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Make spring decorations yourself – 3 ideas and instructions for door wreaths


Let’s celebrate the arrival of spring by sharing our  Make spring decorations yourself. Beautify your front door and warmly invite your guests into the house with a beautiful spring wreath. The door wreath is also an excellent way to show all of your neighbors that you are excited about the new warm season. If you have your Make spring decorations yourself, you can choose and express your own colors, design and style. Get inspired and make these 3 creative ideas come true.

 1. Make spring decorations yourself – door wreath with tulips


The tulips are some of the most beautiful spring flowers that you can use for your spring decorations. This spring wreath is easy to craft and doesn’t take much time. The materials are: wicker cane, jute ribbon, wire cutters, wire, hot glue gun and of course 20 tulips.

door wreath spring tulips make yourself

Start with the double bow and attach it to the wreath. Cut the stems until they are the length you want. Place the tulips in the willow and secure with the hot glue gun. Preserve the leaves of the tulips because of their beautiful natural color.

entrance door spring door wreath loop

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After you’ve already attached 8 tulips, start doing the same from the other side of the loop. Don’t leave gaps too open. In the end, wrap jute ribbon around the wreath, but not too tightly.

 Make spring decorations yourself

willow wreath tulips make your own materials

cut tulips to make a door wreath

make spring decorations yourself willow door wreath tulips

tinker door wreath tulips willow wreath

tulips wreath attach entrance door

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2. Make spring decorations yourself – artificial door wreath with light materials

spring wreath bird nest chick flowers

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We prefer the fresh flowers and natural materials, but they wither quickly and lose their beauty. And you can use this spring wreath several times. The materials can be found in all sorts of shops and at a reasonable price. Wrap the feather boa around the styrofoam tube and be considerate of the gaps. Glue the felt flowers, or if they have wire stems, stab the styrofoam with them. Then add the chicks in the nest and reattach them to the wreath.

materials required door wreath spring

decoration garland easter wreath winds feather boa spring wreath green feather boa pipe

Bird's nest chicks attach felt flowers

3. Easter door wreath with decorative grass and painted eggs

door wreath easter decoration pastel colors

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This idea is very interesting and evokes associations about nature, which comes to life again in spring. The materials: decorative grass in a Prastik frame, plastic or blown eggs, picture frames, water-based or acrylic paints, wide ribbon and scissors. Cut the decorative grass so that you form a frame. Buy plastic eggs or use blown Easter eggs. Paint the eggs with a nice spring-like color. This is pastel blue and blends harmoniously with the green color. Then place them on the grass frame. Also decorate other embellishments such as butterflies, chicks, rabbits etc..

tinker with artificial grass metal frame door wreath

craft materials easter decoration plastic eggs

Easter decoration tinker coloring plastic eggs

make your own Easter decorations paint plastic eggs   wooden frame painting plastic eggs artificial grass

Have fun doing handicrafts!