Easter & Spring

Table decorations for spring – Bring the spring feeling into the house

Table decoration for spring flowers-lilac-daffodils-vases-purple-tablecloth

the Table decorations for spring  embraces the fresh, bright colors and the new beginning that represents this season. Spring is a time to celebrate because of the abundance of colors in nature. Everything is new, and your spring table should reflect the guiding principle of spring. Decorate the dining area with colors, flowers and motifs that are reminiscent of spring. White china tableware works well as long as you use brightly colored tablecloths, napkins, and lush bouquets of fresh flowers.

Table decorations for spring

Table decoration for spring flowers-tulips-pearl hyacinth-daffodils-lilac

Put a tablecloth with flowers or spring colors on the table. The bright spring colors come with a wide range of light and pastel colors that come to life as the backdrop for the green plants and brightly colored flowers this season. These include bright yellow, pastel yellow, baby blue, light green, pastel purple, orange, and pink.

Table decoration for spring – glass bowl with flowers

Table decoration for spring-glass bowl-pink-flowers-tulips-hyacinth-roses

Get a fishbowl or large irregularly shaped vase and fill it with water. Put some decorative stones and sand on the floor. Then fill it with sliced ​​pieces of lemons and limes. In the end, put fresh flowers in it. The concept is simple but elegant, beautiful to look at and smells wonderful.

Egg shells as vases use

table decoration-spring-flowers-eggshells-vases-pansies

An egg shell that serves as a vase. Make a small hole in the top of some eggs and let the yolks and whites separate from them. Rinse carefully and let dry. Then make a bigger hole in the shell. Place each egg in a small bowl or egg holder. Fill the eggshell halfway up with water. Add these short-stemmed flowers and you finally have an inexpensive, interesting idea for yours Table decorations for spring.

Make your own fruit bouquet

Table decorations for spring-do-yourself-make-your-own-cutters

Make a bouquet or arrangement of flowers using fruit instead of flowers. Cut fruits like grapefruit, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, and cherries so that they look like flowers. Stick strawberries, dipped in chocolate, through the middle with shish kebab sticks. Arrange the larger pieces of fruit in the middle and the smaller ones – on the edge of the basket or vase. This table decoration for spring is beautiful and enjoyable.

bright pastel colors for spring

 table top spring sweets tulips baskets

table decoration tulip bouquet yellow tea lights

Crystals, candies and bouquets of flowers

table decoration bouquets of roses white tablecloth colorful plates

Porcelain jugs as vases

table centerpiece spring flowers

Single vases and table runners     table runner white table single flower vases

purple pink and green

spring decoration table purple green combination

Glass ball and glass candlestick

glass ball with flowers table decoration

Color theme white and blue

combination blue white spring decoration table

Decoration ideas in the country house style

table decoration rural green glass

Flowers in glass vases with decorative stones

glass vases decorative stones flower vase

Fishbowl with flowers and water

fishbowl pink tulips water

interesting idea with martini glasses

interesting idea with glasses of martini

Table decoration for spring flowers of different heights

Table decoration for spring yellow blossom egg holder

Table decoration for the spring bouquet glass vase square

spring table decoration eggshells flowers

table decoration fruit bouquet strawberries pineapple