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Painting Easter eggs with hot glue – ideas for chicken & plastic eggs with instructions

Paint easter eggs with hot glue silver dragon eggs

If you are always on the lookout for original design ideas for the Easter eggs, then today we have an option for you that you are sure to like very much. You can paint and design the eggs with hot glue, which gives them an interesting texture. And you don’t even have to have a special talent to get beautiful Easter eggs. The finished Easter eggs look really attractive and are perfect for decorating the apartment or the garden, whether for the Easter bouquet, the Easter table or as a window decoration in the form of a garland. Let yourself be inspired by the idea with which you can paint and decorate Easter eggs and create very individual Easter eggs that everyone is guaranteed to envy.

Dragon egg in a moss nest in a bell jar

You don’t even have to have a special talent for drawing and painting to get effective models by using hot glue to paint the Easter eggs. A little imagination can help when painting the eggs for Easter. And should your imagination not be so, our examples will certainly be very helpful to you. In the following, we have put together instructions and design ideas that you can use instead of the traditional Easter egg colors to create a unique Easter egg decoration. Get everything you need and get started right away!

Painting Easter eggs with hot glue – what will be needed?

Silver dragon egg as a decoration for Easter with a modern metal Easter basket

So that you can paint and design all the Easter eggs in one go, you should think in advance how you will imagine the result and then get everything you need. Should the eggs be monochrome or decorated with decorative elements? Then you have to buy these beforehand as well. All in all, you will need the following things:

  • Something you can’t do this project without, of course, is that hot glue. If you are a number of different things to do and make, then you probably already have a hot glue gun at home. If not, you should get one now at the latest. Some models are even offered relatively cheaply. And if you now use it to paint the Easter eggs, you will quickly find out that the hot glue gun can be very practical not only for gluing.
  • Eggs for painting and here blown eggs are recommended. But artificial ones made from different materials can also be used. In addition to plastic, you can also make Easter eggs out of wood or Easter eggs out of glass. Anyway, the hot glue will stick to everything, so you don’t have to worry about that when choosing the Easter eggs to paint on.
  • colour. This is chosen depending on the material of the egg. Also, check out the craft store to find out what color you can use to paint the hot glue. Ordinary Easter egg color is not suitable. Spray paint, on the other hand, can be used for any material and is also offered in a wide variety of colors. You also have the choice between matt and glossy or even glittering colors.
  • Glitter is a good keyword for the next point. Decorative elements They might need it as well. This means all those things that you would like to decorate the eggs with after you have painted the Easter eggs with hot glue. For example, rhinestones or glitter dust are such elements, but also ribbons, washi tape sequins and the like.
  • Also one document you should have them ready. This not only protects the table from the hot glue, which can quickly go wrong. Protection is also necessary for dyeing with the spray. Sufficient newspaper is very useful for this.

Painting Easter eggs – Instructions for plastic Easter eggs

Paint Easter eggs with hot glue with instructions for plastic eggs

These instructions refer to plastic eggs, but can also be implemented with a real egg or one made of wood and glass. In principle, that doesn’t matter. Depending on the material, more or fewer layers of paint will be needed later to cover the original color of the egg.

Start by painting different patterns on the eggs with the help of the hot glue. If you paint the Easter eggs in this way, your imagination can be left free, because all motifs and patterns are allowed. Dot patterns, wavy lines or even words are suitable. These give the eggs an interesting 3D effect, which is the special thing about this Easter egg decoration and design. You then let the hot glue set well, which fortunately happens very quickly. Once all the Easter eggs have been painted, you can start to dye them. At least now, a pad is a good idea. If you use spray paint indoors, it is advisable to ventilate during this time, especially if there are children. Better yet, go outside to spray. Your Easter eggs with texture are ready.

Plastic eggs, but also decorative Easter eggs made of glass, have to be sprayed several times due to their smooth surface until the actual plastic color is completely covered. This is easier with real eggs or those made of wood. Instead of spray paint, you can design chicken eggs with ordinary Easter egg paint, as in the following video:

Painting Easter eggs – techniques for additional decoration

Decorate eggs with rhinestones and metallic paint

If this variant of painting Easter eggs is too simple for you, you can choose a different color on the one hand and use additional decorations to make beautiful 3D Easter eggs on the other. Glitter is very popular for the design of Easter eggs and can be used, for example. You have to be quick to do this. The glitter is sprinkled on the hot glue while it is still soft so that it sticks. You should also keep in mind that in this case the egg is first sprayed or painted and only then decorated with the hot glue and glitter. Otherwise you would spray the glitter with the paint. However, if you want to decorate the Easter eggs with elements such as rhinestones, ribbons or the like, you can do this at the very end. You can also use the hot glue for this.

Paint Easter eggs with hot glue and decorate with glitter

In the example above you can see different variants with additional decoration. In the first picture, the egg was first decorated with glitter. The three colored stripes were then separated from one another with the help of hot glue. The Easter eggs next to it were all colored first and then painted with hot glue, on which either glitter was sprinkled or sequins were glued. So, as you can see, a wide variety of techniques are possible. Just try several and be happy to come up with others when you are painting and decorating the Easter eggs.

Decorating Easter eggs – instructions for using hot glue instead of wax

Hot glue instead of wax for painting and dyeing

If you want to color the Easter eggs and at the same time get beautiful patterns, you usually use wax or wax pencils, which prevent the color from coloring the painted areas when the eggs are dipped in. Surely you are familiar with this technique and know that for this purpose the eggs must still be warm. As soon as they have cooled down, the variant with wax no longer works. If the egg is too hot, the wax runs and the pattern or motif no longer looks beautiful. You can handle all of this with a hot glue gun and still paint and dye the eggs as usual.

Color eggs with a pattern and a hot glue gun instead of wax

You use them basically the same way you would use the wax. You need to paint the future Easter eggs again first. Paint any pattern, motif or word on the eggs. White eggs are best suited for coloring. If necessary, you can also use brown ones. Wait for the glue to set and dip the eggs in any color you want. Once you’ve taken them out and the paint has dried, you can remove the hot glue again. You can now leave the Easter egg as it is or dip it in another color so that the pattern is also colored. Finally, we recommend that you rub the eggs with the help of a small piece of cloth and a little oil. Then they shine nicely.

Painting Easter eggs – ideas for dragon eggs

Dragons Easter eggs yourself make imaginative designs for Easter

A very popular idea for hot glue eggs is also such dragon eggs. In principle, you do this as we have already explained above. In order for these original Easter eggs to look like dragon eggs, you should definitely use metallic paint. It is up to you whether you use it to paint the entire Easter eggs or just add a few accents here and there. As you can see in our examples, both variants are pretty to look at and look pretty authentic. Use small chicken eggs, if you like, or get large plastic eggs. You can set up the latter individually in a stand or Easter basket. That way it is better noticeable.

Exceptional alien Easter eggs

crazy alien easter eggs in green for coloring and handicrafts with children

If you would like to paint Easter eggs with children like every year, this time you can implement a different idea that the little ones are guaranteed to find great. They are alien Easter eggs that your children can use to decorate their own room. We assume that these eggs will not necessarily match your Easter decoration in the living room. If you would like to color and decorate such Easter eggs with the children, we recommend a bright shade of green as the main color. Then add a few dabs of other shades of green. One of them could be metallic for a special effect.

The first thing to do is to color the eggs with the Easter egg color. Once the base color has dried, you can add the other colors here and there. This works best with a sponge or cloth. But they can also be applied with a brush, after which you rub them in with kitchen paper. Let these colors dry well before you use the hot glue to paint the Easter eggs and make them fun. To do this, put some of the glue on the egg. Take a piece of cardboard and lightly press it onto the still wet glue and then peel it off again. This creates the appearance of the egg being covered in slime. Repeat this step until the whole egg is covered with hot glue. Take this step by step as the hot glue will harden again very quickly.

Make Easter eggs with hot gluePaint Easter eggs with hot glue or label a watering can

If you don’t want to paint Easter eggs this year because you just don’t feel like it, then you can also consider this idea. Instead of designing ready-made eggs, you can make your own Easter eggs from the hot glue. It is best to use balloons to keep the shape. You inflate these in the desired size. Then create any uninterrupted pattern on the surface with the help of the hot glue gun. Once the glue has dried, you can pop the balloon and get it on the egg. An opening can also be added if you wish. Either plan for these when you paint with glue or cut them out afterwards. Now you can not only put a little Easter grass in the egg, but also a small figure such as a chick, an Easter bunny or even tiny Easter eggs. See the video below for instructions on making such hot glue Easter eggs.