Easter & Spring

Happy spring and Easter decoration – craft ideas for Easter baskets

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Are you already preparing for Easter and spring? Easter is the most sociable spring festival where the whole family gathers. However, Easter gives the little ones the greatest joy. Easter decoration Handicrafts, painting Easter eggs and baking Easter lamb are particularly enjoyed.

Easter decoration design ideas

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Whether for the family celebration or not, with a few creative Easter decorations you create the perfect atmosphere. A good Easter decoration should be inviting and charming. The Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, nests and baskets are always a part of it.

Easter decoration ideas to make yourself

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You can easily find decorations in stores. Easter handicrafts are also a very pleasant leisure activity for children and parents that is fun. Do you fancy craft ideas? If you have a little time, you should start making Easter baskets and Easter nests right away. Use colored ribbons or fabric for this.

Spring flowers and Easter basket 


In practice you have with the Easter decoration and design is free. In the beautiful self-made Easter baskets or nests you could either arrange painted eggs or spring flowers. If you keep any decorations from last year in the basement, it is high time to find them.

Large bouquet of flowers in the Easter basket


With a little imagination, you can create beautiful Easter and spring decorations in an old basket, bucket or pot. Freshen it up with colored ribbon, patterned paper, and stickers. As jewelry, add small butterflies and bees or foam flowers or whatever they can think of. Turn an old bag or backpack into a modern Easter basket.

Easter jewelry craft ideas

Easter basket cookies decoration ideas

It doesn’t work without extravagant accents. Tin cans are trendy and very cheap and can be used for handicrafts for Easter. Fill the paper baskets or nests with candy or cookies.

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