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Making Easter decorations with balloons: 11 great inspirations and crafting tips

tinker with balloons easter decoration good mood spring decorate ideas

Colorful balloons are a recipe for a good mood. They conjure up a smile on your face at any age, at any opportunity and simply always. Didn’t have time for atmospheric party decorations? Get lots of colorful balloons quickly and inflate them with helium, that’s all you need to do. Have you forgotten the birthday of a friend of yours and now you are missing the present? No problem. Get a couple of helium balloons and write something funny or just “Happy Birthday” with a permanent marker and you’re done! Balloons come in different colors and sizes. In addition, when inflated, a conventional balloon has an oval shape that is reminiscent of an egg. For this reason, you can also make great Easter decorations with balloons.

Tinker Easter decorations with balloons: egg hunt

Easter decoration with balloons tinker egg hunt helium

A party just doesn’t work without balloons. And it also applies to the egg hunt, which children really enjoy. However, it can be difficult for small children to find the eggs in the garden or on the meadow and they quickly lose interest in searching. With a pair of balloons, the game can be made more exciting for the little ones.

Tinker with balloons: helium balloons are always funnier

Easter decorations with balloons make egg hunt helium balloons

For egg hunt with balloons you need a couple of helium-inflated balloons and a narrow ribbon or string. Tie the eggs to the balloons with decorative tape and spread them on the meadow. The small children can orientate themselves on the balloons floating in the air.

Tinker table decorations for Easter with balloons: ideas for the last minute

Easter decoration with balloons tinker table decorate yellow

Balloons can be wonderfully integrated into the Easter table decorations. Choose the colored balloons that are already on the table. This is how you create an appealing overall picture. So that the balloons float upwards and do not fall down on the ground, it is recommended to inflate them with helium.

Tinker with balloons: table decorations in pastel colors for Easter

Easter decoration with balloons tinker table decorate pastel colored easter eggs

However, if you want to place the balloons on the table, you can simply inflate them with your mouth. However, you do not have to overdo it, but make sure that you get the typical egg shape. Don’t inflate them all equally, keep some a little smaller and some a little bigger.

tinker balloons easter decoration decoration easter eggs color

So that the egg balloons do not fly everywhere, you can arrange them nicely and fix them in the desired places with the help of adhesive tape. Scatter some decorative grass in between and decorate with a few real eggs and / or flowers.

Children make Easter decorations with balloons

tinker balloons easter decoration paint dots dab idea

Balloons are perfect for handicrafts with children. Painting balloons is particularly easy and no special materials are required. You will need acrylic paints and a brush or sponge.

Paint balloons

Tinker balloons Easter decorations paint spring flowers

The single-colored balloons are designed in a jiffy. You should of course do this when the balloons are already inflated. So you have enough space to develop your creativity and imagination. It shouldn’t be complicated figures and shapes. Polka dots are a beautiful motif that can be easily represented even by the youngest.

Decorate balloons for Easter

tinker balloons children easter decoration bunny cotton balls

For those who cannot or do not want to paint, the balloons can be beautifully decorated with the help of stencils. Find a nice template on the internet, such as the traditional Easter motifs: rabbits, geese, etc. and print them out. Then cut out the motif from tissue paper in any color several times and glue it to the surface of the balloon.

tinker balloons easter decoration bunny stencil cotton balls

Make playful Easter decorations with balloons: Easter eggs made of paper mache

tinker balloons easter decoration instructions easter eggs paper mesh surprise eggs

We all know the paper mache technique from the handicraft lessons at school. Small pieces of paper are layered with paste on a form or an object. When the paste dries, the primary figure is removed and you get a kind of hollow paper replica of it. If you want to achieve an oval shape, it works best with a balloon.

tinker balloons easter decoration instructions easter eggs fill paper mesh

According to the paper mache principle, great Easter eggs can be tinkered with balloons, which can later be used as decorations or given out to children as small gifts.

tinker balloons easter decoration easter eggs paper mache

Here we present two simple DIY projects on how you can make your own creative paper mache Easter eggs with balloons. For this, choose somewhat smaller balloons or simply do not inflate the existing ones too much, but up to a diameter of 20 cm or a little smaller. If the balloons are too round, make the desired egg shape out of them by squeezing them a little or by sticking wide adhesive strips on them.

tinker balloons easter decoration paper mache easter eggs paper score eggs

You can fill up the paper mache Easter eggs with candies and other small sweets or hang them up decoratively. In the second example, the paper eggs are designed as colorful piñatas.

tinker balloons easter decoration easter eggs paper mache paper points

tinker balloons easter decoration easter eggs paper instructions

Make Easter decorations with balloons: Easter eggs made of paper

Make balloons Easter decorations pinata paper mache yourself

tinker balloons easter decoration paper mache pinata

Make edible Easter decorations with balloons: Edible piñata for Easter

tinker balloons easter decoration pinata make edible yourself

Similar to the paper mache technique, you can make imaginative edible Easter decorations yourself with the help of balloons. For this you can use chocolate couverture or, alternatively, a protein cream like for meringue kisses, which you let dry in the oven at a very low temperature until they become hard and crispy.

tinker balloons easter decoration pinata edible instructions do it yourself

When you have prepared the cream or melted the couverture, simply take an inflated balloon and spread the cream or couverture on it. Leave an opening so that you can later fill the egg with candy. Optionally, you can only dip part of it several times into the sugar mass and make an edible egg shell yourself. This can then be used wonderfully as an edible table decoration and you can arrange Easter eggs in it like in a conventional bowl.

tinker balloons easter decoration edible pinata instructions

Make edible Easter decorations yourself: chocolate bowl 

tinker balloons easter decoration make your own chocolate bowl diy

Tinker balloons easter decoration edible chocolate make a chocolate bowl sleber

Make creative children’s game for Easter with balloons

tinker balloons easter decoration bunny playing balloons

A great idea for an Easter game for children. The children should help the Easter bunny with a couple of helium balloons so that it bounces.