Easter & Spring

Make spring decorations yourself – Simple and exciting DIY projects for colorful decorations at home

spring decoration yourself make diy ideas tinker with flowers in spring wreath green

You can hardly wait for the sun to peek out from behind the clouds more often and for everything outside to finally bloom and turn green. Spring is already here and the anticipation for the sunny and warm days is growing every day. So that you fill your apartment with a pleasant atmosphere in keeping with the season, you can decorate your own four walls in a pretty spring-like manner. In today’s article you will find many colorful, flowery and happy ideas that you can easily imitate at home and make beautiful spring decorations yourself. Browse through our picture gallery and get great inspiration!

Make spring decorations yourself with flowers

bedroom wall decoration headboard flower wreaths shabby spring decoration make yourself

Now it’s time for spring flowers! Tulips, roses, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths etc. enchant with their fresh and soft colors and exude an unmistakable spring fragrance. The spring flowers are the epitome of spring and you are welcome to benefit from their blaze of color and beauty. Fresh flowers are certainly the first choice if you are looking for spring decoration ideas to make yourself.

floral wreath flowers spring decoration wall art

Diverse, wonderful DIY projects can be realized with it. Colorful spring wreaths, great arrangements for the table, lavishly filled vases, garlands and much more can be created from flowers with a little imagination, as you will see for yourself in our picture gallery.

shabby spring decoration yourself make ideas wreath modern flowers

Incidentally, great decoration ideas can also be realized with artificial flowers if you don’t have any real ones at hand. A modern spring wreath like the one in the picture above will never wither, so you will have new joy with it every year. In the meantime, you can find perfect designs of artificial flowers in stores that can hardly be distinguished from real plants. Would you have thought that you could make such a charming shabby spring decoration yourself? This striking, delicate wreath is a great example of this.

Handicraft material scissors flowers green wreath yarn spring decoration with flowers

Make wall spring decorations yourself – design a chic flower wall clock

flower clock spring decoration do it yourself wall

Our first DIY proposal for decoration in spring will adorn the bare walls in your apartment and create a serene and happy atmosphere. For this simple craft project you will need:

  • Wire wreath
  • green flower ribbon
  • Clockwork for wall clock
  • carton
  • Double-sided tape
  • scissors
  • Nails
  • Flowers and flower greens (flowers with larger flowers, such as ranunculus, are particularly suitable and effective)

diy spring decoration yourself make flower wreath wall clock tinker

Now start by completely covering the wire wreath with the greenery and pin the stems one after the other so that they stay firmly in place. Cut two strips of the same thickness from the cardboard for the clock hands, one short and one long. Use double-sided adhesive tape to attach the cardboard strips to the clock hands of the clockwork. Drive a nail into the wall and hang the wreath. Attach larger flowers that will stand for 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. If necessary, shorten the flower stems and attach the flowers.

real flower garland spring decoration do it yourself quick diy project

Take the flowers out of the water just before you work them into the wreath. This is how they will last longer. You can use smaller flowers for the remaining digits on the “flower dial”. Then place the clockwork in the center of the wreath and bring it to the wall. Also decorate it with two small flowers. While your artwork is short-lived, it is so enchantingly beautiful that it is definitely worth the effort, even if the floral beauty only lasts a day.

garland fairy lights flowers wall decoration make spring decoration yourself

DIY spring decoration for the table

mini tulips bouquet tinker tissue paper spring decoration

tulips plate table decoration ideas spring decoration make napkin paper yourself

table decoration flowers spring decoration yourself make mini bouquets of flowers

Elegant decoration under a bell jar

spring decoration under glass bell itself m

Fascinating floral spring decorations to hang up

spring decoration to hang tinker flowers wood frame

Arrange spring decorations in the glass

ideas for decoration in spring vase candy layers pastel flowers

Mason jars flowers vases spring decorations tinker with natural materials

Make spring decorations with natural materials

table decoration for easter pom pon vase tinker branches

twig blossoms spring decoration in glass vase jute paper flower

Birds as ambassadors for spring

diy spring decoration with twigs birds swallows out of paper make yourself

make spring decoration yourself birds felt picture colorful

DIY spring decoration with wood – clothes peg with paper flowers

clothespins paper flowers beads spring decoration tinker wood

Craft materials clothespins flowers decoration in spring

Spice up the serving tray thematically and make a colorful table spring decoration yourself

make spring decorations yourself serving tray water glue artificial flowers

The next DIY bast project will undoubtedly bring spring to your table and immediately create a lively atmosphere. What do you think of presenting delicious, refreshing drinks to your guests on such a flowered serving tray? For this not only decorative but also practical accessory you will need the following materials:

  • clear acrylic glass serving tray
  • artificial flowers of your choice
  • modeling clay
  • Acrylic resin
  • Hot glue gun

spring decoration with flowers diy ideas tray paper

First clean the acrylic glass tray. Cover the bottom of the tray with flowers by gluing them with the hot glue. Seal all openings, such as the handles, with modeling clay so that the resin does not leak out. Mix the acrylic casting resin according to the instructions on the package and carefully pour into the tray. Place the colorful serving tray on a flat surface and let the resin dry.

Sew spring decorations

spring party decoration ideas table decoration cocktail cloth napkins spring decoration sewing

Decorate cloth napkins with small daisies

Cloth napkins decorate daisies sewing spring decorations

Attractive and useful self-made spring decorations – cement cup coasters

cup coasters color samples geometric figures table spring decoration make yourself

If you are looking for inspiring ideas for spring-like decoration, you are welcome to imitate this great project. For the cup coasters, which you can color according to your own preferences and the remaining decorative elements, you need:

  • quick drying cement
  • Wax paper
  • Acrylics
  • paint brush
  • Muffin pan
  • Stir sticks

cup coaster table spring decoration homemade diy

1. Line the muffin pan with wax paper.

2. Mix the cement according to the instructions on the packaging and pour the finished mass into the individual hollows.

3. Pull the wax paper by the sides to avoid air bubbles. Let the cement dry completely.

4. Remove the cup coasters from the paper and paint them in bright colors.

make spring decoration yourself table runner paper colorful rhombuses

Arrange Easter decorations with herbs

mini herb garden arrange table spring decorations make yourself easter easter eggs

ombré easter eggs spring decoration table decorate glass bowl

living room spring decoration yourself make easter eggs basket table decoration centerpiece

diy spring decoration in a glass flower pot natural materials moss paper flower

Decorate lanterns with butterflies and flowers

lantern spring decoration yourself make glass mini butterflies flowers

spring decoration tinker table decoration wall decoration vases bottles glass decorating pastel colors

foil vase decorate roses spring decoration ideas

Giant paper flowers as a wall decoration in spring

design flower wall paper balloons make spring decorations yourself

paper flowers spring decoration make your own daisies instructions

diy flower wall arrange spring decor paper 3d

spring decoration garland paper craft spirals flowers

flower wall spring decoration yourself make picture diy

letters artificial flowers wooden panel decorate spring diy

acrylic letter floral motif paper spring decoration tinker yourself

patterned paper floral acrylic letters decorate spring decoration homemade

paper hangers spring decoration make wall pictures yourself

wall decoration tinker spring flowers fabric

fabric pictures as spring decorations tinker yourself wall decoration

tinker tea towel mural wooden frame spring decoration

Create spray patterns yourself 

spray picture wall design spring colors spring decoration ideas

3D rabbit picture as a spring decoration

diy spring decoration easter bunny flowered paper wall picture

If you want to spruce up the walls in the apartment or the outside walls according to a spring-like theme, the following DIY project is a great opportunity to let off steam creatively. The following materials are required for this pretty 3D wall art:

  • thin aluminum mesh
  • old paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paper mache paste
  • Glue brush
  • Wrapping paper with a floral pattern

wall design easter diy spring decoration handicraft utensils easter bunny paper net

1. Shape the rabbit ears, neck and head from the aluminum fabric. Glue the individual parts together with the hot glue.

2. Place the rabbit’s head on a bottle. Dip pieces of paper in paste and cover all of the aluminum mesh with them. Several layers are required. Let dry well.

3. Finally, stick wrapping paper on the rabbit figure. Seal with a final layer of glue.

make spring decorations yourself bunny easter paper mache

origami flowers fold book pages paper vase spring decoration yourself

Make spring decorations yourself with natural materials, flowers, branches, picture frames, wall decorations

spring decoration quick and easy paper flower branch natural materials garland

rainbow colors paper flowers garland wall spring decoration make yourself

Ideas for window spring decoration 

window spring decoration tinker felt garlands flowers leaves

vases water rainbow colors flowers window board make spring decorations yourself

spring decoration make your own window wreath from twigs butterflies

instructions spring wreath tinker decorating materials deco

DIY spring decorations for outdoors

flowers spring decoration for outside house entrance front door

recycling materials pet bottles flowers spring decoration for outdoors

plastic bottles craft ideas spring decoration flowers garland

Decorate the front door and entrance with spring decorations

do your own front door spring decoration umbrella flowers

Do your own front door flower basket

spring decoration in front of the front door rain boots flowers house entrance