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Use old objects as original vases for the Easter bouquet


If you enjoy handicrafts and are looking for interesting ideas for your Easter decorations, check out these ideas for original vases for the Easter bouquet at. Vases made from old teacups and belts are only part of it. You will need: An empty, clean mason jar, hot, transparent glue, and an old belt.

Original vases for the Easter bouquet made from old belts


Wrap the old belt around the glass jar and fix it in place


Clean the glass well. Glue the end of the belt without the buckle to the bottom of the jar with hot glue. Wrap and glue the belt around the glass in a spiral. Make sure that you glue the belt tightly and that there are no empty spaces between the rows. When you get to the top, glue the other end in place as well.

Original vases for the Easter bouquet made from old pots


You need an old metal jug, bright colors, stencils and a little imagination. Paint the jug in a pastel color and let it dry well. Then you can draw different figures around shapes with a different pastel color on them (use stencils if necessary). Let the jug dry for 24 hours. Now fill them with colorful spring flowers.

Use a large light bulb as an original vase for small flowers


Food cans and twine for original vases for the Easter bouquet

vases food cans creative idea decorate flowers linen fabric

For this you need an empty, clean can, string and superglue. Wrap the string around the can exactly as explained for the belt vase. Again, make sure you don’t leave any vacancies. Glue the beginning and the end of the thread.

Original vases for the Easter bouquet from tea cups

Vases for the Easter bouquet, original cup, flower arrangement, pastel pink

This vase is well suited for Easter bouquets with shorter stems. Cover the upper edge of the cup with a net of thin paper tape as follows: three vertical strips with a gap between them and three horizontal strips. This creates a pattern like the well-known game of “three wins”. Now arrange the flowers in the holes. In this way, they cannot slide back and forth, but stand firmly in the place provided.

Vases ideas Easter bouquet tea cups roses instructions

Vases for the Easter bouquet tea cups can be original

Vases ideas Easter bouquet old belts creatively use peonies

original vases craft ideas Easter bouquet orange old belt

Vases ideas Easter bouquet daffodils blue country pot

Vases for the Easter bouquet teapot shabby chic style hydrangeas peonies