garden – healthy living and eating

Planter Concrete Design Small Garden Tips Summer Flowers

Make use of fabric grocery bags and eat organic produce for one living healthy. You can plant herbs or vegetables on the balcony or in the garden. Change the lighting in the garden – LED lights reduce power consumption by up to 75%. Recycle and compost the garden waste. Trees play an important role in nature – if you have the opportunity, plant one in your yard. Plant the garden with plants and flowers from the area. Use fertilizers sparingly. It is a good idea to have planters in the house. Plants clean the air and can easily be placed in the garden / on the balcony in summer. Collect the rainwater and water the plants with it. For inspiration, we offer you some photos of how you can make your house and garden environmentally friendly!

Kitchen with area for vegetable garden

eco-friendly kitchen vegetable garden led lighting

Windows with good insulation save energy

House environmentally friendly ideas save energy

Bioethanol fireplace for the cold days

Living eco-friendly bio ethanol fireplace living room beige sofa set

Lawn instead of carpet in the living room

Garden home grass floor carpet idea

Good facade insulation

Insulation new windows Save electricity consumption

Sun protection with blinds

Sun protection privacy protection ideas modern sustainable furniture gray blue

Environmentally friendly rattan furniture made from recycled materials

Rattan chairs furniture design led lights

Furniture made from recycled wood

Living room dining room heat recycled wood ceiling fireplace

Sunny living room

Living room white upholstered furniture design ideas furnishing neutral

Wooden ceiling for better insulation

Bench kitchen wood pallets furniture eco-friendly rustic decor

Bamboo blinds

Sun protection blind kitchen privacy screen design

Indoor plants purify the air

Indoor plants ladder flower pots decoration ideas

Bathroom with recycled materials

recycled materials inexpensive design environmentally friendlyLow pressure shower

Bathroom low shower less water pressure

Kitchen renovation

renovate old pillars again use white color furniture

Vegetable garden for healthy eating

Design garden garden utensils storage space

Indoor plants on the balcony for the summer

Balcony pebble decoration ideas house plants summer

Planter for the allotment garden

Planters metal environmentally friendly living indoor plants garden

Grocery bag made of fabric

Fabric environmentally friendly products reusable ideas