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Making Easter baskets with children for Easter – simple handicraft instructions

The Easter basket is an important element for Easter, which children especially enjoy. After all, there are the Easter eggs and possibly sweets that you get for Easter. For this reason, they are also ideal for Easter handicrafts that you can do together with the children. Every child receives their own, individually designed Easter basket. Would you too Make Easter baskets with children, then choose one of the following ideas for Easter handicrafts that we have put together for you.

Make quick Easter baskets with children – ideas to make yourself

Easter basket tinker with children easy-plastic-bucket-stick-sticker-easter grass

You can of course make an Easter basket with children very easily by using a ready-made container such as a bucket or a basket and then simply decorating it. This idea for handicrafts for Easter is particularly suitable for smaller children. Decorate with stickers, felt figures, feathers, artificial grass or flowers or simply paint the outside.

Making Easter basket with children for Easter

Easter basket tinker with children garden-artificial-grass-paper-ice-cream stick-chicks

This idea of ​​making Easter baskets with children is very original. The Easter basket represents a small garden, so to speak, which is framed by a fence. All you need to make this basket is lots of popsicle sticks, which you can also buy in the craft store, as well as hot glue or other solid glue. The exact arrangement of the stems can be found in the following instructions.

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Easter basket tinker with children ice cream sticks-diy-glue-easter basket-instructions

Start with the floor. You can make it square or rectangular and thus a little larger. You decide for yourself. Glue the adjacent stems together, after which you also glue some supports in the other direction. If you would like to make the Easter basket with children, you only need the fence, which you can also provide with a handle, and filler material.

Decorate the Easter basket with twine

Easter basket tinker with children-decorate-buckets-easy-yarn-tinkering-ideas

You can also use a finished bucket to make Easter baskets. Aside from the decorative elements that we already mentioned for the bucket, you can also use thread to design the bucket. If you want to make such an Easter basket with children, use yarn of any color. Use the original handle or remove and tie thread.

Instructions for making a basket made of yarn

Easter basket tinker with children instructions-plastic container-easter crafts

Whether you use a bucket or any other container, the procedure is always the same. If your container doesn’t have a handle, add it first. Then wrap yarn around the container, starting from the top, adding glue at regular intervals. The idea is not difficult, which is why it is wonderfully suitable if you are making Easter baskets with children.

Make Easter baskets out of paper

Easter baskets-handicrafts-children-easter handicrafts-paper-wicker-basket-do-it-yourself-bow

You can also make braided paper baskets with children. Use paper of any color. Strong paper should also be used. Instructions on how to make this Easter decoration out of paper and braid can be found in the following video. Use them when you are making Easter baskets with children.

Weave Easter baskets with felt

Easter basket-tinker-children-felt-wicker-basket-Easter-decoration-plastic-eggs-colorful

You can also make a braided Easter basket with felt. The steps are basically the same. Since the fabric is quite thin, you can at least make a double layer for the bottom if you are making the Easter basket with children. This makes the floor more stable. Make the Easter basket with or without a handle and then fill it with Easter grass and real or artificial eggs.

Craft ideas for Easter with felt

Easter basket-handicrafts-children-felt-cutting-gluing-grass-spring-flowers-tulip-handles

This Easter basket is also a nice idea made of felt. The sides are made of two layers of felt in the shape of grass, between which colorful Easter eggs are glued. There are also some flowers that you cut out of felt. If you would like to make such Easter baskets with children, draw the motifs and let the children cut everything out and glue it together.

Easter basket with real grass

Easter baskets-tinker-children-milk-containers-plant-grass-earth-easter-eggs-stow away

Why use artificial Easter grass when you can also use real one. If you want to make this Easter basket for Easter, you should start in good time so that the grass has enough time to germinate and grow. Use the container for milk or other tetra packs, as these are impermeable to water. Paint the outside and attach a handle that can withstand the weight. If you are making the Easter basket with children, you can also teach them about caring for plants. Fill the container with soil, add seeds and water. The first blades of grass will soon be decorating the Easter basket.

Make Easter baskets with crib children

Easter baskets-handicrafts-children-inspirations-children's-birthday-games-colorful-colors

If your child’s birthday is shortly before Easter and you are celebrating a party, you can also make Easter baskets with children as a pastime. It’s fun and practical too. So combine the birthday with Easter. You can also make Easter grass yourself if you have a paper shredder. It is best to choose colorful grass to match the party mood.

Make your own Easter basket with children

Easter basket-tinker-children-egg-box-paint-pipe-cleaner-colorful-easter grass

The Easter baskets are made from egg boxes. If you want particularly small baskets, only use one shape. You can also use up to four parts of the box. Let the children paint their cups. Afterwards, the children simply stick pipe cleaners to the inside of the Easter basket with the children as handles and fill them with Easter grass and sweets.

Make small Easter baskets for children

Easter basket-tinker-kids-fringed paper-tinkering-ideas-basket-mugs

You can make an Easter basket for children from a wide variety of materials. For this idea you need, for example, plastic cups. Use coffee mugs for small cups or beer mugs for large cups. Furthermore, you only need a fringe garland in any color and glue or double-sided adhesive tape if you are making the Easter basket with children.

Easter basket with fringes

Easter basket-handicrafts-children-handicraft-instructions-plastic-cups-coffee-cups

Design the Easter basket in one color or combine several colors for a colorful result. First, glue the handle in place with double-sided tape. If you want a more stable handle, you can also attach wire to the cup and then cover it with the garland. This is the first step towards making Easter baskets with children.

Decorate the mug

Easter basket-tinker-kids-glue-dress-up-mug-mini-Easter basket

Next, the cup is wrapped with the garland. Periodically add glue or tape. Make sure that the cup is well covered. After you have made the Easter baskets with the children, you can fill them with Easter grass. It is best to use a contrasting color so that the grass differs from the basket.

Simple craft idea

Easter basket-tinker-children-picnic-basket-decorate-leaves-blossoms-flowers-artificial

Here you can see again a particularly simple craft idea that you can also use if you are making Easter baskets with children. A finished basket is simply decorated with any elements. In this case, these are artificial leaves and flowers. The flowers should best represent spring flowers. An idea that is particularly suitable for smaller children.

Make Easter baskets with paper

Easter baskets-tinker-children-paper mache-notepaper-balloon-ideas

You can also make an original Easter basket out of paper mache, which you can then design in any way you like. An oval balloon is inflated and then pasted with paper and special glue. Create several layers for a more stable basket. Once the glue has dried, it’s time for a fun step. The children can burst the balloon. After you have made this Easter basket with children, the paper can be painted and pasted. Here the children can let their imaginations run wild.

Crafting with paper plates

Easter basket-tinker-children-idea-paper-plate-ribbon-handle-crepe-paper-decoration

You can also make Easter baskets with children from paper plates. There are different variants for this. The baskets at the top each consist of two plate halves that are glued together so that a cavity is created between them that can later be filled with Easter grass. The paper plates can be pasted or painted and painted with any handle after you make the Easter basket with children.

Easter bunny as an Easter basket

Easter basket-tinker-children-paper-plate-idea-easter-bunny-wadding-bobbles

This Easter bunny is designed in a similar way. Two plates are glued together, one of which is cut to make an opening. If you are making these Easter baskets with children, a staple gun can come in handy as it holds the plates together better than glue. Make ears out of paper plates, a face and nose out of pompons or cotton wool.

Make an Easter basket with construction paper

Easter basket-tinker-children-construction-paper-idea-square-instructions-folding-stapling

These Easter baskets are also quick and easy to make. Start with a square of construction paper that you fold as shown and then staple together with a stapler. Don’t worry about the brackets showing up. You can cover these with self-made flowers from napkins or tissue paper when you are making the Easter baskets with children.

Easter basket tinker with children paper-lichen-green-blossom-decoration