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Painting Easter eggs with watercolors – pretty DIY ideas

Would you like to paint and design the Easter eggs with your children for the first time? Then you should consider the watercolors. They are not only used for painting, they are also not difficult to clean afterwards. Not only children can paint the Easter eggs with watercolors!

Painting Easter eggs with watercolors – an idea for children and adults


Adults also have fun with it and are often amazed at the pretty motifs that can be created with the help of watercolors. So if you want to try something different this year and design particularly original Easter eggs with sometimes romantic motifs, then you should paint the eggs with watercolors.

Painting Easter eggs with watercolors – preparation for painting


Even if the watercolor is easy to clean, we recommend spreading newspaper on the table as a base. A washable tablecloth can also be used for this. You also need brushes: wide to paint in larger areas and thinner for finer motifs and lines. The good old water cup should of course not be missing if you paint the eggs with watercolors.

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Classic variant from the box

Easter eggs with watercolor painting classic box brush tubes

Almost everyone in the house has water colors, especially those with children. And if not, it is not difficult to get some. If you want to paint the Easter eggs with watercolors, you can use the classic paints in the box, which become liquid with a damp brush.

Water color in tubes


Even watercolors that are already liquid are offered in tubes. You don’t need an extra water cup there. The paint is simply placed on a shelf and picked up directly with the brush. These types of watercolors are usually stronger than their ancestors.

Spring colors for the Easter eggs


Here you can see matching colors for spring that you can use to paint Easter eggs. Of course, there are also lighter and darker nuances of these colors. Play with different shades to create the perfect spring mood with the eggs.

Create different nuances


Either way, you can determine and change the color nuances yourself. If you use more color, the color on the egg will also be a little stronger. If you mix in more water, you will get a lighter and paler shade. If you paint the Easter eggs with watercolors, you can create interesting effects.

Easter eggs, painted with watercolors, warm-colored-plate-marble-look

Ombre Easter eggs


You can create the ombre effect wonderfully with watercolors, as the colors can be seamlessly blended into one another. This is due to their paler nature, which means that each color can only partially cover the previous one and so it can shimmer through the new layer. Painting the Easter eggs is fun and easy!

Combine with felt-tip pens


If you want to emphasize some contrasts, you can also apply any motifs to the egg with a felt pen or Edding before you paint the Easter eggs with watercolors. In this way, you can also highlight certain motifs or add accents that would not be noticeable with the water color.

Motif ideas for the Easter eggs

Easter eggs with watercolor painting easter bouquet-easter bunny-motif-chicks

In the following, we would like to give you a few more pretty ideas for designing Easter eggs with watercolors. Use boiled or blown eggs to paint Easter eggs with watercolors, depending on your preference. You can not only use the blown out for Easter nests and baskets like the cooked ones, but also decorate the Easter bouquet with them.

Colorful idea for painting for children


It is well known that children have a rich imagination. For this reason, it will not be difficult for them to come up with interesting Easter motifs. Still, you can provide them with some ideas, like the bunnies, chicks, and flowers above.

Daffodils on the Easter eggs

easter-eggs-watercolor-painting-yellow-spring-flower-easter bells

Are the daffodils in your garden not yet in bloom or have they already wilted? Then add them to the table in another way and that is by painting Easter eggs with watercolors. Use thin to medium-thick brushes for such fine motifs.

Painting Easter eggs with watercolors – A simple dot pattern


Another handy tool to use when painting the Easter eggs with watercolors is the ear swab. Dip it in any color and use dots to easily create dots on the egg. Ear swabs are also a great replacement if you don’t have a brush at home.

Watercolors and prints


If you paint the Easter eggs with watercolors, you can also add original letter imprints to them. Either get ready-made stickers or make your own letters out of paper. You glue these onto the eggs before painting. Then design the Easter eggs as desired and remove the stickers again.

Romantic design of Easter eggs


If you paint the Easter eggs with watercolors, let your imagination run wild. Create, for example, such an ornate picture on the egg. The delicate flowers look particularly romantic. These motifs can also be copied by the children.

Spill allowed!


The great thing about the watercolors is that perfection is not expected. And it is precisely in the imperfection that the charm of this design lies. An interesting idea about painting Easter eggs with watercolors is to simply let the paint run over the eggs. Here you can combine different colors with each other to get a design like the one above.

Paint pansies and roses


Aren’t these pansies just incredibly beautiful? Try painting different signs of spring or other romantic flowers on the eggs. Here, too, the technique with watercolors is again suitable. It is best to use blown eggs so that you can enjoy your work for many years to come!

Funny cacti on the Easter eggs

Easter-eggs-watercolor-painting-funny-idea-cactus-green-felt-tip pen

As you can see, a wide variety of motifs are suitable when you paint the Easter eggs with watercolors. Even cacti are a welcome idea. The well-known felt-tip pen comes in handy here again. You can use it to paint particularly fine details, such as the spines in this case.

Table decorations for Easter


The Easter eggs look particularly pretty in groups on the table. Create an Easter basket or fill the Easter basket with you. We promise that if you paint the Easter eggs with watercolors, they will be a special eye-catcher.

Carnations from watercolors


If you have decided on floral motifs, you will definitely like these carnations as well. They can serve as a template for you when you paint your Easter eggs with watercolors. The carnations can be reached by simply dabbing with the brush and are really not difficult to implement.