Easter & Spring

Make beautiful decorations for spring with children – 17 simple ideas


Let spring transform your home into a friendly atmosphere. Create a magical imaginative atmosphere with original and eye-catching spring decorations. Cheap, fun and attractive decoration for Tinker spring, with the children also taking part, it is certainly a very pleasant activity. The following ideas could be useful for your spring design.

Tinker clay birds for spring

spring-tinkering-children-decoration-bird-wind chimes-colorful-coloring-in-beads

If you want to make decorative sculptures, you could make cute little birds out of white clay or loam. The material clay can be processed in a variety of ways. The birds that symbolize spring would definitely bring a piece of nature into the living room. Arrange these with beautiful flowers and place them in the center of the dining table. May you like something more for him Tinker spring, you could make a bird’s nest out of strips of paper. To make it look more natural, you could use small sticks and straw to make it.

Fake window with a wooden frame – make original decorations for spring


About this decorating idea for Tinker spring your children would definitely love it. Find an old wooden picture frame, the size of a window if possible. All you need for the unique spring decoration is a transparent sheet and a lot of imagination. Take the sheet and paint the top with birds, flowers or motifs that are either associated with spring or can be found in the interior design. Put the painted sheet in the wooden frame and add light emitting diodes to the back side. The result – a beautiful fake window and impressive handcrafted lighting for the apartment.

Make a beautiful Easter basket with eggs as little birds


Candlesticks are always beautiful and stylish. If you don’t have an egg stand, you could use a candlestick and with it original decoration for Tinker spring. Depending on your own wishes, this can be a modern, rustic, vintage or traditional accessory. Put the hard-boiled eggs and decorate them with bows or flowers.

Make vases for the fresh flowers in spring


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