Easter & Spring

Tinker lanterns – table decorations for Easter with summer flair

Lanterns-tinker-table decorations-Easter-paper-ideas

Would you like to surprise your guests with a beautiful Easter decoration? We’ll show you different ways how you can Tinker lanterns can. Whether in combination with scented candles, with tealights or even with LED candles – these beautiful candle holders are guaranteed to reap compliments. / Never leave lit candles unattended! There is always a fire hazard with candles! /

Tinker lanterns – make scented candles yourself

For this craft project you will need the following materials – mason jar, lemon, lime, scented oils against insects / mixture of eucalyptus, cedar wood, lemon glass, lavender, tea tree oil, patchouli scented oil, catnip /, candles. Simply arrange it as shown in the photo and place it in the middle of the table. The family celebration can begin!

Tinker lanterns – arrange tealights with flowers and ivy


You can also arrange the lanterns in a glass bowl. Wrap ivy around the tea lights. Complete! By the way, if you wish, you can buy and combine tea lights in different colors.

Tinker lanterns – romance with scented candles and orchid blossoms

Lanterns-tinker-table decoration-Easter-idea

Make lanterns – decorate jam jars with wrapping paper and fresh flowers

Lanterns-tinker-ideas-napkin technology-table decoration

For this project you will need – wrapping paper with floral motifs, fabric decorative ribbons, glue, fresh flowers. Let your creativity run free – there are numerous design options / shown above – three possible variants /.

Modern Easter decoration with scented candles and coffee beans

Tinker-make-coffee-beans-arrange lanterns

If you like delicious chocolate scents, then the next craft idea is for you. You need – glass cups / for example whiskey cups /, scented candles with chocolate aroma, coffee beans, string.

Make lanterns with the children

Hurricane-tinker-candle-summer-table decoration

The next idea is very easy – you need glue, candle holders made of glass / or simply glasses, two different decorative ribbons, sand.

Decorate lanterns with paper

Lanterns-tinker-candles-table decoration-ideas-modern

Do you have several lanterns at home, do you want to spice them up anyway? Express different motifs and stick them on the lanterns. complete!

Lanterns instead of place cards on the Easter table – nice decoration ideaLanterns-tinker-name-badges-Easter-Party

Arrange lanterns in metal cups

Lanterns-tinker-Easter-table decoration-candle holder

Combine lanterns with decoration in the Mediterranean style

Lanterns-tinker-maritime-table decoration-ideas

 Table decorations with summer flair – lanterns and shells

Wind lights-tinker-maritime-table decoration-shells

White roses, blue tablecloths and stylish lanterns made from jam jars

Lanterns-tinker-maritime-table decorations-summer-ideas

Lanterns create an exciting play of light and shadow

Hurricane-tinker-paper-wrap-cut-out ideas

Arrange scented candles in mason jars

Make lanterns-make-yourself-scented candles-Easter

Loving surprise for Easter / or for Mother’s Day! /

Tinker lanterns-family photos-lantern-ideas

Cool lanterns with nature motifs

Make lanterns-make-birds-yourself

 Cut out motifs from paper, attach them to the lanterns with adhesive tape and then spray the lanterns with color spray. Let it dry and then carefully remove the paper templates.

Arrange lanterns in the tree branch

Lanterns-tinker-tree branch-candle holder-rustic

Lanterns-tinker-birch wood-candle holder-ideas



Lanterns-tinker-ideas-paper-lantern-Easter decoration


Lanterns-tinker-easter-table decoration-tea lights-eggshell-candle-pastel colors