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Tinker window pictures for Easter with children – 35 great ideas and templates

If you would like to decorate your apartment nicely for Easter and create a festive atmosphere, you will find a variety of ideas for window decoration here. With the kids, you can be colorful Window pictures for Easter tinker and use it to decorate the windows in every room. Different materials can be used and cute Easter handicrafts can be conjured up from them. In the article you will find many nice ideas with instructions, as well as some nice templates to print out.

Window pictures for Easter spring-tinker-decoration-children

Do-it-yourself window pictures for Easter

Do-it-yourself-kids-tissue-paper-window-pictures for Easter

In decoration shops you can find a wide variety of window pictures with different motifs for every occasion. However, if you would like to have a creative and unique window decoration, then you can make some beautiful window pictures with the children. They look much more original and create an atmospheric atmosphere in the apartment.

Making Easter bunnies out of paper – 17 easy ideas for children

Making Easter bunnies with children – 6 ideas with instructions

Print out handicraft templates for Easter for free and make beautiful Easter decorations yourself

Modern window pictures for Easter

Window pictures for Easter elegant-window-picture-diy-easter bunny

To make creative window pictures for Easter, you need suitable templates from the most popular Easter motifs. The Easter bunny, colorful Easter eggs and playful spring motifs are the absolute classics and ensure the right mood for Easter. With a suitable color selection and minimalist motifs, you can even make elegant window pictures for Easter yourself that go well with a modern interior.

Easter tinker window pictures with children

Tinker window pictures for Easter-kids-ideas-3d-paint

Handicrafts with children are always fun and the result is pretty handicrafts that are perfect as a playful decoration for the children’s room. You can either do handicrafts or paint window pictures for Easter with the little ones, using different techniques. First of all, we will show you how to imitate colorful window pictures with 3D color.

Make window pictures for Easter with window paint

Window pictures for Easter coloring pages-3d-glass paint-foil

First of all, you should find templates with the desired motifs and print them out. The template is then placed in a freezer bag so that the motifs are clearly visible. Now the children should paint along the lines with the 3D window paint and color in the templates in bright colors. After the pictures are dry, they can be peeled off the pouch and attached to the window.

Window pictures for Easter for the balcony door


Instead of just tinkering small elements for Easter, you can make large window pictures for the whole window or even for the balcony door yourself. Spring motifs such as sun, butterflies and green lawns next to the colorful Easter eggs are perfect.

Materials for colorful Easter eggs window pictures


For this DIY project for window pictures for Easter you will need the following materials:

  • Tissue paper in any color
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • Laundry starch as a spray.

Cut out egg templates


The first thing you should do is prepare the tissue paper. First cut several eggs out of light-colored tissue paper. You can use a simple egg template for this. Then cut the colored paper into strips or another pattern of your choice.

Decorate Easter eggs with strips of paper

window-pictures-easter-tinker-instructions-easter-egg-tissue paper

Now you can start decorating the Easter eggs. You can make simple patterns such as stripes and dots, or conjure up creative designs with the children. The colorful tissue paper is simply glued to the egg template with a glue stick and then the excess paper is cut out so that the egg shape is retained.

Attach finished pictures to the window


When you have finished making the window pictures for Easter, you should now glue them to the window. You can do this with spray starch. First clean the windows with a soft cloth and a suitable cleaning agent. Then hold the window picture on the window with one hand and spray over it with the other. Now very carefully press the picture from the center towards the edges against the window. The excess starch should be pushed over the edges and then carefully wiped off with a dry cloth.

Leave window pictures for Easter on the window


Instead of sticking the window pictures on the window, you can make hangers for them and let them hang on the window. You can use thread, satin ribbon or a simple string to make the hangers.

Double-sided window pictures for Easter


The Easter window pictures with tissue paper are one-sided and the design is only visible from the inside of the window. However, if you want to make double-sided window pictures for Easter, then you can make some with transparent self-adhesive film and tissue paper. These window pictures let the light through when the sun is shining and create beautiful effects in the room.

Make transparent window pictures with children


First, cut out a piece of self-adhesive film that is a bit larger than your original picture. For this DIY project, the template should be cut out like a frame. Then remove the backing paper from the film and place the template on the sticky side. Now the children can decorate the picture with tissue paper in different colors and shapes by placing small pieces on the foil.

Transparent window pictures in different shapes


When the design is ready, it is sealed with a second piece of self-adhesive film. The excess foil is cut out along the edges of the template and the finished window picture is either attached to the window or used as a hanging decoration. With various templates, these transparent window pictures for Easter can be designed as eggs, rabbits, chicks, butterflies and many others.

Window pictures for Easter for coloring


Another option for making beautiful window pictures yourself is to color in. For this, in turn, transparent self-adhesive film and any acrylic paints are required. First choose a suitable template that you would like to design as a window picture for Easter.

Paint cute window pictures for Easter


There are no limits to the choice of template. You can print out minimalist templates and simply color them in as silhouettes. Another option is to print out playful coloring pages and decorate them creatively and colorfully.

Tinker Easter window pictures with templates


If you have found nice templates, then draw them with a black marker on the paper side of the adhesive film. The contours of the template should now appear on the shiny side of the film. Now the children can color and decorate the window pictures for Easter directly on the adhesive film.

Window pictures for Easter – colorful Easter eggs as window decorations


The painted pictures can then easily be stuck to the window. All you have to do is remove the backing paper and attach the adhesive film to the desired location. If you make several Easter eggs as window pictures for Easter, you can even conjure up a whole Easter egg basket on the window.

Conjure up simple window pictures with children


You can either use suitable crayons or paint to color the window pictures made of adhesive film. This method works very well with acrylic paints that are applied to the film with a suitable brush.

Window pictures for Easter and spring


Since Easter is a festival in spring, you can also use pretty spring motifs for the window decorations. Popular spring flowers, such as tulips, can easily be drawn without a template and are the perfect spring decoration idea for the windows.

Handicrafts for Easter with foam rubber

window-pictures-easter-rabbits-carrots-sponge rubber

Foam rubber is a popular material for handicrafts with children. This allows you to create various colorful decorations and pictures that are also suitable for window decorations. With foam rubber you can make cute Easter bunnies with carrots and conjure up creative window pictures for Easter.

Do handicrafts with toddlers at Easter

window-pictures-easter-decorate-foam-rubber-decoration-cut out

Crafting with foam rubber is also suitable for toddlers, because the material is soft and can also be glued with water. You can make colorful foam rubber in different shapes and use it to decorate Easter eggs or butterflies with the little ones.

Make Easter eggs as window pictures out of foam rubber


First cut out a large egg from foam rubber in a light color. Some foam rubbers can simply be stuck to the window with water and then decorated again with the molds. Alternatively, you can also use double-sided tape or another suitable adhesive.

Pretty craft ideas for window pictures for Easter


If you make different window pictures for Easter and put them together on the window, you can create a whole Easter picture. Make colorful Easter egg baskets and cute Easter bunnies in combination with spring flowers, fluffy sheep and yellow chicks. There are no limits for your creativity.

Easter bunny tinker window picture with children


The Easter bunny with a colorful Easter egg is a nice idea for the themed window picture. To do this, you need suitable templates for the hare’s head and hare’s paws. For the Easter egg you can use a coffee filter and decorate it with the children. The coffee filter is transparent like the tissue paper and lets the daylight shine through. If it is still painted with bright colors, then beautiful effects are created in the room. The pretty window picture for Easter can be attached to the window with a washable adhesive.

Window pictures for Easter with glass effect


Hanging window pictures are a good alternative to those that are glued to the window because they do not leave any marks on the window. After the holiday, the hanging decoration can be easily removed and you don’t have to clean the window.

Tinker hanging window pictures for Easter with children


A hanging window picture for Easter can be easily tinkered with the self-adhesive film. As a decoration for the picture you can use not only tissue paper, but also any other elements. After the picture is decorated, a second layer of adhesive tape is stuck on to seal the design. A hole for the hanger can then easily be punched with the hole punch.

Make a garland with Easter bunnies as a window decoration


Another window decoration idea that is not glued but hung is garlands. With a nice template, several window pictures for Easter can be tinkered and threaded onto a piece of thread, so that a beautiful garland is created.

Window pictures for Easter – templates for printing


Below are some templates that are perfect for your window paintings. Save the selected picture on your PC and press it to the desired size. If you wish, you can also use these templates as templates for making other Easter decorations. Have fun with Easter handicrafts!

Easter eggs coloring page for window pictures


Painting window pictures for Easter – template for printing


Easter egg basket as a window picture template for Easter


Bunny template for window pictures


Handicraft templates for double-sided window pictures for Easter

window-pictures-easter-templates-print-easter bunny-window picture

Easter egg and chick craft templates


classic Easter motifs


Easter bunny – larger format