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Making Easter bunnies with children – ideas for gifts and decorations

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At Easter everything revolves around handicrafts and decorating. Tinkering is without a doubt a great thing and not only promotes creativity and skill in children and their parents, but can also be a powerful remedy for boredom! Turn the Easter handicrafts with children into the absolute highlight of the holidays! Some great ideas on how to be funny Tinker Easter bunnies we have put together here!

Tinker Easter bunnies: let’s go!

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When doing Easter handicrafts with children, every child has the opportunity to let their imagination run wild. Handicraft fun is guaranteed with children. Easter crafts don’t necessarily have to take place at home. If you Tinker Easter bunnies you can go out into the great outdoors first and collect handicraft utensils and decorative items for your festive arrangement. The self-made Easter bunnies can be put in the Easter basket, in a flower pot or in the flowerbed.

Tinker ideas for the Easter bunny

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Would you like to make gifts for a loved one yourself? The best thing to do is to make something pretty. Many handicrafts are suitable as gifts – such as Easter cards, dolls, gift bags, decorative items. When the Easter crafts start, you should have some materials handy. Paper is probably the most popular handicraft material that everyone has at home. Beautiful Easter decorations with rabbit patterns can be made out of paper – such as garlands, cards, name tags, etc.You can of course also buy the right building material in the craft shop.

Attractive do-it-yourself greeting cards

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Many things can be tinkered with from old things. You can use wood for the rabbit’s body and make the rabbit ears out of scraps of fabric. A black punk marks the nose. For the whiskers, pieces of thread can be cut and fixed on the nose. Now all that remains is to attach a tail made of wool scraps. Voila!

A sock bunny

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Make Easter cards with children

re-tinker easter cards with children's easter bunny motifs

Embroider gift bags with Easter bunny motifs

Embroider a fabric bag for gifts with a rabbit pattern

Tinker fabric gift bag - embroider rabbit pattern

Bunny gift bag to make afterwards

Tinker ideas for Easter bunnies-make a template from paper

craft template easter bunnies tinker ideas paper bag

Cardboard rabbit gift tags

Easter bunnies-made of cardboard-decorate with a bow

Cute gift bags with Easter decorations

gift bag pouch with bows easter bunny chick pattern

You can make rabbit dolls from scraps of fabric

Colorful scraps of fabric Easter bunnies make doll gifts

Decorate with rabbit silhoettes

Easter decorating easter bunny silhouette white

Cute felt bunnies

tinker with felt-easter bunnies carrots decorative items

Make easter bunny cards out of cardboard and leftover wool

Easter bunny greeting cards from paper wool

Crafting instructions-with children paper greeting cards easter bunny

felt bunnies easter baskets with children's handicrafts gift ideas

gift easter easter bunny jewelry tinker

gift bags decorate paper Easter bunnies with ears

easter bunny gift bag craft supplies paper yarn

Decoration and gift-making Easter bunny with ears egg container

Easter bunny gift bag with ears tinkering with children

bunny with ears-gift ideas to tinker with yourself easter

felt easter bunny ideas-tinkering baby cot decoration

embroider clothes decorate easter motifs funny easter bunnies