Easter & Spring

Ideas for your Easter table decoration – this is how it gets really festive!

easter table decoration cage-white-vintage-idea-bird's nest-colorful-easter eggs

The great Easter is almost here and it’s time to think about the final preparations before the celebration. This festival is traditionally associated with many Christian customs and family customs. But the festive table should not be missing anytime and anywhere, that’s for sure, because the family gathers it on this feast day. All family members sit around the Easter table to celebrate the great Christian festival happily together. For this purpose, the hostess has not only prepared tasty dishes and delicious desserts. She also found the right atmosphere as well Easter table decoration taken care of so that the mood of everyone present is really happy.

Easter table decoration with spring flowers

Easter table decoration flowers-purple-easter-eggs-dessert-stand-grass-flower-napkins

Today we have some inspiring Easter decoration ideas ready for you. In order for you to achieve this in your home, you first and foremost have to be creative! There are a few things to consider such as the color or colors of the table decorations. Since we traditionally associate Easter with the arrival of spring, it is a good idea to rely on the green color in all its shades. At this time of year the first fresh spring flowers are already out in the garden, so it is great if you integrate them into the decoration of your Easter table.

Colorful Easter table decoration

Easter table decoration blue-place mat-donuts-bunny-bowl-candy-elegant

The napkins can be color-coordinated with the rest of the Easter decorations, or in contrasting colors if you particularly like the contrasts! You can choose the napkins with Easter designs: bunnies, lambs, chicks and chickens are of course in fashion, as they are the favorite animals for Easter decorations.

We wish you many happy moments decorating your home!

Happy Easter!

Subtle vintage table decoration

easter-table-decoration-rustic-vintage-pink-roses-plush bunny-candles-stripes-elegant

Nice arrangement

easter table-decoration-spring-idea-twigs-buds-moss-grass-easter-egg-rustic

Easter bouquet for the garden table


Colorful dishes and accessories


The details are important: festive cutlery

Easter table-decoration-dishes-easter-box-chocolate-bunny-easter egg

The centerpiece of the decoration is a white lantern


Festively folded and decorated napkins

Easter table decoration-napkin-rabbit-white-daisy-plate-easter-spring

Shiny porcelain rabbit figurines



Easter table decoration-daffodils-flowers-bowls-easter eggs-napkin-dinner table

Easter-table decoration-bouquet-tulips-pink-white-bunny-cupcakes


Easter table decoration-bunny-sequins-blue-artificial-grass-eggs-tulips-bouquet

Easter table decoration-handicrafts-easter-spring-eggs-grass-vase-breakfast