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Tinker Easter decorations – 27 ideas for sweet garlands for the nursery

Easter decorations tinker party garland decoration idea plastic eggs fringes

Let your creativity run free – we will show you 27 inspirational ideas for fun Tinker Easter decorations can. Decorate the stairwell, the walls or the windows with a cute garland made of paper!

Tinker Easter decorations – cute Easter bunny garlands

Easter decoration tinker colorful garland paper rabbits tails diy idea

Surprise your children with a homemade garland for Easter – this loving decoration is great for both experienced craft professionals and beginners. You just need the template / s. below / print out and cut out. Then cut out the rabbit figure from colored paper. If you wish, you can also decorate the rabbits with decorative bows, buttons or pom-poms. Or let the children help out – they can make the Easter decorations together and paint the bunny silhouettes out of paper. Hang up the garlands in the nursery – the little ones will definitely be happy about that!

Tinker Easter decorations – colorful Easter eggs made from salt dough

Easter decoration tinker salty dough eggs colorful paint garland idea

The Easter egg garland has one great advantage – the eggs have a simple shape, and even at the age of 4 children can help cut them out. Here, too, there are various decoration options to choose from. It all depends on what materials you have in the house. You can also make the eggs yourself from scraps of fabric or felt. So let your imagination run wild and try out these handicraft inspirations for Easter!

Blown eggs

Easter decoration tinker easter eggs lettering idea shelf rabbit figure

In this idea, you use real, blown eggs that you can dye or otherwise design beforehand. Thread or string is used to hang the eggs. You now have two options here. Either you glue the Easter eggs to the yarn at equal intervals or you stick small pieces of toothpicks or similar first through the yarn and then into the hole in the egg, as you do to hang up the Easter eggs for the Easter bouquet. For the last variant, the thread must be thick so that the toothpick can be inserted. Simple sewing cord is therefore not suitable. Colored wool can also be used.

Hare garland

Easter decorations tinker glitter paper tail wadding instructions garland

Funny Easter bunnies for the nursery

Window decoration ideas Easter bunnies decorate family nursery

Cut out and paint the Easter bunny silhouettes

tinker ideas deco children's room funny original sweet

Creative idea for window decoration

Easter window decoration yourself make original 2014

The children will certainly be happy to have the opportunity to help with making them themselves

Window decoration ideas art Easter eggs bow

Easter bunnies in pink and blue in the nursery

cut-out-tinker-pink blue nursery tulips

Make your own felt garland and hang it up

Silhouettes window decoration for Easter rhinestones ears

Decorate the windows or the stairwell with the paper garland

Silhouette garland cut out circles window decoration ideas

Super cute idea to imitate – you can find the underlay below

Ideas buttons decorate funny garland toddlers

Decorated paper the mantelpiece

Easter bunnies silhouettes packaging paper cut out figures cotton

Make Easter decorations with cute Easter bunny silhouettes

Easter decorate Easter bunnies silhouettes cut out of paper

Easter bunnies for the kitchen in a purist style

Craft ideas Easter bunnies cut out-tinker-funny original

Pom-poms and Easter bunnies in the nursery

Easter garland tinker template colorful original

Colorful garland – idea to make yourself

Silhouettes handicraft ideas Easter colorful sweet

Rabbits, flowers, carrots and eggs made of felt

tinker-funny-ideas-flowers easter bunnies carrots easter eggs

Artificially decorate handicraft ideas Easter eggs buffet

Children's room decoration ideas-garland-paper dollhouse

Ideas-tinker-Easter eggs paper garland kids craft ideas

Figures garland origami spring mood children's room

Fold origami yourself-ideas-green packaging paper

Handicraft step decoration ideas children's room for Easter

Easter bunny decoration fold beautiful figures fold ideas

Template for the Easter garland

Express yourself silhouette cut out template for free

Easter decoration-tinkering-paper-easter-bunny-blue-pink-garland

easter decoration-tinker-garland-pendants-easter-eggs-felt-fabric-colored-buttons