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What to paint blown eggs with? Tips and great ideas for beautiful Easter eggs

Can’t imagine the Easter decorations without Easter eggs? We neither! That is why we have collected a few ideas in this article on how you can paint blown eggs and use them to conjure up a beautiful decoration. You can find which colors are best for this, as well as many useful tips, from us!

Paint blown Easter eggs brightly

In contrast to hard-boiled eggs, the brightly painted eggshells do not spoil and can be used wonderfully for arrangements or other decorations. You can use it to decorate the Easter egg tree, for example, or make beautiful garlands and hanging decorations. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas and make an interesting Easter decoration yourself or with the children!

Tips and tricks: paint blown eggs

brightly painted blown Easter eggs in the basket

Blowing out eggs and decorating is a great activity for the whole family in the weeks leading up to Easter. However, there are a few things that you should be aware of. The first thing to do is to wash your eggs thoroughly before blowing them out. To avoid possible infection with Salmonella, we recommend the use of aids such as a drinking straw, a disposable syringe or a blow fix. The latter is a tool specifically designed for blowing eggs and can be found in any craft store in the weeks leading up to Easter. If your eggs are not at home, don’t forget to remove the label either. You can use vinegar or a cleaning agent for this, for example.

Blow out eggs for handicraft projects at Easter

Before you paint the eggs, you should also clean them from the inside to prevent an unpleasant smell later. Put the blown eggs in a bowl with water and possibly a little washing-up liquid and let them fill up. Cover the openings, gently shake the eggs and let the water drain out. If necessary, repeat this process again. Let the eggs dry briefly and then they are ready to be dyed or painted.

Tip: this is how to hold the eggs correctly while painting

Paint chicks from blown Easter eggs with what color

One of the trickiest things about painting eggs is how to hold them in place while painting and how to let them dry without ruining the design. If you want to paint the blown eggs all over or create an intricate pattern, you may want to use an egg cup to avoid smudging the paint with your fingers. Egg cups also help if you don’t have a steady hand. Here are a few ideas of what else you can use.

  • Since blown eggs have holes anyway, you can use them to stick a wooden skewer through and paint the egg over a cardboard box, for example. You can cut a few grooves in the edge of the cardboard in advance to be able to attach the skewers to it.

Tips and tricks for painting blown eggs with cotton swab holder

  • If you don’t have wooden skewers, you can also use a cotton swab.
  • Instead of egg cups, you can also use small cups or glasses, such as espresso cups. If you don’t want to stain your cups, simply cut a loo roll into smaller rings and use these to hold the eggs in place.

Tips painted blown eggs what color

  • Another creative idea would be to make an egg holder out of wire. This way the eggs can be painted and dried without touching them. To do this, just cut and bend the wire to make a stand that you can stick into the eggshell’s bottom hole. It’s designed to hold the egg while you paint it and while it dries.

Use what to paint blown eggs?

how to paint blown eggs with acrylic paints

Would you like to paint blown eggs for this year’s Easter decoration, but you don’t know what color? We have put together the possible variants for you. In contrast to the classic Easter eggs, which not only serve as decoration, but are also eaten, the colors for painting blown eggs do not necessarily have to be edible. You can use almost any color in principle, but there are some variants that are simply more suitable than others. Here are the best of them:

  • Felt-tip pens
  • Acrylics
  • Watercolors
  • Finger paints
  • Natural colors
  • nail polish

Draw any pattern and motif with pencils

Decorate the blown egg with a black pen

Felt pens are very suitable for painting and decorating eggshells. You can even conjure up filigree motifs if you have a steady hand and some drawing skills. The children can also let off steam with it and create original patterns. Advanced users can design motifs such as funny faces, Easter bunnies, spring flowers or favorite desserts on the eggs. But you have to be very careful not to press the pen too hard on the blown egg, otherwise it can break quickly.

Are acrylic paints suitable for blown Easter eggs?

Make blue gold Easter eggs yourself

Naturally! Acrylic paints are widely used in numerous craft projects and painting the blown eggs at Easter is no exception. Since these eggs are not eaten, acrylic paints can be used. Whether you marble the Easter eggs, decorate them with pretty patterns or paint them in one color – there are no limits to your creativity with acrylic paints.

Paint the blown eggs with watercolors

paint blown eggs with watercolors

Watercolor paints are a great idea for painting Easter eggs. They are suitable for both children and adults, and they create beautiful pastel motifs on the eggs. Since the water colors are usually not that strong, they are particularly effective on white eggs. You can either use classic colors in the box and make them liquid with a little water, or you can use liquid water colors in tubes. The latter are usually stronger and are also suitable for brown eggs.

How to paint blown eggs with small children?

Paint blown eggs with children's finger paints

If you would like to make the eggs for the Easter decorations with the children, then you should use child-friendly colors for painting. This will ensure that the child does not accidentally ingest a poisonous paint. Finger paints are perfect for all children who love to paint and draw. You can apply this with your fingers or with a tool such as a brush, cotton swab, kitchen towel or cotton ball. The more original the method, the longer the young child will be interested in it.

Color the eggs for the Easter decoration with natural colors

color blown eggs with natural colors

Coloring Easter eggs naturally has become very popular in recent years. Natural colors may not always be cheap, but they are good for nature and are also harmless to health. This can also be used to color the blown eggs. Simply put the eggs in bowls with colored water (brew) and let them steep for about 30 minutes or until the color has been absorbed well.

Paint blown Easter eggs with nail polish

Coloring marbled Easter eggs with nail polish

Would you like to try an original technique of painting the Easter eggs? Then nail polish is the perfect option! This allows the blown eggs to be marbled and the resulting effect is simply WOW.

What you need are some nail polishes of any color, blown eggs, wooden skewers or toothpicks, and a plastic bowl of water at room temperature (if the water is too cold or too warm, the method won’t work).

paint with what blown eggs idea with nail polish

Gently pour or drip nail polish into the water. Be sure to add the colors one at a time so they form a layered pattern. The nail polishes should stay on the surface of the water. Use a toothpick to swirl the colors for a marbled design. You should do this as soon as possible, as the nail polish quickly becomes sticky and stiff. Place the egg on a wooden stick (or take it between two fingers) and dip it in the water, allowing the nail polish to stick to one side before pulling it out. The lacquer separates from the water and sticks to the surface of the bowl. This method will only cover half of the egg, but once it has dried you can dip the other side as well.

This is how you can make blown eggs firmer

Smear blown eggs with napkin glue

Just like raw eggs, the blown eggs are very fragile. The reason is that egg shells are very porous and become more and more fragile as they dry out. Fortunately, there is a simple trick to make the blown eggs more durable. We now explain how to do it.

All you need to seal the eggshells is decoupage glue, water, and a drinking straw. First, create a sealant using equal parts of glue and water. Take some of it up with the straw and drip the liquid into the blown, cleaned and dried egg. Then place your fingers over both holes in the egg and shake it as you would when cleaning it. Let the excess liquid fall out while the egg dries. For additional sealing, coat the outside of the egg with the water-glue mixture. It is better to do the last step after painting, so that the colors can adhere well to the eggshell. Now you can admire your painted eggs for a long time if stored correctly.

Ideas for painting blown eggs

blown eggs paint what color

In the picture gallery you will find a few great ideas on how to paint the blown eggs nicely. We hope you enjoy browsing and decorating the Easter eggs!

You can marble blown eggs with both nail polish and acrylic paint

Blow out Easter eggs and marble

Small pictures can be drawn on the eggs with felt-tip pens

Paint blown eggs with children for the Easter tree

You can also melt crayons and paint the eggs with wax

Paint blown eggs with wax and a dotting tool

With watercolors you can create great pictures on white eggs

Decorate blown Easter eggs with pansies made of watercolors

Paint the terrazzo pattern with acrylic paints and a brush

Decorate blown Easter eggs with a terrazzo pattern

Paint blown eggs with children – animal motifs such as chicks and rabbits are always a great idea

simple idea for painting blown Easter eggs

Four pretty ideas for painting the blown eggs

great ideas for painting white blown eggs

Ideas with blown eggs for kindergarten

Paint blown eggs in kindergarten Ideas for chick bunny flowers