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Making an Easter nest as a beautiful decoration for Easter – 22 creative ideas

Easter nest tinker paper mache-easter-nests-mini-easter eggs

Easter baskets and Easter nests are a great way to put the brightly colored Easter eggs in the limelight. You can even make a beautiful one yourself from simple materials Tinker Easter basket and use it to decorate the table for Easter. Many ideas and tips for the materials, as well as some simple instructions for tinkering can be found in the article.

Make a creative Easter basket

Easter nest tinker easter nests diy paper strips paper mache

Crafting Easter nests is easy and certainly a lot of fun. You can come up with original designs yourself and make creative Easter nests. You can use a DIY Easter basket to display the pretty Easter eggs and as part of the table decorations for Easter. Homemade Easter nests are also well suited as a gift idea and are certainly very popular with friends and family.

Make an Easter nest out of natural materials

Easter nest tinker natural materials-twigs-branches-moss-easter eggs

Easter nests made of natural material look really original. They are reminiscent of beautiful bird nests and give the room a natural touch. Branches, sticks, moss, straw and various plants are suitable as natural materials. You can collect all these materials for handicrafts some time in advance in nature and let them dry at home.

Make green Easter nests

Easter nest tinker easter nests-natural materials-green-plants-easter eggs

With small plants from the florist’s supply you can make a fresh Easter basket and create a natural atmosphere at home. A popular plant for this purpose is what is known as gypsophila. The tiny white flowers bring out the colorful Easter eggs particularly well and create a fresh ambience in the room.

Make a simple Easter basket

Easter nest tinker natural material-coconut fiber nest-easter eggs

An Easter basket for Easter eggs is also very easy to make by using just one material. Materials that are best suited for this are those that can be easily processed with your hands and shaped into a round shape. With coconut fiber, for example, you can make a simple Easter basket and put the Easter eggs in the limelight.

Instructions – make an Easter basket out of natural materials

Easter nest-tinker-bird-nest-decoration-do-it-yourself-materials-instructions

More elaborate Easter nests can also be made from natural materials, which are the perfect complement to the spring decorations. For this project, you will need a wire ring, some moss, pussy willow, a roll of craft wire, and twigs. First, the moss and twigs are intertwined with the wire ring and tied with craft wire. Then the base is designed with the pussy willow.

Decorate Easter basket with spring flowers

Easter nest-tinker-spring-decoration-flower-instructions-bird's nest

To add some color to the nest, you can include a few spring flowers in it by placing them in small glass bottles with water. You can also use such an Easter nest as a bird’s nest for a colorful spring decoration inside or outside.

Make a natural Easter basket yourself

Easter nest-tinker-natural-materials-twigs-Easter-nest-make-yourself

If you make the Easter basket yourself, you can choose the size and materials yourself. You can make several small or one large Easter basket. In the following we will show you how a natural Easter basket can be made from twigs and craft wire. It is best to collect green twigs for this project because they are easier to bend. If you cannot find such branches, soak the older ones in the water and they will become more flexible.

DIY Easter basket made from branches


First, make several circles of different sizes from the branches. The smallest circles are for the base and the larger for the edge of the nest. Then attach the individual branches to each other with the craft wire until you get the Easter basket you want. With this DIY project you can create a unique Easter basket, because the design of the finished decoration depends on the branches you have collected and your skills in tinkering with them.

Make Easter nest with moss

Easter nest-tinkering-instructions-moss-purr-twirling-aluminum-foil-template

Moss is another popular material for making bird and Easter nests. There are many different types of moss that are suitable for this. Here you will find instructions for making an Easter basket made from the so-called jungle moss. A bowl made of aluminum foil is made as a template with the help of a small bowl.

Make an Easter nest as a bird’s nest – instructions

Easter nest-tinker-diy-easter decoration-moss-glue-hot glue

The moss is first wrapped with a string and then glued to the outside of the aluminum foil bowl. You can use the glue gun for gluing. When the lower side is ready, you should now remove the nest from the bowl and stick moss again on the inside of the bowl so that the aluminum foil is completely covered. Finally, decorate the finished Easter basket with green moss and other natural materials of your choice.

Make Easter nests and decorate the apartment

easter nest-tinker-small-big-ideas-easter decoration-easter nests

Easter nests in different sizes can be used for Easter eggs as well as for small sweets for the children. They are also perfect as an original decoration for Easter and spring, which is sure to bring a good mood.

Decoration ideas for the Easter basket

Easter nest-tinker-decorate-easter eggs-butterflies-spring motif

Would you like to make a beautiful Easter basket and use it as part of the spring decoration, then you can decorate the nest with colorful spring motifs. You can make butterflies and colored flowers from any material and use them to decorate the Easter basket.

Make a mini Easter basket


Easter nests are particularly decorative and invite nature into the house. You can make mini Easter nests in small objects, such as plastic eggs, and make creative hanging decorations yourself. Use small sticks, flowers and moss for this.

Make a small Easter nest as a table decoration

Easter nest-tinker-paper-mache-paper-strips-table decoration

Would you like to conjure up a creative table decoration for Easter, then you can make a beautiful Easter basket for each guest. You can use the paper mache technique for handicrafts with paper and make creative Easter nests yourself. For this DIY project you need several strips of paper, small bowls as handicraft templates, cling film and wallpaper paste.

Handicrafts paper mache Easter nests with children

Easter nest-tinker-diy-easter nest-paper mache-paper-strips-instructions

This technique is very simple and you can also make an Easter basket with the children. First, prepare the strips of paper and paste and wrap the shells with cling film. Then place the bowls with the bottom up, soak the paper in the glue and stick it on the underside of the bowls. Repeat until all sides are covered. Let the Easter nests dry overnight, paint as desired and finally fill them with Easter grass and Easter eggs.

Make creative Easter nests with balloons

Easter nest-tinker-balloon-paper mache-easter basket-tinkering idea

With the paper mache technique you can also make a large Easter basket with a balloon. To do this, the balloon is inflated, covered with paper mache and then made to burst. The size of the Easter basket in this case depends on how much you have inflated the balloon.

Make an Easter basket from simple materials


There are no limits to creativity when making Easter nests. For example, you can turn simple brown paper bags into pretty Easter nests by rolling the bags down and crumpling them up a bit. Then simply wrap some twigs and sticks from the garden around it and the simple Easter basket is ready.

Make Easter nests out of paper

easter nest-tinker-paper-folding-origami-easter-nest-diy

You can also fold small Easter nests for table decorations out of paper. An origami Easter basket is perfect for the place cards for Easter. You can also put a little candy in it for the guests.

Make a simple Easter basket out of an egg carton


If you want to make an inexpensive Easter basket, the box from the eggs can be used for this purpose. With a little color and decoration, the simple egg cartons can be transformed into beautiful Easter nests. You can design such an Easter basket individually and it is perfect as a small gift for Easter.

Fill the Easter basket from the egg carton with sweets

Easter nest-tinker-egg carton-egg box-paint-easter bunny-sweets

To make an Easter basket out of egg carton, you must first decorate the carton and then fill it with Easter eggs and candy. With some Easter grass or colored tissue paper underneath, the egg box looks like a real Easter basket.

Make Easter nests out of cardboard

Easter nest-tinkering-recycling-Easter nest-tinkering-ideas-cardboard-children

Instead of egg cartons, you can also make the Easter basket with old cardboard bowls made of fruit. They can be decorated with glitter, color and other decorations of your choice and immediately become an atmospheric decoration for Easter and spring.

Make Easter nest with thread


Similar to the paper mache Easter nests, you can also make an original Easter nest with thread or wool. To do this, the bottom of a bowl of any size is covered with aluminum foil as a template and then stuck with thread. You can use a napkin glue as an adhesive here.

Table decoration with Easter star

Easter nest-tinker-table-decoration-place-card-styrofoam-grass-nest

Easter nests are a popular decoration idea for place cards for Easter. They can be easily integrated into the table decoration and the guests can keep them as a small gift after the party. Instructions for making a grass Easter basket follow.

Make mini Easter nests out of paper

Easter nest-tinkering-paper-grass-Easter nest-diy-instructions

You need light green and dark green colored paper that you cut into elongated strips. Then cut the paper like grass with the scissors and make a circle out of it so that an egg can fit in it.

Design mini Easter nests as place cards

Easter nest-tinker-grass-Easter nest-place cards-table decorations-Easter

Repeat this with the second strip of paper and tie a bow with satin ribbon on it. Now design the place cards from small strips of colored paper and attach them to toothpicks. In this case, you can use either styrofoam eggs or blown-out Easter eggs as the filling for the Easter nests.

Make creative place cards for Easter yourself

easter-nest-tinkering-mini-easter-nest-twigs-artificial-grass-table decoration

You can also make such place cards from natural material as an Easter basket. Simply make mini wreaths out of twigs and craft wire and fill them with Easter grass. Then place the egg with the place card on it and you’re done.

Make Easter nest out of napkins

Easter nest-tinker-table-decoration-napkins-fold-Easter nest

If you want to make the table decorations for Easter even more creative, you can fold the napkins as an Easter basket. Cloth napkins are best suited for this, because they are more flexible and so it is easier to reproduce Easter eggs.

Fold napkins as an Easter basket

Easter nest-tinker-napkins-fold-Easter nest-table decorations-Easter

Here you will find simple folding instructions for making Easter basket from napkins. First the napkin is rolled and then tied in a knot so that the space in the middle remains empty. An Easter egg is placed there and designed like a place card if desired.

Instructions for Easter basket made from napkin

Easter nest-tinker-table decoration-ideas-napkin-fold-Easter nest

If you want to fill the Easter basket made of napkins with Easter grass and sweets, then it should be a little deeper. In the pictures you will find another instruction on how to make Easter nest from napkins, which you can then fill with sugar eggs and other sweets for Easter.