Easter & Spring

Make spring cards: You can make these beautiful DIY ideas yourself with the children

From creative table decorations to sowing the spring flowers: From March on, everything in the household revolves around spring. And we get in the mood with beautiful spring flowers, butterflies and blossoming trees made of colored paper! Of course, the children can help or even make the spring cards themselves. Because handicrafts are much more than just a pastime on rainy days and offer the opportunity to let off steam creatively. These are the most beautiful greeting cards with which you can surprise family and friends in spring.

Make spring cards: flowers made of buttons and felt

Make spring cards Instructions for beautiful flowers from buttons and felt

You can find inspiration for making spring cards especially in nature. Organize a walk in the woods or in a meadow and look for wildflowers with the children. You can then get the flowers in the open with a wonderful spring card. You need the following materials for a greeting card with floral motifs:

  • three large plastic buttons, different colors
  • 21 small plastic buttons, different colors
  • Felt fabric, green
  • 3-5 small green buttons
  • Cardboard
  • adhesive
  • a scissors

Make 3D spring cards with the children

This craft idea is suitable for children of preschool and elementary school age. Before you start doing handicrafts, practice the correct handling of adhesives with the children. This DIY idea promotes fine motor skills in children from the age of 4 and is suitable for families with one child as well as for large families with several children. So all family members can work together and nobody is bored.

How to make the spring card with the children: Fold a sheet of cardboard in the middle and place it in front of you. Glue a large button in the middle of the sheet. Now attach the others too, so that they form a colorful flower. Cut out the flower stem from the green felt fabric and glue it onto the greeting card. Glue two small green buttons to the flower stem. Put two more flowers together on the greeting card.

Make spring cards: use handprints as a template

Make spring cards with the children and make butterflies from handprints yourself

When the weather does not allow the children to play outside, then creativity is required. With the next handicraft idea you can banish boredom and at the same time make a beautiful spring card yourself with a butterfly motif. You need the following materials:

  • Cardboard in yellow, pink and purple
  • Paint color in purple
  • Fineliner
  • Googly eyes, self-adhesive
  • a scissors
  • a pencil
  • adhesive

Make spring cards with the children, cut out butterflies from cardboard and glue them together

This craft idea is suitable for children of primary school age. It is also suitable for children’s birthdays and at Easter. The children can also work on their own, as long as the parents have already explained how to use adhesives and the handicrafts take place in a well-ventilated room. Alternatively, you can find special water-based paper adhesives in stores. These are mostly made from potato starch and are considered safe for children from 4 years of age.

How to make the spring cards: Fold a pink and a purple sheet in half. Then place the child’s hand with the heel of the hand on the closed side of the pink cardboard, with the child spreading their fingers as far as possible. Trace the outline of the hand with a pencil and cut out the detail. Be careful not to cut open the folded side. Finally, the two children’s hands made of cardboard should be connected to each other at the ball of the hand. Proceed in the same way with the purple cardboard: fold in the middle, trace the contours of mom or dad’s hand, cut out the hands. Then glue the two details together. Then cut out the body of the butterfly from the yellow cardboard, paint a face and glue the googly eyes on. Pour purple paint into a bowl and dip the child’s thumb in it. Now press your thumb on the two butterfly wings. Glue the body to the butterfly’s wings. Once the paint and glue have dried, it’s time to write on the spring card.

Make spring flowers out of muffin cases with the children

Make 3D flowers from muffin cases yourself, making craft ideas for spring cards

The next craft idea is suitable for children in elementary school. Make cute flowers out of cupcake liners together. Once you have mastered the handicraft technique, you can make a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day yourself. These are the necessary materials you will need for a flower:

  • a large and a small muffin case in different colors
  • a wooden skewer
  • Cardboard in green
  • a self-adhesive rhinestone
  • a scissors
  • a cutter knife
  • green paint
  • a brush

First fold the large muffin case in half and then one more time. Then cut the top edge round with the scissors. Proceed in a similar way with the small muffin case and cut it in the shape of a flower. In the meantime, you can ask the children to paint the wooden handle green. First glue the large muffin case to one end of the wooden stick. Then you can put the flower together. Attach the small muffin case and two sheets of green cardboard and decorate the flower with a rhinestone.

Make spring cards with the children: tulips made of cardboard

Make spring cards yourself 3D flowers out of paper

In the following, we will explain how to make tulips that will not wither. This 3D greeting card with colorful spring motifs is suitable for children in primary school. Depending on how well your child’s hand muscles and fine motor skills are trained, you can either use scissors or a motif punch to cut them out. You will also need these materials:

  • Cardboard in different colors
  • Glue for paper
  • a pencil
  • a scissors
  • a motif punch with a motif size of about 5 cm

Make spring cards with tulips Instructions for making greeting cards yourself

Instructions: Punch out eight circles from the cardboard with the motif punch. Fold each circle in half and cut off one corner. Apply glue and glue the circles together to create a 3D design. Then you can glue the tulip blossom onto a sheet of cardboard. Then cut a stem out of cardboard and the spring card is ready.

Stamp spring motifs with celery

Instructions and craft ideas use celery as a stamp for spring cards

Stamping is especially popular with children ages 3 to 8. Stamping gives them the opportunity to let their creativity run free and gives even toddlers of kindergarten age a sense of achievement. It’s twice as much fun when you make the stamp yourself. The celery is the ultimate classic. In order for the end result to be really convincing, you should choose the right colors. Acrylic paints are not suitable for small children. But you can use finger, plaka or water colors. For this craft idea you also need the following materials:

  • Celeriac
  • Paint color of your choice
  • green pipe cleaners
  • a sheet of paper or cardboard
  • Satin ribbon, 5 mm wide
  • adhesive
  • a flat brush
  • a plastic lid

How to stamp the flowers: Wash the celery thoroughly and cut the back. Then put some paint on a plastic lid. Invite the children to use the paintbrush to paint the celery stamp. Now you can press the stamp onto the sheet. Try to distribute the prints as evenly as possible on the cardboard. Alternatively, you can sketch the contours of a bouquet with a pencil. Then cut the green pipe cleaner and glue them to the card as flower stems. Finally, you can tie a bow from the satin ribbon and use it to decorate the bouquet.

Make spring cards: butterfly and flower from toilet paper roll

How to make butterflies from toilet paper rolls and flowers yourself

The next craft idea is also perfect for toddlers and children in elementary school. It trains concentration and fine motor skills. For the cute flowers and butterflies made from toilet paper rolls, you will need the following materials:

For a flower:

  • a toilet roll
  • white cardboard
  • Finger paints or watercolors
  • a flat brush
  • a scissors
  • a wooden handle
  • a button
  • adhesive

For a butterfly:

  • a toilet roll
  • white cardboard
  • Finger paints or watercolors
  • a flat brush
  • a scissors
  • a pipe cleaner
  • adhesive

Handicraft instructions: Let the children paint the paper rolls and the wooden handle as they wish. Then cut the roll into 4 cm wide rings. Then gently squeeze them together so that they are shaped like a petal. Then glue five rings together like a flower. You will need four rings for the butterfly. Then put the flower or butterfly together. For the flower you also need a button, a green wooden handle and two more 4 cm wide green rings. You will also need a piece of pipe cleaner for the butterfly.

Spring cards made of cardboard in different colors

How to make 3D butterflies from cardboard yourself

With a motif punch, beautiful motifs can be created quickly and easily. We explain how you can make a beautiful spring card with colorful butterflies. For this purpose, you need motif punches in three sizes with which you can punch out small, medium-sized and large butterflies. Then you need cardboard in different colors. The whole thing looks most beautiful when you combine nuances from the same color palette. For example soft pink with lavender, nude and white. You can also spice up the greeting card with butterflies made of glitter cardboard.

Make spring cards: flowers in large format

Make spring cards with the children themselves. Make spring flowers out of cardboard

The next craft idea is suitable for kids in elementary school who can handle glue. You need the following materials:

  • Cardboard in different colors
  • adhesive
  • a scissors

How to make the flower: Outline the leaves and stem on green cardboard. Then draw the outlines of an oval shape on pink or purple cardboard. Ask the children to cut out the leaves, stem, and flower. Then cut out another 6 strips 3 cm wide and 8 cm long from the pink or purple cardboard. Glue the two ends of each strip together. Now all that remains is to assemble the flower on the cardboard.

Craft ideas for families with preschoolers can be glued to spring cards with flowers made from muffin cases

Handicrafts are a lot of fun for children and adults. Fine motor skills are encouraged in children and creativity is encouraged in adults. Let your creativity run wild and make beautiful spring cards.

Handicrafts are fun and promote concentration

Make spring cards with the children

If you don’t have a motif punch with a butterfly at home, you can simply use a template

Make spring cards with the children Template for butterfly

Template for tulip

Make spring cards with the children to cut out a template for a tulip