Easter & Spring

Making Easter bunnies – ideas for a colorful and happy Easter decor

Easter bunnies make glitter-paper-stencils-white-pink

We are already looking forward to the beautiful sunny spring days that we spend together with our loved ones. After Christmas, Easter is the most popular time for handicrafts, the right time to be creative and surprise our friends and family with small gifts, homemade decorations and lots of goodies. A classic at Easter are of course the colorful and imaginatively designed Easter bunnies. They now have many faces: smiling on postcards to send, cast from chocolate, from porcelain, metal, wood or plastic to decorate. Tinker Easter bunnies is a lot of fun! Here you will find great inspiration and suggestions. Prepare yourself for a colorful and spring-like festival!

Tinker and decorate Easter bunnies

Easter bunnies tinker-easter-eggs-stick-wiggle-eyes-pompoms

Easter is a festival for the whole family. If you ask your children what they can do for Easter, they will hear lots of new ideas. The Easter bunny is the big star these days – as a beautiful decoration to make yourself or as a sweet, easy-to-make Easter cookie. Children are clear about this: the Easter bunny brings the colorful Easter eggs and hides them in the grass. Tinker Easter bunnies makes Easter a special event for you.

Make hand puppets in the shape of a rabbit


While the Easter eggs are being colored, the Easter bunny is preparing for its big entrance in all possible variations. On the Easter table and as decoration in the house, self-made decorations are always attractive eye-catchers. The chocolate Easter bunny should not be missing in the Easter basket for the Spring Festival. It is the main attraction for toddlers.

The Easter bunny embodies abundance of life

Easter bunnies make table runner-jute fabric-rabbits-stenciled-pompoms

Even simple things can be embellished with great Easter. This pretty decoration for the Easter table can be made very quickly. You can use a stencil for the bunnies. The rabbit tails are glued to the Easter table runner with a small dab of glue each time.

Make decorations on the Easter days

Easter bunny-tinker-paper-light-pink-white-children's room

Blossoming Easter bouquets and brightly painted eggs make their big appearance at Easter. Delicate flowers make for a festive look. Cut out bunnies freehand from white paper. You can also use a stencil.

Handicrafts with children and wooden beads: Bookmark rabbits:


In fact, you didn’t need much to make these little Easter bunnies: a few wooden beads, thread, a large needle and a felt pen or marker. It is important to remember that two larger balls are required for the rabbit’s body and head. The small wooden beads are threaded for ears and paws.

Sew Easter bag bunny yourself


At Easter, children are traditionally given small gifts. To present the little things you have prepared in an attractive way, you can make an imaginative Easter bag. This can be designed as an Easter bunny in a totally creative way. It is better to use thin felt or other textiles that do not fray.

Hand puppet felt fabric rabbits-children toys-Easter handicrafts

with children handicrafts Easter hand puppets rabbit shape

Dining table-rustic decorating-TIschläufer Easter bunny tail fluffy

table runner linen-easter table decoration-tinkering bunny tail

Folded napkins in the shape of a rabbit

folded napkin colorful bows table decor easter

Make napkins for Easter

Napkins folds decorate the Easter table-bunny-colorful bows

Spring-like decoration ideas to make yourself

Easter bunny tinker with children creative ideas materials

Knit a bunny with long ears from wool

Easter bunny knit pillow decor ideas make gifts

Rabbit ears for children

kids easter handicrafts-easter bunnies rabbit ears-head decoration

With the funny rabbit ears, the party mood comes at Easter. These can be cut out of stronger cardboard.

Easter biscuits are a culinary highlight to enjoy

recipes for easter easter pastries crispy bake bunnies

Cookies for Easter brunch

Cookies Easter cookies Bunnies Easter cookies bake recipes

Easter bunny as a garland

Garland-tinker yellow rabbit-mantelpiece-decorate-easter spring

Cut out lots of rabbits from sturdier paper, which together make a beautiful garland to hang up.

Make egg warmers out of fabric

felt white table decoration plush decoration-tinkering-easter spring

Knitted egg warmer

Egg warmer wool-knitted decoration tinker Easter table

Easter eye-catcher

paper mache Easter decoration egg-shaped tinker with children

Easter eggs flower pot Easter bunny jewelry make wood yourself

Bag felt tinker-Easter bunnies decoration table easter spring ideas

smiling easter bunny ideas paint decoration from colored paper

tinker Easter basket paper bunny ears paint Easter eggs

Triangular Easter Bunny-DIY crafts for Easter ideas-easy

Easter basket tinker yourself-bunny-painted Easter eggs

Make your own Easter cards colorful eggs motifs - rabbits application

Easter bunny handicraft ideas simply paper toilet paper rolls

Easter bunny flower pot decoration yourself make rabbit ears kids party

Sew Easter bunny sewing felt KIssen table decorative egg warmer