Easter & Spring

Print out handicraft templates for Easter for free and make beautiful Easter decorations yourself

Tinkering at Easter is a lot of fun for young and old. That’s why a few simple craft ideas for the popular spring festival are always well received. And if things are really easy, a printable template is definitely useful. In this post we have collected many handicraft templates for Easter with which you can make wonderful Easter decorations. Cute bunnies, pretty egg cups or colorful Easter baskets – we have a really large selection of ideas.

Handicraft templates for Easter with bunnies

handicraft ideas easter simply handicraft template easter bunny

One of the most popular Easter motifs is of course the Easter bunny. It adorns walls, windows, Easter baskets and Easter eggs and is really popular with children. With a suitable handicraft template, you can make beautiful garlands or wall pictures with bunnies, as well as decorate simple greeting cards.

Easter crafts wall decoration garland bunny templates

All you need to do handicrafts with templates is a printer and printing paper. If the template is black and white, it can be colored and decorated as desired after printing. Some craft templates can also be cut out and used as templates. There are no limits for your creativity.

Bunny templates to print for free

craft templates easter bunny cute template paper

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Make beautiful Easter baskets with the right template

tinker colorful easter basket with handicraft template for easter

Even the most beautiful Easter eggs just look better in an Easter basket. Various sweets or homemade delicacies can also be packaged and given away in an original way. Folding a paper Easter basket yourself is usually not that easy. However, with a good handicraft template, the handicraft project also works well for children and beginners.

tinker with templates easter easter baskets do it yourself instructions

First of all, you should choose a template and print it out. In our picture gallery you will find several handicraft templates for Easter baskets with or without Easter motifs. Please note that cut out along the thick lines, while folding along the dotted lines. The small trapezoidal parts should be glued together with the adjacent part.

Baskets make templates to print out

handicraft templates easter easter basket gaffa ribbon colorful tinker

Egg cup craft templates for Easter to print out

Craft ideas easter paper templates egg cups

If you want to put your Easter eggs in the limelight on the table, you can make interesting egg cups for them. Paper or felt, for example, are perfect materials. The choice of colors and decorations is entirely up to you.

cute egg cups tinker template easter instructions

And what do you think of these cute bunny egg cups? Print out the templates, follow the steps in the instructions and make some of them yourself!

tinker egg cups easter motif rabbit

paper egg cups tinker easter templates bunny

Craft templates for decorating the Easter eggs

decorate easter eggs with craft templates funny

Anyone looking for interesting ideas for decorating Easter eggs has come to the right place. You can print out the handicraft templates for Easter in mini format and use them to make cool stickers for the eggs yourself. Below are some great spring themes.

Easter eggs decorate silhouettes craft templates to print

Make paper cases for cupcakes with Easter motifs

craft templates easter muffin cases rabbits tinker

If you also like to bake for Easter, you can nicely decorate and package your surprises from the kitchen. These muffin cases, for example, are quick and easy to make and give the dessert a playful touch at the same time. Simply print out the handicraft template, cut it out, glue the two ends together and you’re done.

handicraft templates easter egg cups tinker easter bunny motif

One template – many craft ideas

craft ideas with craft templates for easter egg cup napkin ring

Even with a single template, you can create many different decorations. We have a few examples ready for you. With this cute bunny template you can make and decorate egg cups, napkin rings, garlands and even greeting cards. Just choose one of the craft projects and let the handicrafts begin at Easter! Fun for children and adults is guaranteed!

Easter craft ideas free template garland greeting card

handicraft templates for easter to print free motif rabbit

Craft ideas for Easter with templates to print out

egg shape templates print out paint wall decorations tinker

Have you already found inspiration for this year’s Easter crafts? In the picture gallery for the article there are many more ideas for atmospheric Easter decorations. After each craft idea you will find the template you need for it. There are still a few handicraft templates for Easter that you can use for various handicraft projects. Just print them out and let your creativity run free!

We wish you a lot of fun with Easter handicrafts!

Easter basket egg shape tinker for children with template

craft templates easter simple egg shape many craft ideas

cake box tinker cardboard easter bunny shape

Easter craft ideas print free template cake box

cake box craft template easter bunny ears

tinker for easter cute easter basket rabbit motif

Easter crafts templates box bunny easy to tinker

Easter basket mini easter eggs tinker template

craft templates easter easter bunny box tinker

Give away easter box craft template

Easter bunny candy box tinker easter

tinker box template print out cut out

tinker ideas easter templates sugar bag bunny tinker

Sugar bag bunny handicraft template easter print out

simple egg cups for easter make from templates

simple egg cup templates easter colorful

craft ideas easter template funny egg cup

craft templates easter egg cups tinker with children

Craft ideas easter templates kids bunny chicks

colored egg cups tinker print out template

Craft ideas easter garland bunny motifs templates

craft templates easter bunny silhouette window mural

handicraft template easter print out wall decoration

Easter bunny templates

handicraft templates easter geometric motif rabbit print out

handicraft templates easter stencils classic easter bunny

Easter bunny tinker template print out glue together

Easter bunny stencil print out tinker

handicraft templates easter to print easter bunny puzzle

Rabbit ears template

handicraft templates easter rabbit ears print out headband tinker

print out easter handicraft templates for free little easter bunnies

Easter egg template

Easter egg handicraft template coloring page print out

Craft templates for printing

handicraft templates easter easter basket print easter eggs

Handicraft templates easter egg cup print out template cut out

handicraft templates easter spring chicken chick tinker

pink easter basket box print out template

Easter baskets handicraft templates easter print out color

Easter basket craft template bunny to print for free

Easter basket crafting template for children

tinker easter baskets free handicraft templates to print out

Easter crafts templates print out bunny box template

craft templates for printing easter box rabbit motif