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Tinker Easter decorations – creative ideas for original decorations

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Tinker Easter decorations can be easily, quickly and cheaply made at home. The handicrafts are also great fun for the little ones, so that your children can help out too. It is very easy to make the following Easter decorations out of paper!

Easter grass is one of the most popular ideas for making Easter decorations

Easter decoration tinker ideas-easter grass-paper-pinking scissors

For Tinker Easter decorations made of paper, all you need is green paper and pinking scissors. For an Easter grass, the paper is cut into thin strips. When you’ve got enough together, all you need to do is gently crumple the grass with your hands until the strips are well formed.

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Paper bunny is also easy to make. Cut out two rectangles from white paper (10 × 20 cm). Roll them up to create cylinders and tape them together at the back with tape or glue. Put one cylinder on top of the other and fasten them together. This is how you shape the rabbit’s body. Now cut out the ears from the same paper. You can draw eyes, mouth, nose and mustache on the top cylinder. On the back of the lower cylinder, glue a cotton ball as a tail.

Make creative Easter decorations and create a bouquet from eggs

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You need thicker, colorful cardboard from which you cut out egg figures. You can also paint or write on these with colored pens. Glue the finished eggs onto the tip of a kebab skewer. Put the bouquet of eggs in a tall vase. There are many other ideas for Tinker Easter decorations. For example, make an “Easter wreath” for the door in the shape of a rabbit, napkin rings or use the quilling technique to decorate your Easter eggs.

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Easter decoration tinker numerous ideas different colors of paper

easter decoration grass paper original bird nest form

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small rabbit head tinker yourself pink white

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Make easter decorations at home instead of buying collect ideas