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Tinker with paper strips for Easter: 6 simple ideas with instructions

for Easter tinker ideas with strips of paper with instructions

The most popular festival in spring is getting closer and you are looking for ideas for Easter handicrafts? If it should be really easy this time, since children or beginners are involved, then paper is a good material for handicrafts. It is easy to use and beautiful creations emerge from it. If the paper is cut into strips, you can even create three-dimensional figures. But what can you actually do with paper strips at Easter? In the article you will find ideas with instructions for the classics: Whether Easter eggs, chicks, Easter bunnies, carrots or sheep, we have a large selection of ideas.

Make colorful eggs for Easter with strips of paper

easter handicrafts with children simple easter eggs strips of paper

The most famous symbol of Easter around the world are the colorful Easter eggs. With paper strips you can make eggs of any size and decorate them nicely. For this you need a template in the right shape, as well as lots of colorful strips of craft paper and glue. The decorated Easter eggs can then be cut out with scissors and hung on the wall as a decoration, for example.

Easter tinker colorful strips of paper as handicraft material

This craft project is perfect and fun for kids of all ages. As a first step, cut the craft paper into lots of colorful strips of similar width. Sample paper would work just as well here for creating original Easter eggs.

tinker with toddlers for easter with strips of paper easter egg

Then draw an egg shape on a (large) sheet of paper. Use a dark felt-tip pen that marks the outlines of both sides of the sheet of paper. Then it comes to decorating. To do this, stick the colored paper strips horizontally on the sheet until the template is completely covered.

tinker eggs easter cut out strips of paper in the shape of an egg

When the Easter egg has already been decorated, all that remains is to cut it out. If children are doing this job, provide children’s scissors and never leave the little ones unattended.

Easy to make colorful easter eggs with strips of paper

The cut-out Easter eggs are perfect as wall or window decorations for Easter and create a festive atmosphere in the house.

Tinker chicks for Easter

Chick making easter strips of paper instructions

We also associate chicks with Easter and spring, which is why we chose this handicraft project. If you want to make cute chicks out of strips of paper for Easter, then you need the following:

yellow craft paper

orange craft paper

a scissors or paper cutter

Glue stick

self-adhesive eyes in the right size


1. Cut the yellow craft paper into strips of the same width (approx. 1 cm). 4 strips of paper are required for each chick.

2. Fold the strips lightly in the middle without kinking. That way, you’ll find the center easier in the next step.

3. Put some glue in the middle of a strip.

4. Then stick a second strip of paper on it so that a cross is formed. Press lightly with your finger to stick the paper in place.

Easter chick tinker with strips of paper instruction steps

5. Glue two more yellow paper strips in the middle. The resulting shape should look like a snowflake.

6. Now the chick is tinkered like a ball. To do this, first glue the two ends of the bottom strip of paper together.

7. Repeat the previous step with all the strips to create a yellow ball.

8. Cut two simple wings out of the yellow paper. You choose the exact shape yourself.

Easter tinker with strips of paper ideas chicks

9. Glue the wings to the ball and fold them a little so that they are clearly visible from the front.

10. Cut a small diamond out of the orange paper and fold it in the middle. That’s the beak. Glue it to the front of the chick.

11. Finally, get your chick craft project ready for Easter when you attach the self-adhesive eyes over the beak.

Easter bunnies tinker with strips of paper

Easter tinker strips of paper bunny instructions steps

Well, if you already know how to make balls from strips of paper, you can use them to make cute bunnies for Easter. Two balls made of paper strips are required for each Easter bunny – one large and one smaller, as well as some craft paper to design the ears. To create the smaller ball, you should shorten the paper strips used for this a little. But they have to be of the same size. How to make cute Easter bunnies:

1. Cut the craft paper into strips and make two balls of different sizes.

2. Glue the two balls together, placing the larger one under the smaller one.

Easter bunny tinker paper strips instructions tips

3. Cut out the rabbit ears from construction paper, fold them a little at the bottom and glue the fold on the rabbit’s head.

4. Cut out a muzzle and teeth from paper and shape the face. Finally glue or paint googly eyes and you’re done.

Make a carrot garland as a decoration for Easter

Easter tinker strips of paper orange carrots instructions

Would you like to decorate your mantelpiece or an empty wall with a pretty garland for Easter? Then create a garland of carrots out of strips of paper and the Easter bunny is sure to come.

Materials and tools:

orange craft paper in A3 format

green craft paper in A3 format

Scissors or stencil knife and cutting mat


a ribbon of fabric

Easter crafts with strips of paper garland carrots diy

That’s how it’s done:

1. Cut the construction paper along the shorter side into strips 2.5 cm wide. Fold all of the orange strips of paper in half. Cut each green paper strip into three different lengths: small, medium and large. Then also fold the green stripes in the middle.

2. Now take the three green folded paper strips in your hand so that the largest one is in the middle and the folds are facing up. Place the “bundle” of green strips in the fold of an orange strip of paper and staple everything under the fold.

3. To finish the carrot, bring the two ends of the orange strip down and baste them together.

4. Make as many carrots as you want and finally bring the ribbon through the “leaves” to make the garland.

Make Easter baskets with strips of paper

tinker easter baskets with paper strips instructions

You can also make an Easter basket for the colorful Easter eggs with strips of paper. But note that you can only store plastic or styrofoam eggs in a paper basket. All you need for this project is paper strips and glue. You can of course also freely choose the color.


1. Cut out several strips of paper of the same size. Pick up 8 of these and fold them slightly in half without kinking to make the center easier to locate. Then glue the strips together to create a snowflake shape. This is the base of the cup.

2. Now, take another strip and cut it in the middle. Glue the small piece together with another strip of paper to create a longer strip.

easter tinker strips of paper easter baskets for easter eggs

3. Glue the two ends of the long piece of paper together to make a circle. Now glue each strip from the base (the snowflake shape) to the circle to make the basket.

4. Finally, make a handle from another strip of paper and you’re done.

Make a cute sheep for Easter

for easter handicrafts with strips of paper sheep instructions

Again with several strips of paper you can also make a cute sheep for Easter. To do this, you will need plain white paper, glue, and a small piece of black paper for the head and ears.

1. First cut the white paper into thin strips. Then cut out or cut a circle out of the black one, glue two small pieces as ears and attach self-adhesive eyes.

2. Create several loops from the white paper strips by gluing the two ends of each strip together.

sheep tinker for easter with paper strips instructions

3. Start sticking the loops on the back of the head by always pressing lightly with your finger. Add as many loops as needed to make a fluffy sheep.

4. If you wish, you can glue a drinking straw to the back of the sheep as a handle.