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Ideas for Easter decorations – make your own garland with blown eggs

Easter garland-make-your-own-arrange blown-out eggs

People love to do handicrafts at Easter! That’s why we show you here how to make a handmade Make your own garland can. Get hold of paint and glitter and string Easter eggs in rows so that they look like a garland. It is clear that if you hang these up anywhere in your house or garden, it will make a great Easter decoration accent.

To be able to make the garland yourself, you need:

raw egg with holes garland-tinkering tricks instructions

52 large white eggs, tool to empty the eggs, a metal skewer, bamboo skewers, alkyl craft paint in pastel colors, hemp twine, upholstery needle, scissors, all-purpose glue, a brush, 1.0 brush, craft glitter, 1 spoon, a Bowl, 1 roll of kitchen paper.

Blow out easter eggs-pierce-holes-with-nails

Blow out the eggs: Use the padding needle to make a hole in the bottom of the egg (see pictures above). Insert the metal skewer to get the egg yolk out. Pierce the egg with the skewer (picture below) so that everything can flow in a bowl. Wash the eggs well and let them dry completely. Tip: Make the hole in the bottom of the egg larger if necessary.

Blow out eggs like decorate eggs create a garland

Paint 36 eggs

blown easter eggs with white paint decoration techniques

Insert a bamboo skewer into the hole of each egg. After that, color each egg with the brush and the appropriate color (picture above). Place the eggs in a jar (picture below).

painted easter eggs-let dry-dye paint

Spread glue on the unground eggs. Hold the egg over the bowl and use a spoon to sprinkle with glitter until everything is nicely covered. Carefully turn the skewer while doing this. Put the finished egg back in the jar and let it dry completely. Important: You can use the smaller brush to give glitter accents to the smaller eggs – depending on your mood and desire.

Easter eggs by hand with an oil varnish effect

Cover the eggs with glitter particles

blown out easter eggs - with glitter particles - decorate ideas

Thread-in the hole-give-eggs-to garland-arrange ideas

Fold white napkin cut out a simple rectangle shape

Paper rectangular cut-out-fan-like fold-napkin ideas

Fold serviette with needle-pierce thread-enter

make decorations for blown-out eggs to decorate easter

blown out easter egg garland DIY ideas instructions